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Dinner Date

Well, the granola came out really well! It’s sweet and has a great texture. Very happy with my first attempt at making my own :)

Large jar for our camping trip, small jar for mom!

Post-granola sampling, I headed out to meet two of my close girlfriends who are in the area. We had a great dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s and caught up on life a bit. I wish I got to see them more often! But it’s great that I’m close enough in CT that I can see them every couple of months, if not once a month sometimes.

I had 3 pieces of bread (their bread is phenom) and had a small salad topped with a goat cheese hunk, pecans, and raspberries, and raspberry dressing. I also had fresh vegetable spring rolls with peanut sauce. 
The rolls had asparagus and other veggies inside. Yum!

Wanting to extend our date, we headed to one of our favorite ice cream places ever. Cabot’s! My first, and probably last, time this summer. Glad we got it in! It’s an old fashioned 1950s style diner place with amazing ice cream and froyo! I always get the same thing cuz it’s awesomeee. Non-fat froyo mixed with banana, and topped with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. SO good. And they use real fruit, hooray!

As noted before, PB and banana is the world’s greatest combo. A good evening :) Now, some relaxing!


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Day at the Beach, Flapjacks, and French Press

Yesterday was a day at the beach! Mom and I drove down equipped with coffees. We arrived at the beach and had to wait in line to park. I snacked on a peach and some pretzel slims. You know you’re on the cape when there are hydrangeas everywhere! It was a perfect day on the beach and I had a blast playing with my little cousins who are 6 and 2!  I also enjoyed some Fage yogurt topped with flax seed. I also snacked on strawberries and blueberrie, as well as TWO of my home-made granola bars – I had to have one of each! ;) I had a banana bread oat bite and an oatmeal snack bar. Kind of a hodgepodge lunch eaten throughout the afternoon, but it worked! These kiddoes were so cute! 

There was also a dog, Phoebe! 
We headed back from the beach around 5 and showered up and headed out to dinner at one of our favorite places, the Marsh Side.  We started with some pinot grigio. 
I had a big greek salad for dinner, and 2 pieces of bread from the bread basket. Then, ice cream! My favorite ice cream place of all time, and I got grasshopper (mint ice cream mixed with oreo hunks!) MMMmm soo good.  Happy girl with ice cream:As for this morning…

I started the day with a quick 3 mile run. I was planning to do interval sprints but just wasn’t feelin it. It was pretty warm and sunny so I just plugged along on my flat 3 mile route. Started at 8:46am, ended at 9:17am. I then banged out:

– stretching
– 3 sets of 15 reps of tricep over-the-head lifts, 12 pound weight
– 3 sets of 20 reps of bicep curls, 10 pound weights each arm
– 30 push ups on my knees

All the while I was on and off hold with my school health insurance – not fun! But made the weight-lifting seem quicker.  After the workout and shower it was time for….. FLAP JACKS AND FRENCH PRESS!!! Remember how I got a delivery? It was time to make use of it! I whipped up some flapjacks and added to the mix: blueberries, walnuts, and some of the final sprinkles of my Cville Cluster Granola (this addition totally inspired by Kath in this post)

I also cooked up a few morning star faux sausages (love these!). The flap jacks (why is it waaay more fun to call them flapjacks vs. pancakes?! It’s so rustic and outdoorsy sounding) came out awesome, and I topped my first one with syrup and the next with raspberry jam.



I also used the french press! The coffee came out good, but mom and I have to admit, it’s not anything super amazing. I wonder if it’s the coffee we used that wasn’t super amazing? Not sure. But it was good!
I’ve got a to-do list to tackle today!
  • Pack for camping/ organize my disaster of a room
  • Pack for Mexico
  • Laundry
  • CVS
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Make granola?
  • Buy new head phones
  • Coffee date
  • Dinner date
Ready, go!

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Last DC Day

Whew, what a day – and my last day in Washington D.C.! It started off with my last trip (unless I’m really ambitious tomorrow morning) to the gym at 8:30 this morning.  I did:

-10 minutes walking on the treadmill to wake up
-20 minutes on the stairmaster
-20 minutes on the elliptical
– the first two moves of the ultimate butt workout, three sets of 20 reps, with 5 and 8 pd weights
– some other squats (and oh, realized I was doing lunges really incorrectly, fixed that and didnt’ drop my knee down this time!)
– 20 push-ups on my knees
– stretch

I came home, showered, and then mom and I hopped over to Founding Farmers for an (yet another) AWESOME brunch!

Mom loved their milk jug of water and the cute lil creamer pourer. To follow yesterday’s theme, we ordered this place’s donuts – hollly donut, they were incredible, lil balls of wonder, and came with 3 dipping sauces: chocolate, caramel, and raspberry. I had 1.5 of deliciousness. I ended up ordering the same dish as last time, cuz it’s so good! Egg whites with fresh veggies and cheddar cheese, a side of fruit and a home made english muffin. Perfection!! With coffee. 
Mom had poached eggs over leek hash browns with caramelized beets and goat cheese – yum! After this amazing brunch (we took the rest of the donuts home, but not sure they’ll survive – soggy non-warm donuts just aren’t the same) we headed to the capitol hill area to check out Eastern Market.  Capitol hill buildings are so neat. The market was really big with lots of produce, crafts, jewelry, etc.However, it was about 100 degrees and reallllly humid out so we didn’t last too long. We soon headed back to the air conditioned car, and decided to check out a boat activity mom had been wanting to do. We drove up to Potomac Maryland and saw this neat historic canal. We took a ride on the mule-pulled boat! It was a neat story of the canal and how it basically was built and not used very much because the rail road arrived! It was a fun little boat ride and the narrator was super passionate about it – apparently she did her dissertation just on the Chesapeake Ohio canal – imagine that! 
Mules! While on the boat I snacked on one of these (warning, recycled photo)

We got back from the canal around 5 and I immediately whipped up some smoothies – we were tired, hot, and needed a pick-me-up! And we had lots of packing, moving, and car-loading to do!
In the mix: frozen berries galore (rasp, straw, black, blue) a few hunks of frozen banana, almond milk, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, water. I topped mine with a pile of cville cluster granola, and at the end some cheerios! Like the other night.  It succeeded to power us through loading the car to the brim with all my clothes, shoes, blender, juicer, coffee maker, odds n ends, etc!

By 7:30 I was getting hungry so we attempted to empty more of the freezer and pantry food by whipping up some spaghetti and meat balls, and green beans. This wasn’t just any pasta meal – it was with Kamut spiral noodles!! So I was fortunate enough to get these for free from Swanson just like the cocoa powder I blogged about a while back.  Swanson sent me these kamut spirals – so what is kamut? I’ve discovered that it’s an ancient grain, similar to wheat and in fact related, and has more protein than regular wheat and wheat pasta. Don’t know much else than that, other than it was delicious! They tasted just like whole wheat noodles and had the same texture.Love that there’s only ONE ingredient! 

The Organic Kamut Spirals have 10 g of protein for 1 cup of noodles with 210 cal. I topped the noodles with pasta sauce mixed with peppers strips (another freezer unloading action) and TJ’s veggie meat balls. YUM. Lots o’ protein in this meal. I went back for a big plate of seconds. And I ended up snacking on some odds n ends after dinner … like some dark chocolate I came across, a few bites of an ice cream sandwich before throwing it away, etc… kitchen clean-outs cannot come without good-bye bites to food uneaten! ;)

And if you have a food blog you can get free Swanson products, too! Check it out at the Swanson healthy food blog.

Well, my bedroom is just about emptied and we’re ready to hit the road bright and hopefully early tomorrow morning to head up to Boston. After we get my bike loaded on the car bike rack that is. Keep and eye out for a good-bye DC post about all the memories here! Ok, last night in the big king bed in my DC apartment!! Good night!


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Monets & Cocktails

After our fabulous brunch Mom and I went to get hair cuts – we both desperately needed one (I think the last time I cut my hair was liiike March? my hair was SO long) and I found a good deal for a nearby salon on WTD, a groupon-type site. It ended up working out well, not an amazing salon, but a good enough cut for $20. Note the scraggly ends in this old photo…My hair is much healthier now and a couple inches shorter, still long though. Post hair-cuts, mom and I metrod to the mall and headed to the National Gallery of Art. I really just wanted to see the impressionist work and avoid reaching my museum threshold by trying to see too much. So we strategically saw what we wanted and overload on art. Here are two of my favorites: 
Part way through the museum-ing I needed a snack. We stopped at the cafe; a strawberry/blueberry gelato for mom. A red apple for me :) Needed fruit!!
I also had this mini Lara bar – they were giving them out for free at the metro last week, never had this brownie flavor, it was quite choclately! Love that there are so few ingredients and they’re all natural. More famous art:
We tried to get into a few other museums, but they were either closing or had long lines. Ah well, guess we were done with that. On the way back from the museum we got stuck in the rain and got soaked – pit stop back at the apt to freshen up and we were off for cocktails! I had a groupon-type deal (I guess it was a coupon day!) to cocktails and small plates at a fancy hotel lounge down the street, so we went for some celebratory drinks as one of our last nights in DC! Mom started with a tequila based drink and I had a strawberry mojito! It was very tasty. We ordered the focaccia plate that came with three spreads – an olive one that was awesome, a sun-dried tomato one that was so-so, and a cannellini bean one that was great. MM! Mom got a shrimp quesadilla plate and we also ordered truffle oil french fries that were yummy! We gobbled everything up, and then had more cocktails – a blue drink for mom, and a bubbly bevvy for me – it had orange vodka in it, cranberry juice, and bubbly wine. It was good and reminded me of fruit punch, and easy to drink! When we came home I felt like part of the meal was missing – veggies! In attempt to remedy this nutrition deficit and in an equally important effort to empty my freezer before moving out Monday, I heated up some frozen veggies: broc and a succotash mix.  With soy sauce. It hit the spot. Mom and I just spent about an hour packing up my kitchen stuff, some closet stuff, and other odds and ends, so we don’t have to do it all tomorrow, eek! While packing my kitchen cupboard I came across some dark chocolate so nibbled on that. Hittin the hay soon. Fun day!!!

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Celebratory Friday Night

To celebrate the completion of my internship mom and I tried out a new Thai place in DC (who am I kidding, almost every restaraunt in DC is “new” cuz I’ve only lived here for 10 weeks!) Mai Thai was delicious! Presentation was great and it was really good, pretty authentic Thai food, at least by my standards. We started with some fresh spring rolls. Watch out, I think that peanut sauce has fish sauce in it. Lesson learned. We also enjoyed a glass of white wine each. We ordered tofu green curry and a mixed veg/tofu dish in garlic sauce, both with white rice. They were awesome! Since it was a fairly light meal with lots of veg, mom dragged me into FroZenYo, only my favorite froyo place of all time (so far). Knowing I had already had gelato today I know I shouldn’t, but, I got a tiny bowl! Just couldn’t help it. Mom went for peanut butter and banana cream, and topped it with walnuts and lots of hot fudge sauce. I went for cookies n cream (cuz it’s so creamy!) and a dollop of banana cream too. My fav combo in life is pb and banana, so I topped the banana with reese’s pb cups, and the cookies n cream got a few slivered almonds on top. Kinda like the other night … (holy froyo overdose this week!!!)  Gosh, having visitors just makes my healthy eating fly out the window! I gotta get a grip here!

Now we’re relaxing the rest of the night. I might make some Amazon purchases with a gift card my intern folks give me… and oh, should probably start packing since I’m moving out and hitting the road up north bright and early Monday morning!  C ya.


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Art & Pizza

For me good bye lunch today my supervisors took me to Rasika! It’s the highest rated (4.5 stars by 700 reviewers in Yelp) Indian restaurant in DC so I was pretty excited.  It was a fancy pants place, and was neatly decorated. I didn’t photograph anything, but had a few bites of two different appetizers, the Ragda Patties and Palak Chaat (this was SO good, like fried crispy spinach) and for the main course I had Ghobi Matar (cauliflower) with rice and naan. It was all very good! Our bill was also very large so it was really nice of them to all take me out to such a fancy lunch!

The rest of the day was jam packed with meetings. One of them was with a fellow intern who was interested in hearing more about my grad program. I think I rattled on for over 40 minutes! It was fun giving advice to someone still finishing undergrad in the same field. I guess I have a lot to say about my life path so far! Hopefully I gave her some good advice. Before leaving for work I ate a juicy peach, and a Fage yogurt. I knew we weere hitting up a museum event after work and that I’d be hungry if I didn’t eat til 8pm. Before leaving work I said good byes to two interns and my supervisor who won’t be there tomorrow. :-( I then headed off to meet mom at the Philips collection, a neat little museum. Cool flower sculpture outside! They had a cool little event going on so we got to hear a talk about the Kandinksy exhibit as we walked around and looked at his work. They had some tea samples, a guy playing the sitar, and other neat things.

My museum threshold is pretty low, so we were only there for about an hour and a half or so. It was good though! We then headed around the corner to Pizzeria Paradiso which I had heard was really good, and there’s always a line, so must be good! We had to wait about 30 minutes so we each had a beer. I had the weissbier and mom had a lager, both were good.

They served yummy olives at the table. We sat outside which was great – it’s (amazingly) quite pleasant and almost cool here today so it was a perfect night to sit out. We had a salad to start – goat cheese, pine nuts, mmmm. And then split a pizza. We must say it was a bit disappointing. I added salt and parm cheese to it, and I never add things to pizza! It just was missing something, and didn’t blow us away. Oh well! Despite not being blown away, we ate the whole thing!! 4 pieces each. Mmmm. 

Fun night!! Double dining out is never a great idea, but today I didn’t super stuff myself at either meal so that is good! Now organizing things for my last day of interning tomorrow! Good night!

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Indulgences (Part 1?)

Well today’s potluck goes along nicely with the theme of a post from Carrots n Cake today about healthy eating sometimes involving unhealthy choices. There were so many yummy things to eat at the potluck today that I ended up sampling them all, especially the desserts :)

I nibbled: crackers n cheese, a scoop of guac, black beans over cilantro rice, pasta with tomatoes and cheese chunks, spinach dish, potato salad, a very small slice of pizza, two brownies, 1/2 of a famous raspberry jam bar, and grapes and cherries. Wow! They were all tasting size servings, but it was still alot, and full of not super healthy choices (and lots of cheese, oof).

I have to admit that I have not been the most healthy eater lately. Overall I really like the idea of eating healthy whole foods and making good choices about 80% of the time and then 20% of the time indulging and making-not-so-healthy choices, as mentioned by Cait.   I usually adhere to this pretty well, but the past few days I’ve been overeating and overindulging in treats. The food forecast for the next few days is not looking super great for healthy choices. But, I will do my best!

Today after work all the interns went out for happy hour since many of us are done on Friday! I had a glass of red wine (for free! due to drink tickets). I then headed to Foggy Bottom to meet two friends from high school for a drink and some nibbles. It was so great seeing them! One was in town from NY for a conference so it was extra special to get to see her :) I had another glass of red wine and ordered a kale, peach, goat cheese salad. It was super tiny which was perfect, because my mom was at my apartment getting dinner ready! (what a treat!).

I told mom about the little farmer’s market that’s in Foggy Bottom on Wednesdays so she stopped and picked up some fresh local produce! We had: corn on the cob (yet again, amazingly delicious), sliced tomato and cucumber with salt, and some of the leftover Indian food from last night, mixed with some freshly cooked tempeh. It hit the spot!A few things before bed time. G’night!


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Dresses and Dining Out

Today’s lunch looked a lot like yesterday’s lunch and featured broccoli, green beans, and hidden underneath: tempeh hunks and corn.  I also ate the rest of my breakfast apple. 
I discovered a new tasty product at Trader Joe’s – these flavor packets, they’re delicious and have stevia instead of aspartame, woo! I met my mom after work at the Smithsonian American History Museum but I was pretty hungry. Fortunately she had some snacks in her bag from being out adventuring around the city all day. I ate half of this guy. We saw lots of neat things at the museum! The inaugural gowns of first ladies, Dorothy’s slippers, and Farrah’s bathing suit. We really only spent about 20 minutes in the museum – pathetic but we were pretty beat, from walking around all day to working all day, respectively. This is Michelle’s dress! 
We then headed out on the metro and walked to Georgetown for dinner. Ever since my dad and I had Indian out I’d been craving more! So we went to the same place.

We had a beer and veggie samosas to start, then had aloo chana masala (one of my favs) and a mixed veggie curry, and of course garlic naan (I had 3 big pieces, ops). They were all delicious!  And it’s great having mom in town visiting!!

It’s not a complete dining experience out with my parents unless we get dessert! We went to ice berry, my first time there, and I got a simple small dish of chocolate with almond slivers on the top. I didn’t eat the whole thing. Mom had a tasty banana strawberry smoothie. 
We came home and I whipped up a blueberry & strawberry bread for tomorrow’s potluck lunch at work. I had to make a number of substitutions as I didn’t want to buy sugar or anything really to make it, since I’m moving outta DC in a few days! So we’ll see how it turns out… I used this recipe from Eat, Live Run, a really neat blog. Hopefully it’ll come out tasty, it sure smells good in here!  A few little tasks, then it’s bed time for me and mom! 


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Thirsty Thursday

Lunch and afternoon snack:

Remember thirsty Thursdays back in college? It was a big party night back then! Now it’s sort of just another night, except tonight it was a throwback to the good ol’ days – a couple beers and a margarita! Sarted with a fire alarm in our building at 4:15pm, which led to us interns deciding to get a drink at the bar right outside our office while we waited for the drill to end. Since we were willing to sit outside (yeah bad idea) in this heat, the hostess gave us a round of free drinks! Yay. I had a shock top beer, very refreshing.

Then I was off to meet an old friend for drinks and dinner. We had a beer at one bar, then dinner and a margarita at Alero. Chips and salsa, and I had vegetable enchiladas that came with rice and beans and guac! Asked for noo cheese. They were really yummy and with real corn tortillas, mmm. Probably overate today in general … ops. But it was good :) Now I’m tired, good night!


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Founding Fathers and Froyo

After breakfast Jeff and I headed out to Monticello! After seeing Mount Vernon last weekend , I was excited to see another presidential estate! Monticello was beautiful and had a similar tour of the mansion and gardens. We learned about Jefferson and his interest in knowledge, equality, and his pride in being the author of the Declaration of Independence. Do we have a resemblance? I really loved walking through the gardens – it makes me really want to have a vegetable garden again! Can’t wait to have my own hopefully in a year or so when I’m living somewhere with a yard and perhaps in a more permanent situation. I do like moving around a lot though for now. We came across this beautiful butterfly. Jefferson really liked wine! We didn’t have a chance to visit the nearby Jefferson vineyards, but, I took on my role of wine-deliverer nonetheless. We headed out of Monticello and made one last stop in Cville before heading back to DC. We stopped for FROYO of course! We went to Arch’s to try their gooey brownie topping Kath raves about!  It was super rich and delicious! I got chocolate froyo topped with the gooey brownie and reese’s cups because I can never not have something peanut buttery!

Jeff for vanilla topped with pecans and the gooey brownie. I must admit we couldn’t finish either of ours! They were very delicious, just a bit too much for our bellies. Maybe because we grabbed a slice of pizza beforehand… We stopped in Christian’s pizza because we were really hungry and didn’t want to just fill up on froyo. This slice was awesome! It was pesto based and topped with spinach, garlic, artichokes, mushrooms, tomatoes, and feta. Thin crust and a really big slice so it was perfectly filling.

After our pizza and froyo we had to start facing the face that our mini vacation was coming to an end :( We drove back to DC, stopped at the apt and unloaded all our stuff, returned the rental car at the airport, metroed back to my apt, made a quick meal of pasta and veggies (and Dakota bread from Great Harvest!) , and then headed back on the metro to the Amtrak station. And now it’s nearly midnight and I’m not unpacked and Jeff is gone :( Wahh. He was a great sport for taking the 10pm train back up to New Haven – he doesn’t get in til 4am and then has to work a full day! Poor guy. So I can’t complain about it being late and being tired here. It was SUCH a fun weekend away in Cville with Jeff, we had such a great time! And I get to see him again in just 10 days! Ok, good night!





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