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Overnight sleep, overnight oats

Finally felt a bit more rested when I got up this morning, probably because I let myself sleep til 7:10 instead of 6:20. Much better. But still sore from Monday’s weight training, ughhh. Need some stretching. Happy over-the-hump day. I’m looking forward to leaving work a bit early to get a long list of to-dos done. Bfast was overnight oats!

In the mix:

– 1/4 c scottish oats
– 1/4 c soy milk, splash of water
– diced apple slices
– sprinle of walnuts
– cinnamon

Yummm! And of course coffee with cinnamon on the side. Since eggs weren’t in the bfast today they might make a celebrity appearance at lunch.. laters.


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It’s Friday, Friday

My alarm went off at 6:30 this morning and I felt pretty rested. My first thought was that it was Friday (hooray!) and the second thought that entered my mind was the Friday Song. Oh boy. After trying to get the song outta my head I got up and got ready for the day. I wanted a light bfast today (even though I really wanted more overnight oats) because I know my supervisor is taking me out to lunch (hopefully chop’t salads) and because I know I’m going out to dinner with my dad later, so I figured start it off light! The usual – two egg whites (one real, one from a carton), peppers, turmeric and nutritional yeast. Coffee and cinnamon.

Time for work, Happy Friday!!


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Sweet Oats

Big news – tried overnight oats for the first time! The verdict: They were delicious, easy, and quick! I’ve missed oatmeal in my life soo much, it’s great to have it back.

In the mix:
– 1/4 cup Bob’s Red Mill Scottish Oats
– 1/4 cup soymilk
– splash of water
Added in the morning:
– diced half an apple
– tbsp peanut butter

That’s it, and it was so yummy, the soymilk made it creamy and sweet. And it’s keeping me quite full! I’ll defintely be making overnight oats again, and it’s a nice cool breakfast for these summer mornings. Plus my large coffee with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Feeling pretty good after last night’s long run, just a little creaky and tiny bit sore in the legs this morning, but nothing that a little stretching and light exercise can’t fix tonight. Happy Thursday everyone. :)


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Back to work, Back to wholesome foods

Back to the internship today. I was busy with meetings a lot of the day and got a fair amount done, too. Started off with forgetting to photograph everything! Had the usual coffee and egg whites and peppers for bfast with nutritional yeast and turmeric, lunch was a big bowl of broccoli, carrots, and lentils, afternoon snack:

A sliced apple with cinnamon.

On the way home I walked through the farmer’s market trying to keep in mind that I shouldn’t buy too much tasty-looking produce since my dad is coming this weekend and as of right now, our plans include a fair amount of eating out, so don’t want to stock up on things and have them go bad. I did know that I desperately needed fresh fruit! I’ve got plenty of frozen veggies and canned beans to last me quite a while, but fresh fruit – no replacement there! I picked up two peaches, one nectarine, and one tomato, they were beauties! And nestled safely into my purse. Now I’m gearing up for a long run with Melissa, so I just had a pre-run snack. Hoping it settles well (still 45 mins til we’re moving, so should be ok!) Celery stalk with 1 tbsp of peanut butter. Hit the spot.

Catch ya later.


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Let the fun begin!

Happy Vacation! I’m so excited I have the next 5 days off from my internship and get to take a trip home to visit! Haven’t been home since I started here at the end of May, and I’m looking forward to hanging out with my parents, brother, boyfriend, and friends! I was sooo tired last night after that 6 mi run that I konked out and slept til 10am. It was glorious.  I woke up to some eggs, peppers, turmeric, and coffee with cinnamon.Checked a few things off my to-do list:

clean bathroom
clean kitchen
take out trash and recyclables
put laundry away
finish packing
I then hopped over to the gym for a quick workout:
–15 mins on the Stairmaster
–15 mins on the elliptical
–arm workout (glad I got my 3 sessions in, like I had planned on Sunday!)

I scooted home and made some JUICE! Haven’t used the juicer since I moved to DC and it was about time! It’s a beautiful day here too so seemed appropriate to have some super fresh juice after a good workout and go sit in the sun.

Juice was made of:It’s also good timing cuz I wanted to clear out the fridge of any fresh items that might go bad while I’m away til Tuesday night. (cucumber, celery stalks, carrots, apple, lemon)

It turned out delicious! 

I was all excited to go lay by my building’s pool (I’ve only used it twice, ah!) and headed down with juice and book in hand, but found the pool didn’t open til 3 today! Boooo. I was determined to get some sunshine and juice time, so I went and sat just outside my building on a patch of grass. It was a bit awkward since I was also determined to wear a bikini. Whatevs, ppl can deal, right? ;) I was literally laying next to cars.outdoor juice :) Not quite the serene atmosphere I was imagining by the pool .. oh well. I came back after 45 mins (don’t want too much sun, it is awful for you, I know). I had a cottage cheese snack
And now it’s time to shower, finish packing, and get on the metro to the airport! Catch you later.


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6.3 mile therapy

My day in photos:

Breakfast: The usual. Plus coffee & cinnamon.

I walked to work this morning! 1.7 miles, 30 minutes. Easiest route happens to be by the White House. G’morning Barry! (apparently Michelle calls him that?) New goal: walk to or from work at least once per week.

Lunch:kale, cauliflower, carrot w/nutritional yeast 1/2 eaten here, plus a spoonful of rice pudding. Mm.

We ate at the FolkLife Festival on the Mall – fun event!

Afternoon bubbles.

Check out those bubbs.

Pre-run snack: (recycled photo), this was a bad choice – schluggled around in the my stomach during the run.

Gearing up for a 5 mile (turned 6.3 mile) run!

Recovery Dinner: broc and 1.5c veggie bean chili. Mm.

And now.. packing, organizing, and getting excited to fly to Boston tomorrow!

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Starting the week off right

I had a great start to the week today – with a special intern behind-the-scenes field trip to the Natural History Smithsonian Museum! We have a staff member who has planned all sorts of great events for us interns throughout the summer and this was certainly one of the best so far. The day started with two egg whites and some pepper strips, flavored with turmeric. I’m trying to sneak this into my meals here and there for its great anti-inflammatory properties.

I headed to work equipped with a big mug of coffee with cinnamon.  After an hour or so of work we all headed to the museum for the tour of the mummies, shrunken heads, and other human remains! It was really neat to go into the depths of the Smithsonian’s basement and have a very passionate, expert staff member tell us all about the 3,000 year-old mummies we got to look at up-close, and that aren’t on display. We saw a mummified bull, too, it was huge! We couldn’t photograph any of that stuff, but we wandered around the museum for a bit afterwards and saw a few cool things.

Jaws of a giant prehistoric shark!  I love sharks. Is it shark week yet? Do I have cable TV yet? … Negative on both counts.

Look how big it was, compared to a modern-day Great White shark. Wow!

Some of my fellow interns :)

Turtle skeletons are cool. I used to have a really amazing pet turtle, Dexter. She was awesome.

The Hope Diamond!! So cool! And sparkly.

We headed back to the office in time to have lunch – today this consisted of a big bowl of broccoli and cauliflower with nutritional yeast and a big dish of cottage cheese I had a bit later on. Forgot to photograph! I just got home and am having a smoothie to power up – because Melissa and I are heading out for a (hopefully) 6 mile run in a little bit. Need energy! I made this protein drink the same way I did last week. Tasty! Hopefully it powers me through our run. I plan to bring my camel back again for hydration!

Catch ya later!

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Sunday Super Funday

After last night’s adventures we slept in til nearly 11am! It felt great and was much-needed. We got up and made some scrambled eggs with peppers (forgot to photo) and had coffee with cinnamon. After all the over-indulgence yesterday though I felt pretty ready to eat healthily again all week (except for tonight, but we’ll get to that). I decided to hit the gym first thing after my light breakfast to get back on track and to make sure I could fit in 3 arm strength training workouts this week. Matt hung out while I hop, skipped, and jumped over the gym. Today’s speedy workout consisted of:

– 30 minutes on the StairMaster at Fat Burner level 10 (I usually do level 7 or 8, so this was intense!) (-300 cal)
arm workout I upped it to 20 reps for almost all of them
– quick abs (90 seconds plank, 30 seconds side planks each side)
– stretch and I was outta there!

Matt and I got ready quickly, packed up some fresh veggies for snacks, and hit the metro to get over to a 2:40 showing of The Hangover 2. It was funny! And neat that it was set in Thailand – it made Matt and I want to go back for sure. It was also cool that the bar in the movie was one we had been to, a roof top one which was so so cool.

After the movie Matt and I walked over to the Air and Space Museum and perused the exhibits.
I think the highlight was the astronaut ice cream!

As Matt ate the dehydrated ice cream he mentioned eating real ice cream. Suddenly a thought occured to me. We were very close to FroZenYo, a self-serve froyo place I had heard much about. While cheat day was way, way, over and I was back on track with my veggies n egg routine, what if, just what if, we had FROYO for DINNER! That would be okay, right? We thought so. Giddy with excitement we wove our way over to FroZenYo. I filled my big tub with a dollop of peanut butter froyo, a dollop of cookies n cream, and a bigggg dollop of mint. As for the toppings … crumbled oreo cookies, reeses peanut butter cups, heath bar, almonds, and just a tiny tiny drizzle of hot fudge. OH MAN!! SO DELICIOUS!! Oh and one yogurt covered pretzel hiding in there too.

And it was only $3.64, not bad! Feeling a bit hungry right now at 10pm but, this froyo was totally worth a dinner replacement. Matt and I decided to walk home (about 2 miles) to work off the treats. We got home around 8 and Matt packed up and headed out by 9 to catch the 10pm Amtrak train. We had such a FUN visit!! It was great having Matt here and to explore parts of the city with him. Can’t wait to see him and the rest of the fam when I head home on Friday for the holiday weekend.

But before that, there’s a 4 day work week to plug through. Which means I should get things in order around here to prepare. G night!


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