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Cool mornings

I awoke to a cool breeze coming in the window – a crisp fall-like morning today! 60 degrees, cloudy, rainy on and off.

My friend texted at 7am asking about our tenatively planned run – I said yes as long as it’s not raining, and it wasn’t at the moment, so we hit the pavement at 7:30am. Did a nice 3 miles in the cool air.

Def a scarf and cardigan day!  {Yayy fall!!! :) }

Now having oats and coffee – OIAJ with half a banana, soy milk, PB and Kashi Go Lean for crunch. Coffee on the side

Now I’m showered and ready for the day:

– class 10-11:30
– reading, finsihing a response due at 5pm
– interview prepping (eek)
– internship interview at 3:30
– meeting at 6pm
– class 6:30-9:30

Oh boy! Gonna be a long one today.


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SO excited for FALL!

Happy September!!!

I am SO excited that it’s the start of September, which means that fall is in the air! It’s my favorite season of all time and I am so excited for fall foliage, apples, pumpkins, crisp mornings, sweaters, apple cider, and halloween! There are just so many wonderful things to do in the fall weather, I just love harvest time!

But first, breakfast, on the porch of course!Overnight oats in a jar, mixed with frozen berrier, fresh blueberries, a drizzle of honey, and a sprinkle of go lean crunch! Annnd coffee of course!

I didn’t do too much to celebrate the start of September and autumn today because I was sitting in classes from 10am til 5:30pm! I scoped out some classes, but think I’ll just stick with one of the 4 I ended up sitting in on. The others just aren’t quite what I’m looking for. From yesterday’s listing, I’ve ruled out

  • Management and the Environment
  • Statistics
  • U.S. Climate policy (I’ll take yesterday’s climate change course instead)
  • Life Cycle Assessment Practicum
But I will take LCA! It’ll be a tough class, it counts as a capstone which means it’s like a master’s project course, but it’ll be a really valuable skill to have, so it’ll be worth it for sure. Hopefully I’ll come out being able to use the software to do life cycle assessments on different products for companies. And I really like the professor, he’s young and enthusiastic, and I took a class with him last spring.
Lunch was leftover yellow curry from the other night, over rice, mm!
After class I met up with some friends for a drink downtown and then headed over to Jeff’s cuz he cooked me dinner! Corn on the cob, kale chips, and baked eggplant with tomato sauce. It was delish!
But didn’t quite fill us up, plus we knew there was pizza arriving at my house soon for the big gathering of dudes for a fantasy football draft (I still don’t really know what this means). Either way, I had some pizza and another beer when we got to my house after dinner. And we might have topped off the night by getting rid of eating some leftover pancakes, smothered in PB!! Ooooh grad school and college-style eating! So hard to avoid. Ah well.
Us ladies sat out on our porch chatting away while the dudes did their football thing. It was lovely!
Now for some relaxation and perhaps a viewing of the daily show (still haven’t accepted that I need to start doing work!! argh) before bedtime! Everyone else headed out to the bar, butttt I’m good with staying in tonight :)
On the docket for tomorrow: an early morning run, a meeting with my advisor, some course applications, student group fair, and TGIF party tomorrow night.

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First Day of School!

Well, I’m back in New Haven and today is sort of the first day of school! It’s our course expo where we walk around to tables where our professors are standing and giving out syllabi. It’s a day to learn more about the classes we think we want to take and to say hi to all of our friends! I’ve caught up with a bunch of mine already and have been spending lots of time with my roommates and Jeff. It’s great to be back! I’m all unpacked in my room and it feels like home again. We hunkered down as hurricane Irene hit on Sunday and it was a good day to stay inside and unpack. And now it’s gorgeous, crisp fall weather here! Loving it, and super excited for FALL!!

I also love our front porch, and eating breakfast there! Ready for my first day :) Oats in a jar!! Mmmm, scottish oats soaked overnight in soy milk, topped with banana slices and a biggg scoop of PB! Coffee on the side.


I’m off on my bike to school soon and will be there almost all day. Then a 4pm meeting with my supervisor from my job to see if I’ve got a position lined up for this year! Then, I’m hoping to hit the gym or go for a run! C ya!



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Breakfasts on the Porch

This morning I tried to sleep in since I knew I’ve got a slew of dawn-rising mornings coming up in our tent! But, I was awake and up around 8am. Ah well, I felt great so I hit the pavement for a nice run and did 4.72 miles. It was a nice cool 64 degrees.

Felt good and I chugged along at about a 10 minute mile which, considering all the hills, is quite alright. It was nice to have company on the run too – lots of other runners out bright and early on this lovely Saturday morning! I came home and did

1 set of abs with some other abs moves
– 10 push ups on my knees
– stretch

Half a Shower (cuz there’ll be more sweating later on!) and breakfast:

Oats with soymilk, topped with blueberries, half a small banana slices, honey from yesterday’s market, and home-made granola!  It was quite the rockstar bowl. Side of french press coffee.

I love eating out on our back porch. My mom has it decorated with plants and doodads and it’s a great sunny start to the day. Now I’m off to meet my dad for a bike ride! :) Happy Saturday everyone!



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Day at the Beach, Flapjacks, and French Press

Yesterday was a day at the beach! Mom and I drove down equipped with coffees. We arrived at the beach and had to wait in line to park. I snacked on a peach and some pretzel slims. You know you’re on the cape when there are hydrangeas everywhere! It was a perfect day on the beach and I had a blast playing with my little cousins who are 6 and 2!  I also enjoyed some Fage yogurt topped with flax seed. I also snacked on strawberries and blueberrie, as well as TWO of my home-made granola bars – I had to have one of each! ;) I had a banana bread oat bite and an oatmeal snack bar. Kind of a hodgepodge lunch eaten throughout the afternoon, but it worked! These kiddoes were so cute! 

There was also a dog, Phoebe! 
We headed back from the beach around 5 and showered up and headed out to dinner at one of our favorite places, the Marsh Side.  We started with some pinot grigio. 
I had a big greek salad for dinner, and 2 pieces of bread from the bread basket. Then, ice cream! My favorite ice cream place of all time, and I got grasshopper (mint ice cream mixed with oreo hunks!) MMMmm soo good.  Happy girl with ice cream:As for this morning…

I started the day with a quick 3 mile run. I was planning to do interval sprints but just wasn’t feelin it. It was pretty warm and sunny so I just plugged along on my flat 3 mile route. Started at 8:46am, ended at 9:17am. I then banged out:

– stretching
– 3 sets of 15 reps of tricep over-the-head lifts, 12 pound weight
– 3 sets of 20 reps of bicep curls, 10 pound weights each arm
– 30 push ups on my knees

All the while I was on and off hold with my school health insurance – not fun! But made the weight-lifting seem quicker.  After the workout and shower it was time for….. FLAP JACKS AND FRENCH PRESS!!! Remember how I got a delivery? It was time to make use of it! I whipped up some flapjacks and added to the mix: blueberries, walnuts, and some of the final sprinkles of my Cville Cluster Granola (this addition totally inspired by Kath in this post)

I also cooked up a few morning star faux sausages (love these!). The flap jacks (why is it waaay more fun to call them flapjacks vs. pancakes?! It’s so rustic and outdoorsy sounding) came out awesome, and I topped my first one with syrup and the next with raspberry jam.



I also used the french press! The coffee came out good, but mom and I have to admit, it’s not anything super amazing. I wonder if it’s the coffee we used that wasn’t super amazing? Not sure. But it was good!
I’ve got a to-do list to tackle today!
  • Pack for camping/ organize my disaster of a room
  • Pack for Mexico
  • Laundry
  • CVS
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Make granola?
  • Buy new head phones
  • Coffee date
  • Dinner date
Ready, go!

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Banana Bread Oat Bites

Well, I had a second baking adventure last night! I’m on a streak, huh? This time I tried out Allie’s Banana Bread Oat Bites that she adapted from cooksrecipes.  I’ve got more than enough ingredients from my Whole Foods bulk run, so I went for it! Maybe I’m on a mission to find my favorite granola bar recipe… 

This recipe involved mashed up bananas, vanilla extract, and some canola oil for the wet ingredients.. And rolled oats, coconut, sunflower seeds, and cinnamon for the dry ones. As for the fruit, I did almost the same as the other night’s bars, with dates, cranberries, raisins, but this time I also added some dried apricots. Some mixing action… All mixed up. Pre-oven…

(Missing one was split between mom and me – had to try ’em out!)

Post oven.

The verdict: Amazing!! I must say, I think I liked these better than the oatmeal snack bars. It’s the banana!! So yummy.

Here’s the recipe from Allie’s blog, with my modifications in pink:


  • 3 ripe bananas
  • 1 cup chopped dates (I did a combo of dates, raisins, cranberries, and apricots) 
  • 2 cups rolled oats
  • 2 TBSP canola oil (I did 1 TBSP)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Optional add-ins:

  • 1 TBSP Chia Seeds (I did sunflower seeds and shredded coconut) 
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • I added a sprinkle of chocolate chips – only ended up in some of the bars! 


Preheat oven to 350* F. In a small bowl, combine chopped dates and a splash of hot water and let sit for a few minutes (to slightly rehydrate). In another small bowl, mash bananas with a fork. Mix in chopped dates, vanilla extract and canola oil. In a large bowl combine dry ingredients (oats and optional mix-ins). Add banana mixture to the dry ingredients and mix well. Let batter sit for 15 minutes. Form batter into cookie-shaped patties and place on a greased cookie sheet. Bake for 20 minutes. Makes ~14.

Now I’ve got all sorts of bars for our camping trip! :) 

As for this morning: It was a beautoful morning here in Newton and we’re about to head off to the Cape for the day. I wanted to get in some exercise before we hit the road, and with two days of long runs in a row, it was time for some cross training! I got up early and was biking on my mom’s new bike by 7:30am. I biked my running route (boring, I know) and added on some extra hills, totaling an 8 mile ride. Took about 45 minutes cuz I bike pretty slowly. I came back and was a weirdo and did some exercises in the back yard. I did:

100 leaning lunge combos with no weights  (or is that 50, since you alternate legs? I don’t know how to count…)
60 half dead lifts holding a 12 pound weight
– 1 set of the ab workout 
– stretch
Shower, breakfast similar to yesterday’s:  1/4 c rolled oats, blubes, strawbs, walnut pieces, drizzle of honey. Yum! Coffee with almond milk, too. (didn’t try out the french press, need coarser coffee grounds!) And we’re off! Happy Thursday!


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Cool running

I had a great run this morning! I think it was better than yesterday due to:

– new additions to my running play list
10 degrees cooler weather
– cloudy vs. sunny
– I brought water 

I did a similar route to yesterday but changed it up a bit to make it longer, and to tackle not fewer, but different hills!

I rocked out 6.6 miles in about 1 hour 10 minutes. Not bad! Came home and watched the Today Show while doing:

– bicep curls with 10 pounds each arm, 20 reps x 3 sets
– various shoulder and triceps lifts
– 30 push ups on my knees
– lots o’ stretching (my abs were super sore this morning from yesterday’s ab workout)

Kind of a bummer not having all the weights and equipment at a gym, but it’s okay, I’ll have a gym at school again soon enough. For now it’s living room workouts!

Breakfast: rolled oats topped with a drizzle of honey, cinnamon, blueberries, strawberries, and walnuts pieces. YUM!Coffee w/ almond milk, too. I then headed out the door for a dentist appointment – good news, no cavities and teeth look good! Then I went to meet a friend for coffee and to meet her new PUPPY, Reese! It was great to see her and her puppy is completely adorable. I had a grande coffee as we sat outside and chatted. Puppy kisses. 
 Happy Wednesday all! 


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Brunch at the Tabard Inn

This morning I got up early even though it was Saturday! I wanted to squeeze in a workout before a big brunch we had planned. I was on the stairmaster by 8:42am and realized this might be my last gym workout, if I don’t go tomorrow. Tear. Bally Fitness has worked out really well here this summer.

I cranked out 20 minutes on the stair master and sweat up a storm. I was dripping. I then did 15 minutes on the elliptical to sweat some more, and then did my arm strength training.  After stretching and a quick foam roll (I need to own a roller!) I headed home and hopped in the shower by 10 and we went on our way to the Tabard Inn!  I’d heard their brunch was great and in a cute setting, so I booked us a reservation a while back. 
We of course started with coffees. And they gave us a little basket of veggie bread and tiny little lemon coconut (I think) muffins. I had a muffin and a bread. No butter necessary. We then had one of their famous home-made donuts that comes with real whip cream – it was phenomenal! Light and airy and covered with sugar and cinnamon. Capital Yum.
I had the tomato, basil, mozzarella frittata and greens. It was excellent and not too cheesy. Mom had the blueberry pancakes with peach and ginger compote – amazing! I ate at least 1/3 of hers. It was a lovely, delicious brunch, enjoyed outside in the adorable garden area!

And chocolate mints at the door always win my heart. We walked around a bit to help digest all the deliciousness. Off on more of the day’s adventures!


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Well, it’s finally here. My LAST DAY interning!!! Can’t believe how quickly the 10 weeks went. It’s been a great time here in DC and at my internship. I’ll certainly miss my fellow interns, some of the work here, and some of my routines here at the office!

Breakfast: Yeah, it’s getting old, huh? 1 egg white, pepper strips, and nutritional yeast. Coffee with almond milk on the side to go. Of course.

Some final views of my lovely office here.

Ok, gotta wrap up a bunch of projects here before our last intern lunch and the rest of my last day!!

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Second to Last Day!

I can’t believe it’s my second to last day interning! Today is my last day with my supervisor and my office mate, as they are both out tomorrow. Sad! How quickly time goes.

I decided to start off the day with a morning run (finally). I was determined to do it, and have realized that’s the only way I acutally end up doing morning execercise – if I’m determined and have made up my mind to do it. I even dreamt about missing my alarm and being bummed about missing my run!

I slipped quietly out of the apt and was dressed and hitting the pavement by 6:47am. It was fairly cool out (77) but really humid. As I got deeper into the trail it got even more humid due to all the vegetation! But it was a great run and I was surrounded by other runners and bikers commuting to work in the city. My music and updated running playlist kept me going as did my camel back. A sweet 5.3 miles in about 53 minutes. Left me sweaty and happy :)

Back at the apt I got ready and break-fasted: 1 egg white, pepper strips, and nutritional yeast, look familiar? Coffee w/ almond milk on the side. Can you tell I’m outta fresh fruit in the house?

On the books today: meeting, meeting, goodbye lunch for me! :), meeting, coffee meeting, good byes :-(, then fun with mom after work!

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