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Thirsty Thursday

Lunch and afternoon snack:

Remember thirsty Thursdays back in college? It was a big party night back then! Now it’s sort of just another night, except tonight it was a throwback to the good ol’ days – a couple beers and a margarita! Sarted with a fire alarm in our building at 4:15pm, which led to us interns deciding to get a drink at the bar right outside our office while we waited for the drill to end. Since we were willing to sit outside (yeah bad idea) in this heat, the hostess gave us a round of free drinks! Yay. I had a shock top beer, very refreshing.

Then I was off to meet an old friend for drinks and dinner. We had a beer at one bar, then dinner and a margarita at Alero. Chips and salsa, and I had vegetable enchiladas that came with rice and beans and guac! Asked for noo cheese. They were really yummy and with real corn tortillas, mmm. Probably overate today in general … ops. But it was good :) Now I’m tired, good night!



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I want Mas

Last night we lounged at the Inn for a while out on the sunny veranda.  We enjoyed the 5pm wine and cheese again, too.

We hydrated with some ice tea before having a glass of the white wine.

I love their veranda! Sitting in rocking chairs in the sun is just wonderful. Apparently grapes are wonderful, too!

We began the evening at Beer Run, a bar that both sells beer and serves it, and you can buy a bottle and then pay a bottle fee to drink it there- pretty neat because they have a huuge variety of cool beers! I had the Roanoke summer beer and Jeff tried their stout. They were pretty good! We also had some potato wedges because Jeff needed a french fry fill. 

We then walked over to Mas Tapas, a really neat tapas place in Belmont, which is either part of or right next to Cville. It was a really cool atmosphere but I didn’t take any easily-uploadable photos (they’ll be uploaded in a different post, promise). We had a few glasses of their very delicious sangria and then shared 4 different tapas – patatas bravas of course, a bread platter with artichoke and goat cheese mash, a shrimp plate (for Jeff) and a a spanish tortilla of course. These were all reminisicnet of our trip to Spain back in March. Everything was delicious, except the patatas bravas were a bit too spicy for me and they didn’t have the typical sauce on them – ah well, all in all it was a fantastic place to dine and we really enjoyed it. We then came home and watched some crappy TV (extreme addictions?!) and went to bed. TV is very special because I haven’t had it all summer, or for over a year actually.

This morning we enjoyed the Inn’s breakfast again, and I went for the granola with milk, some fruit, and a slice of coffee cake. Coffee and fresh OJ on the side.

Now packing up for the day’s adventures and heading back to DC later on. It’s been such a great time here in Cville!!

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Golf with a side of DQ

Yesterday afternoon I took dad, Matt, and Jeff to the driving range to hit some golf balls. It was a bit of a belated Father’s Day gift to dad, but we all got to enjoy it.

Golf carts!

All together nowIt was fun! After we took dad to his favorite ice cream place- Dairy Queen! I haven’t been in a long time and wasn’t sure if I should get anything … but ended up with a mini blizzard with reeses peanut butter pieces and having a bit of Jeff’s small mint chocolate chip blizzard. They were pretty good, but I def prefer froyo from other places. 

Later on we came home and lounged on the back porch, with some beverages of course. Jeff and I were debating what to do for dinner .. and then we thought of HOMEMADE PIZZA! Jeff has quite a knack for creating delicious whole wheat crust and creative pizza topping combos, so we went for it! We were a bit lazier than usual and instead of whipping up the dough ourselves (we use a great recipe from Animal Vegetable Miracle ) we instead just bought the premade dough from Trader Joes, rolled it out, and went from there. We made a big salad on the side, and then did one pizza with whole wheat crust and red peppers, orange peppers, onions, and half mushroom, all with fresh mozzarella blobs. The other one we used a garlic herb crust, and topped it with loads of fresh pesto my mom had made the day before (sooo gooood), spinach, more fresh basil leaves, tomato slices, and of course mozzarella blobs. This one came out awesome! But a slight bit dry, we need to figure out what it was lacking? White pizzas are always tricky for me to figure out. We sat outside on the porch and had a lovely dinner with mom. I love eating outside!! The evening was wrapped up with a few beers at The Local, a bar down the street with our friends Jenny and Dan. It was nice catching up with them before Jenny heads off to China for a 3 week adventure! Another post about today coming up …

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Mai Thais and Munches

Well, yesterday Matt and I had such a fun rest of the day and evening out! We sat by my buildings’ pool for the afternoon.

We then got ready and headed out to dinner at Sala Thai on U Street. I had bought a Living Social deal so we continued our frugal theme. We started with some AWESOME cocktails. I guess I’ve only had a few mai thais in my life but I have to say that this was the BEST Mai Thai I’ve ever had. So creamy and delicious!

Matt had a Zombi drink that was equally tasty!

The spring rolls were pretty good.

But the vegetarian pad thai and the tofu red curry was absolutely delicious! Some of the best we’ve had, even considering our many meals in Thailand! I’d definitely recommend this restaurant for great thai food. It was also really nice to sit outside.

We then had plans to head up to Columbia Heights to go to Wonderland (just to check it out, and Matt said it was listed in Lonely Planet as the best bar to end your night out). But first we decided to explore U street a bit more. We wandered around and stumbled upon The Standard. I was literally drawn in by a guy making little donuts right there outside the bar, for $1 I could partake in a delicious home-made, warm cinnamon sugary donut – and it was cheat day, so of course I said yes please!

We then wandered through the gates and found ourselves in an adorable beer garden. Picnic tables and people enjoying big beer steins of German beers. It was so great. We went to the back to find the tiny tiny bar with only a handful of beers on tap (all really good beers tho) They had one of my favorite, too! Weihenstephan which is apparently the oldest existing brewery in the world! So delicious, tastes like mint, citrus, banana, yeast, yum.  Matt had a great beer too, maybe he can write the name of it on the comments.

They had this awesome deer/mountain goat? hanging inside. WOW!

After thoroughly enjoying The Standards offereings (I can’t wait to go back! Maybe I just love outdoor eating/drinking too much) we mosied along. We had noticed Ben’s Chili Bowl on our way into U Street and after telling Matt about how historic it is, he decided we had to go. We were full up to the brim at this point, but, never too full to try something really special! I had heard they had vegetarian options of all their traditional menu items.

We lucked out and got a vegetarian hot dog topped with vegetarian chili. It was pretty light and with a few bites each it was gone. Yum!

We then headed up to Wonderland and I ordered a blueberry pancake beer! It wasn’t quite what I expected – it was verrrrry sweet and syrupy, I guess just like eating blueberry pancakes with syrup. It took me forever to drink, which was probably fine since it was 8% alcohol.

We had a fun time at the bar and danced to the DJ’s 90s throwbacks. We eventually were danced out and headed home to hit the hay by 3am. Good times!

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