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6.3 mile therapy

My day in photos:

Breakfast: The usual. Plus coffee & cinnamon.

I walked to work this morning! 1.7 miles, 30 minutes. Easiest route happens to be by the White House. G’morning Barry! (apparently Michelle calls him that?) New goal: walk to or from work at least once per week.

Lunch:kale, cauliflower, carrot w/nutritional yeast 1/2 eaten here, plus a spoonful of rice pudding. Mm.

We ate at the FolkLife Festival on the Mall – fun event!

Afternoon bubbles.

Check out those bubbs.

Pre-run snack: (recycled photo), this was a bad choice – schluggled around in the my stomach during the run.

Gearing up for a 5 mile (turned 6.3 mile) run!

Recovery Dinner: broc and 1.5c veggie bean chili. Mm.

And now.. packing, organizing, and getting excited to fly to Boston tomorrow!


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Sweatin to Kanye, Cookin to 30 Rock

I had a great workout today after work. I scooted myself over to the gym by 5:45 and kicked off a total body workout by jumping on the StairMaster. You know what that means – lots of sweat!

– 30 mins StairMaster, level 9 (-300 cal)
– 15 mins Elliptical interval routine (-150 cal)
– full leg weight workout
arm work out  
– 5 girly push ups (gotta start somewhere with these!)
– quick abs – side planks, 20 bicycles, 10 leg lifts

This took about an hour and a half, maybe a little more. A bit too long, but I pushed through with Kanye and Lady Gaga’s help.

Once I got home I took a quick shower and bounced over to Trader Joe’s to pick up some ingredients to make a big pot of garden veggie chili – we have a fun intern potluck planned for tomorrow night so I had to whip it together this evening. Before leaving a had a bowl of broc/cauliflower with nutritional yeast to hold me over til the chili was done.

After lugging the groceries home (try as I may, I can never control all the heavy items I end up buying, too many bubble seltzers!) I got crackin on the chili. It may seem weird to make chili in the summer time, esp when it’s soo hot here right now, but I think it’s such a great dish because it’s healthy with high protein and fiber, veg, and it’s a great recipe that everyone seems to always enjoy. So there, summertime. While cooking, I had my laptop in the kitchen playing a few episodes of 30 Rock – I seem to always have these on in the background these days. I wonder what percentage I’ve actually watched, rather than listened to..

lots of beans! garbanzo, black, and white

It’s cooking right now and should be done any minute. Even though it’s late, I’m going to have a small bowl!

Smells good!

Wrapping some things up here then maybe a little reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle before bed.  Oh and a Skype date with Jeff, like we do every night! G night.


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Green, lush run

Just got back from a great 6.3 mile run with Melissa! We ran along the Capital Crescent Trail up through Georgetown. It was a great trail that I didn’t even know was there – really flat, surrounded by lots of greenery, and right alongside the Potomac River so there were lovely views here and there as we chatted and ran along. I can’t get over how much better running with someone is than running along with music! The time just really flies by as we chat and I don’t even feel like I’m pushing that hard as we up the miles. It feels SO GOOD to be out running again. It wasn’t too hot out at all today either so it wasn’t too sweaty of a run. I got back and drank the other half of my protein shake that I had saved from earlier. I then put together a quick light salad to get in some more veg.

With dollops of salsa.

And bubbles!

That run wore me out a bit. Gotta finish up a load of laundry, prep for tomorrow, and relax before bed! I’ve had “The Switch” with Jennifer Anniston on Netflix for days now, so maybe I’ll start watching that. 4 days til my visit home! Weeee. G’night!

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Sibling Fun

Matt's train was quite delayed so I sat around for a bit and continued eating peanut butter - bad news. After that cottage cheese treat my spoon just kept going back into the jar for tiny little licks, like 20 times! I finally just had to get out of the apartment and far away from the pb! So I headed to the gym and hit the treadmill for 60 minutes of cardio. Did you know the treadmill goes up to incline 15?! I did not. I did a "hike" and every minute went up a level of incline (ex. 3:00 minues, incline 3, 4 minutes, incline 4, etc) all the way up to 15 and then did the reverse. It was 470 calories burned so hopefully that took care of the peanut butter attack!

Matt’s train finally arrived, hooray! It’s so nice that the gym is just right around the corner so I could easily hop off the treadmill, stretch quickly, and go meet him at the metro stop. We came back to the apartment and had some red wine…

and some dinner.

A lentil/tempeh mash, mixed veggies, and edamame pods – ate the whole bag! Yum. We hung out, and headed to bed a bit late. Feeling pretty tired this morning. Round 2 of the conference! Breakfasted up..

and bringing bubbles in hopes to avoid drinking so much coffee!

Off we go!

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