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Crawling Thursday

Today has been crawling by, I think mostly because I’m tired and because I’m super excited for the weekend to begin, I just can’t wait! I wonder if exercising in the morning had made me tired. Ehh it’s probably more likely the 12am bedtime and 6:30 wake time … argh, must improve this!

Lunch was a bigg salad.

Topped with black beans, an egg white, peas, carrots, and cucumber. Despite the beans and being so big, this guy didn’t quite fill me up.

After our little field trip today (we met with a really inspirational staff member, it was wonderful hearing her path in life!) I came back to the office feeling totally fatigued. I really just needed a nap. But since that’s not an option (boo 9-5 job structure, for real, I don’t want this structure in the future) I opted for an energizing sbux yogurt parfait and decaf coffee (didn’t want to get all caffeineited and feel strung out later on, esp since I know wine and beer are in my future, and mixing that with a caffeine buzz is no good). Parfait was good, but, def no greek yogurt, and the corn syrup-y ingredients listed in the fruit part weren’t encouraging. Oh well. I had no time to get to TJs and stock up on greek yo!

Ok, almost through the work day.. we can do it!



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Fruit, fruit, fruit

Around 11am I got suuper hungry (I’m on a hungry streak?!) So I had this beauty of a lil peach. Perfectly ripe.Lunch was eaten before it was photographed, but it was a home-made spinach/romaine salad salad with carrots, cucmbers, peas, and two egg whites. Yum. But didn’t quite fill me up. Good thing there was a tonn of food left over from a work meeting that we got dibs on. I loaded up on a giant bowl of fruit.I gave the cookie to my office mate :) At this point I think I was od’d on fruit for the day! I headed home and got completely soaked in a big rain storm — stupidly didn’t bring my umbrella today :( I ran home and changed, got my umbrella, and headed over to a special treat to myself – a mani/pedi! I had bought a great groupon-like deal and finally made use of it. I picked a super NEON color for my toes, and a nice summer pastel for the fingers. I came home and then cleaned for an hour – apt is sparkling (well as sparkling as it can be). Bad timing I know, I would have much preferred to first clean, workout, and THEN get my nails did, but, alas, there was only one appointment left. After cleaning and doing lots of laundry I headed over to the gym and did:

– 60 minutes on the treadmill: 20 mines with 8 1-minute sprints interspersed, about 10 mins uphill walking, and 30 mins running
– arm weight training
– too tired to do abs! stretch

I came home and chugged a protein shake of soy milk and protein powder and then tossed together some dinner. I was hungry, of course, and broke into some black beans and turned it into a big veggie bean bowl, topped with TJ’s Soyaki sauce. Perfecto, with bubbles on the side. Followed by a spoonful of PB. Bunch of things to do cuz …. JEFF comes to visit tomorrow night!! YAYYY!!!!!!!! 



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Ginormous Salad

We went out to lunch today to a place with a giiannt hot and cold salad bar. It was awesome! My salad looked a bit like this, but was composed of: lettuce mix, black beans and corn, asparagus sprigs, broccoli florets, water chestnuts, a few baby corn, 1 hard boiled egg, and forgot to put on dressing but all the toppings made up for it.


On the side I had a big bowl of fruit – pineapple slices, strawberries, and orange and kiwi slices.


It was a giant plate of veggies and fruits, with hopefully just enough protein from the beans and egg. Yumm! Plus a diet coke for the afternoon – trying to limit my DCs to 2x a week, cuz I know they’re just not good for you! Cranking out work now.

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Wednesday, almost my Friday

Happy Wednesday! Since tomorrow is my Friday, it’s almost the weekend! Today has been a fun day so far. Started off with two egg whites and turmeric, with a cup of raspberry tea.

Skipped the veg with breakfast today because I thought I was going to Chop’t with my supervisor today for lunch and I figured it would be laden with veggies. On my way into the office this morning he texted me saying to meet him and one of our coworkers at sbux. In addition to my travel mug full of coffee, I had a grande black coffee with them and enjoyed chatting for about an hour in the coffee shop – not a bad way to start the day! And highly caffeinated.

Back at the office we got an email saying a coworker had brought in a whole bunch of leftovers from a cookout and that us (unpaid) interns should eat them all up! My supervisor said we might as well take advantage of this rather than head to chop’t (I was a little bummed, as I was excited about trying out the popular chop’t salads I’ve heard about, and because cook-out fair is often not so vegetarian friendly.. but it all worked out well) I made a nice high-protein (but sadly a bit low on veg) plate.

vegetarian baked beans (I double checked), pile of lettuce, pile of tomatoes, and hidden under there is a black bean burger which was quite tasty. ketchup and mustard, too. I steered clear of the carb and mayo-laden potato salad, white hamburger buns, and cole slaw. Not a bad lunch, and free :) I find it can be really challenging to eat healthy when unexpected meals come up, but this one worked out well.

 We just got an email about an “urgent birthday celebration at FroZenYo” – it was one of the interns birthdays on Monday but no one knew! Sounds like we’re going to have a little field trip celebration this afternoon – I’ll need to choose my froyo carefully! C ya later.

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Sweatin to Kanye, Cookin to 30 Rock

I had a great workout today after work. I scooted myself over to the gym by 5:45 and kicked off a total body workout by jumping on the StairMaster. You know what that means – lots of sweat!

– 30 mins StairMaster, level 9 (-300 cal)
– 15 mins Elliptical interval routine (-150 cal)
– full leg weight workout
arm work out  
– 5 girly push ups (gotta start somewhere with these!)
– quick abs – side planks, 20 bicycles, 10 leg lifts

This took about an hour and a half, maybe a little more. A bit too long, but I pushed through with Kanye and Lady Gaga’s help.

Once I got home I took a quick shower and bounced over to Trader Joe’s to pick up some ingredients to make a big pot of garden veggie chili – we have a fun intern potluck planned for tomorrow night so I had to whip it together this evening. Before leaving a had a bowl of broc/cauliflower with nutritional yeast to hold me over til the chili was done.

After lugging the groceries home (try as I may, I can never control all the heavy items I end up buying, too many bubble seltzers!) I got crackin on the chili. It may seem weird to make chili in the summer time, esp when it’s soo hot here right now, but I think it’s such a great dish because it’s healthy with high protein and fiber, veg, and it’s a great recipe that everyone seems to always enjoy. So there, summertime. While cooking, I had my laptop in the kitchen playing a few episodes of 30 Rock – I seem to always have these on in the background these days. I wonder what percentage I’ve actually watched, rather than listened to..

lots of beans! garbanzo, black, and white

It’s cooking right now and should be done any minute. Even though it’s late, I’m going to have a small bowl!

Smells good!

Wrapping some things up here then maybe a little reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle before bed.  Oh and a Skype date with Jeff, like we do every night! G night.


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Jazzy Friday

Today’s conference went by much quicker than yesterday. I think it was that the sessions were much more on-topic for me personally, the fact that I knew it was Friday (homestretch!) and also that it actually did end earlier! 3:30 rather than 5:30 like yesterday. Lunch involved this:Spinach salad mix, black beans, carrots, green beams, persian cucumbers, nutritional yeast, and a bunch of roasted veggies I added on at the conference from their lunch spread. Yumm.
Ok, the conference didn’t really “end” at 3:30… but a bunch of us interns realized that our note-taking and interviewing work was done, so, we took it upon ourselves to head home for the weekend! I was feeling a bit pooped after not sleeping great last night, but got energized on my walk home.

I rounded up Matt from his day-long museum excursions and we put together a fabulous, slow-carb diet-friendly picnic dinner to bring to Jazz in the Garden. It was my second time going and it was really fun the first time, basically a nice excuse to sit outside, sip wine, munch, and enjoy some live performances. It was really nice out today too, and thanks to getting out early we got a great spot on the lawn.

We ate … 

mmmm beans/salsa/avo combo mush :)


sat under the awesome tree scuplture..

and fell asleep! A perfect Friday evening :)

This is right after I woke up from a 40 minute pass-out in the middle of the giant crowd. Just making sure I didn’t look too cracked out … Matt was still asleep! Too much sun… too much work.. okay maybe too much wine ;)

We came back to my apt thinking we’d venture out again for drinks somewhere with some folks but once we chilled out we realized it would be just fabulous to stay put and have a relaxing night. I munched on some raw almonds and decided we needed a more fun snack for this Friday night – perfect night for kale chips!  

Time for some good sleep now. SO EXCITED for cheat day tomorrow!! I’ve got lots of goodies I’m looking forward to eating. Lots of ’em! Ones like this:


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Special lunch, part 1

When my alarm went off at 6:20 this morning I surprisingly didn’t groan in misery – I woke up feeling quite rested and ready to get up! I think it might have been the strictly enforced 10:45pm bedtime last night. Maybe I’ll try to stick to that. Breakfast was the usual:

I’ve been trying to not put salt on my egg/peppers in the morning to decrease my salt intake a bit – it’s been through the roof lately! And in my travel mug, a big cup of hot coffee with cinnamon. Today I had meetings almost straight from 10-3 with lunch with my boss in between. He treated me to Qdoba which proved to be very easy to eat at on this diet and quite tasty. Although I would certainly choose Chipotle any day for quick mexican. I got the vegetarian taco salad, naked without the big fried tortilla bowl thing. It looked something like this (minus the squash, and plus a big mound of guacamole):

Source: http://foodfitnessfashionista.blogspot.com/

My boss is taking me out to lunch, again! tomorrow. :) It’s a week full of special lunches. I had some afternoon Tazo tea and plugged away at some research. It’s getting exciting, as one of today’s meetings revealed how important my work will be and could potentially be part of a paper EPA is putting out. I came home and revelled in the beauty of the flowers that I bought over the weekend – they’re in their peak!

I’m having a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese (would prefer a few sips of a protein shake but not having a blender if proving to be quite a barrier)and gearing up for a ~5 mile run with Melissa, my first outdoor DC run! I’m a bit nervous so packing my camelback, we’ll see how that works out. Looking forward to the run, but wish it wasn’t still 86 degrees out! Ah well, off we go!

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