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Starting the week off right

I had a great start to the week today – with a special intern behind-the-scenes field trip to the Natural History Smithsonian Museum! We have a staff member who has planned all sorts of great events for us interns throughout the summer and this was certainly one of the best so far. The day started with two egg whites and some pepper strips, flavored with turmeric. I’m trying to sneak this into my meals here and there for its great anti-inflammatory properties.

I headed to work equipped with a big mug of coffee with cinnamon.  After an hour or so of work we all headed to the museum for the tour of the mummies, shrunken heads, and other human remains! It was really neat to go into the depths of the Smithsonian’s basement and have a very passionate, expert staff member tell us all about the 3,000 year-old mummies we got to look at up-close, and that aren’t on display. We saw a mummified bull, too, it was huge! We couldn’t photograph any of that stuff, but we wandered around the museum for a bit afterwards and saw a few cool things.

Jaws of a giant prehistoric shark!  I love sharks. Is it shark week yet? Do I have cable TV yet? … Negative on both counts.

Look how big it was, compared to a modern-day Great White shark. Wow!

Some of my fellow interns :)

Turtle skeletons are cool. I used to have a really amazing pet turtle, Dexter. She was awesome.

The Hope Diamond!! So cool! And sparkly.

We headed back to the office in time to have lunch – today this consisted of a big bowl of broccoli and cauliflower with nutritional yeast and a big dish of cottage cheese I had a bit later on. Forgot to photograph! I just got home and am having a smoothie to power up – because Melissa and I are heading out for a (hopefully) 6 mile run in a little bit. Need energy! I made this protein drink the same way I did last week. Tasty! Hopefully it powers me through our run. I plan to bring my camel back again for hydration!

Catch ya later!


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