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Last lunch, Gelato, Run!

My last lunch outside with the fellow interns was a big ol’ veggie bowl. Trying to empty my freezer and eat lots of frozen veggies! I overstocked. This guy was full of: broccoli, green beans, sprinkle of corn/soybean medley, big hunks of marinated tempeh for protein, and topped with tomatoes, which were picked fresh from the tomatoes plants in Jeff’s back yard! I had planted tomato plants waay back in May and stuck them at Jeff’s for the summer. Glad I got to reap the fruits of my labor! They were so tasty and fresh. It was a great veggie bowl, all topped with soy sauce for flavor.

I wrapped up some things, cleared off my desk, and then our division director took two of us out for gelato! I think I’ve only had gelato like once or twice in my life, so this was extra special. I got a tiny dish of mint chocolate chip. It was super bright green (oober artificially colored?) and was creamy and good, but I think I could tell is artificially flavored. This is not my photo, but it looked like this.

Time to say good bye to everyone and my internship! …

After all the good byes and desk-clearing and all that… I came home, had a spoonful of Almond butter, and I headed home and did a big run! 6.18 miles in 1 hour 2 minutes.I’m loving this iPhone app! Still loving how the little man in my phone tells me what mile I’m at (logyourrun free iphone app) I’m not yet ready to make the big purchase that has been bopping around the blog work lately (though I’m DYING FOR ONE OF THESE!!!!) And apparently it’s on sale right now on Amazon … early Christmas gift? Anyone? HINT HINT?!?! It would certainly help me track my runs and progress much more accurately..

Anyway… I had a great run, it wasn’t amazing, not miserable, just good. There was a breeze the whole way so despite it being 86 degrees out it didn’t feel so bad. I did my usual path and plodded along. I spaced out a good amount of it thinking about the end of my internship, so that made the time go faster. Some of the views on my walk back:I’m going to miss my DC runs! Except definitely won’t miss the HEAT. I also almost lost my camel back strap today, twice! Grrr something is up with it – either way, I won’t be needing to run with it as much back in New England due to cooler temps, so no worries. Now I’m showered and dressed, and off to CELEBRATE finishing my internship with MOM!!! :)




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Sibling Fun

Matt's train was quite delayed so I sat around for a bit and continued eating peanut butter - bad news. After that cottage cheese treat my spoon just kept going back into the jar for tiny little licks, like 20 times! I finally just had to get out of the apartment and far away from the pb! So I headed to the gym and hit the treadmill for 60 minutes of cardio. Did you know the treadmill goes up to incline 15?! I did not. I did a "hike" and every minute went up a level of incline (ex. 3:00 minues, incline 3, 4 minutes, incline 4, etc) all the way up to 15 and then did the reverse. It was 470 calories burned so hopefully that took care of the peanut butter attack!

Matt’s train finally arrived, hooray! It’s so nice that the gym is just right around the corner so I could easily hop off the treadmill, stretch quickly, and go meet him at the metro stop. We came back to the apartment and had some red wine…

and some dinner.

A lentil/tempeh mash, mixed veggies, and edamame pods – ate the whole bag! Yum. We hung out, and headed to bed a bit late. Feeling pretty tired this morning. Round 2 of the conference! Breakfasted up..

and bringing bubbles in hopes to avoid drinking so much coffee!

Off we go!

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