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Labor Day Weekend

Well it’s been a flurry of a few days! Yesterday I went for an early morning run with Melissa. We covered about miles! Great way to start a Friday, and good to get into a running groove here in New Haven right off the bat. (I’ve also got that 10k fast-approaching on 9/18!)Breakfast was more OIAJ of course. With banana and PB. Mmm.

I then worked on our sunny porch and did some course applications and had lunch. The afternoon consisted of a failed meeting with my advisor (rrg) and a student group fair. I then drove (not biked, ops) over to Edge of the Woods, a neat little grocery store across town. It reminded me a miniature Whole Foods – pricey, but full of awesome natural foods. I picked up supplies to cook Jeff a yummy stir fry. I biked to his place and found him walking his roommates’ dog, Captain Wilson!

I got a new sort of tofu, sprouted! I think it actually ended up giving me a huge stomach ache. Maybe it was just too much soy in general. We had some white wine, too. Just good ol’ 3 buck chuck. Nuthin special, but tastes good on a summer evening. After eating we headed to my school’s first TGIF! (Thank God I’m a Forester!!) The theme was endless summer, so people were decked out in summer gear, bathing suits, and hawaiin themed clothes. There were kiddy pools and floaties! It was a lot of fun and everyone was really excited to be back and hanging out. It was also a beautiful night out! We caught up with people and headed inside for the dance party later in the evening. Fun times!

Today has been fun too – kicked off with an egg on toast with a side of local blueberries, mm. Coffee on the side, of course. I then headed to the farmer’s market with my housemates. It’s such a great Saturday morning activity – walk around in the fall sunshine, run into lots of people to chat with, and pick up locally grown tasty produce! We headed back in time to get ready for a cookout! We had a lovely cookout in the park down the street for our mentees (new first years we’re assigned to to help out with course selections, and just to be a buddy to). It was a fun time and we all sorts of yummy food – veggie burgers, potato salad, corn on the cob, chips, watermelon, mm!

I fit in a run today with Melissa again and we did our same course, this time about 5 miles. I followed it up with 3 sets of 20 leaning leg lunges, 30 tricep dips, and 2 sets of 10 push ups. Woo woo!

Now I’m getting ready for a little girls’ night action — going out for Mexican and margaritas!! :) 



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Driving back to Boston

Whew, it’s been a long day in the car! We drove from DC to Boston, with a short stop in New Haven to unload some things into my apartment, get my camping gear, and say hello to Jeff over dinner. 8+ hours in the car. Summary in photos:

Breakfast – 2 egg whites and pepper stripsGood bye apartment! totally LOADED car.. happens every time, no matter how hard I try to limit my junk…
Coffee with skim milk and sugar for the roadA variety of snacks for the long car ride, including a crisp red apple, blue berries, pretzel slims, bubbles, a banana slathered in almond butter, and an amazing bar of chocolate. All were shared with mom.This chocolate from TJ’s was awesome – dark chocolate with toffee, walnuts, and pecans pieces. It was buttery, salty, crunchy, yum. But, a little bummed to see soy and corn syrup in the ingredients. I ate far more than my share… Oh and a peanut butter cookie, from the batch I had made for Kath a while ago, I had put a few in the freezer for a time like this! We finally got to New Haven, unloaded, and met up with Jeff for dinner at Bar. Pizza! And they brew their own beer. I had an amber beer, and we got a mushroom, pepper, onion pizza. It was tasty and hit the spot, thin crust pizza so you gotta eat a bunch of pieces to fill up. Just enough. It was great to see Jeff briefly, and I’ll see him again on Saturday, yay! We hit the road again for the rest of the trip up to Boston, home! On the way it POURED out so we pulled over for a while, and as we waited for it to pass, a rainbow appeared! You can’t tell in this photo, but it was a full one. We finally made it back, unloaded the car, and now I’m ready for bed! It’s good to be HOME! :)


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Last DC Day

Whew, what a day – and my last day in Washington D.C.! It started off with my last trip (unless I’m really ambitious tomorrow morning) to the gym at 8:30 this morning.  I did:

-10 minutes walking on the treadmill to wake up
-20 minutes on the stairmaster
-20 minutes on the elliptical
– the first two moves of the ultimate butt workout, three sets of 20 reps, with 5 and 8 pd weights
– some other squats (and oh, realized I was doing lunges really incorrectly, fixed that and didnt’ drop my knee down this time!)
– 20 push-ups on my knees
– stretch

I came home, showered, and then mom and I hopped over to Founding Farmers for an (yet another) AWESOME brunch!

Mom loved their milk jug of water and the cute lil creamer pourer. To follow yesterday’s theme, we ordered this place’s donuts – hollly donut, they were incredible, lil balls of wonder, and came with 3 dipping sauces: chocolate, caramel, and raspberry. I had 1.5 of deliciousness. I ended up ordering the same dish as last time, cuz it’s so good! Egg whites with fresh veggies and cheddar cheese, a side of fruit and a home made english muffin. Perfection!! With coffee. 
Mom had poached eggs over leek hash browns with caramelized beets and goat cheese – yum! After this amazing brunch (we took the rest of the donuts home, but not sure they’ll survive – soggy non-warm donuts just aren’t the same) we headed to the capitol hill area to check out Eastern Market.  Capitol hill buildings are so neat. The market was really big with lots of produce, crafts, jewelry, etc.However, it was about 100 degrees and reallllly humid out so we didn’t last too long. We soon headed back to the air conditioned car, and decided to check out a boat activity mom had been wanting to do. We drove up to Potomac Maryland and saw this neat historic canal. We took a ride on the mule-pulled boat! It was a neat story of the canal and how it basically was built and not used very much because the rail road arrived! It was a fun little boat ride and the narrator was super passionate about it – apparently she did her dissertation just on the Chesapeake Ohio canal – imagine that! 
Mules! While on the boat I snacked on one of these (warning, recycled photo)

We got back from the canal around 5 and I immediately whipped up some smoothies – we were tired, hot, and needed a pick-me-up! And we had lots of packing, moving, and car-loading to do!
In the mix: frozen berries galore (rasp, straw, black, blue) a few hunks of frozen banana, almond milk, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, water. I topped mine with a pile of cville cluster granola, and at the end some cheerios! Like the other night.  It succeeded to power us through loading the car to the brim with all my clothes, shoes, blender, juicer, coffee maker, odds n ends, etc!

By 7:30 I was getting hungry so we attempted to empty more of the freezer and pantry food by whipping up some spaghetti and meat balls, and green beans. This wasn’t just any pasta meal – it was with Kamut spiral noodles!! So I was fortunate enough to get these for free from Swanson just like the cocoa powder I blogged about a while back.  Swanson sent me these kamut spirals – so what is kamut? I’ve discovered that it’s an ancient grain, similar to wheat and in fact related, and has more protein than regular wheat and wheat pasta. Don’t know much else than that, other than it was delicious! They tasted just like whole wheat noodles and had the same texture.Love that there’s only ONE ingredient! 

The Organic Kamut Spirals have 10 g of protein for 1 cup of noodles with 210 cal. I topped the noodles with pasta sauce mixed with peppers strips (another freezer unloading action) and TJ’s veggie meat balls. YUM. Lots o’ protein in this meal. I went back for a big plate of seconds. And I ended up snacking on some odds n ends after dinner … like some dark chocolate I came across, a few bites of an ice cream sandwich before throwing it away, etc… kitchen clean-outs cannot come without good-bye bites to food uneaten! ;)

And if you have a food blog you can get free Swanson products, too! Check it out at the Swanson healthy food blog.

Well, my bedroom is just about emptied and we’re ready to hit the road bright and hopefully early tomorrow morning to head up to Boston. After we get my bike loaded on the car bike rack that is. Keep and eye out for a good-bye DC post about all the memories here! Ok, last night in the big king bed in my DC apartment!! Good night!


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Brunch at the Tabard Inn

This morning I got up early even though it was Saturday! I wanted to squeeze in a workout before a big brunch we had planned. I was on the stairmaster by 8:42am and realized this might be my last gym workout, if I don’t go tomorrow. Tear. Bally Fitness has worked out really well here this summer.

I cranked out 20 minutes on the stair master and sweat up a storm. I was dripping. I then did 15 minutes on the elliptical to sweat some more, and then did my arm strength training.  After stretching and a quick foam roll (I need to own a roller!) I headed home and hopped in the shower by 10 and we went on our way to the Tabard Inn!  I’d heard their brunch was great and in a cute setting, so I booked us a reservation a while back. 
We of course started with coffees. And they gave us a little basket of veggie bread and tiny little lemon coconut (I think) muffins. I had a muffin and a bread. No butter necessary. We then had one of their famous home-made donuts that comes with real whip cream – it was phenomenal! Light and airy and covered with sugar and cinnamon. Capital Yum.
I had the tomato, basil, mozzarella frittata and greens. It was excellent and not too cheesy. Mom had the blueberry pancakes with peach and ginger compote – amazing! I ate at least 1/3 of hers. It was a lovely, delicious brunch, enjoyed outside in the adorable garden area!

And chocolate mints at the door always win my heart. We walked around a bit to help digest all the deliciousness. Off on more of the day’s adventures!


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Well, it’s finally here. My LAST DAY interning!!! Can’t believe how quickly the 10 weeks went. It’s been a great time here in DC and at my internship. I’ll certainly miss my fellow interns, some of the work here, and some of my routines here at the office!

Breakfast: Yeah, it’s getting old, huh? 1 egg white, pepper strips, and nutritional yeast. Coffee with almond milk on the side to go. Of course.

Some final views of my lovely office here.

Ok, gotta wrap up a bunch of projects here before our last intern lunch and the rest of my last day!!

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Second to Last Day!

I can’t believe it’s my second to last day interning! Today is my last day with my supervisor and my office mate, as they are both out tomorrow. Sad! How quickly time goes.

I decided to start off the day with a morning run (finally). I was determined to do it, and have realized that’s the only way I acutally end up doing morning execercise – if I’m determined and have made up my mind to do it. I even dreamt about missing my alarm and being bummed about missing my run!

I slipped quietly out of the apt and was dressed and hitting the pavement by 6:47am. It was fairly cool out (77) but really humid. As I got deeper into the trail it got even more humid due to all the vegetation! But it was a great run and I was surrounded by other runners and bikers commuting to work in the city. My music and updated running playlist kept me going as did my camel back. A sweet 5.3 miles in about 53 minutes. Left me sweaty and happy :)

Back at the apt I got ready and break-fasted: 1 egg white, pepper strips, and nutritional yeast, look familiar? Coffee w/ almond milk on the side. Can you tell I’m outta fresh fruit in the house?

On the books today: meeting, meeting, goodbye lunch for me! :), meeting, coffee meeting, good byes :-(, then fun with mom after work!

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Drizzly (over-the-hump) Day

Woke up to a bit of a drizzly day in DC! I guess better than a hot humid one.

Last night’s blueberry & strawberry sweet bread turned out well! Despite subbing honey for sugar, frozen berries for fresh, lemon juice for organge zest, and baking soda for baking powder (ops) it tastes great! It’s super dense and moist, and I tried half a slice last night to ensure it’s tastiness before sharing with my cowokers, of course.

I sliced it up this morning and brought it into work. Breakfast this morning, an oldy but goody: 1 egg white and some pepper strips, mixed with a little nutritional yeast. Coffee on the side to go.

I had a 10am coffee meeting with someone I wanted to network – it was a great conversation. We talked about the realm of green products, eco labels, and green certifications – all things I dig! She offered to be a contact and connector so that’s always good! She treated me to a coffee, too :)

Charging through some work then it’s office potluck time!!


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Morning Easy-going Exercise

Last night my mom arrived in town and we went straight to the police station to get her a parking pass for the week. We then stayed up for a while and she told me all about her experience at a buddhist retreat this past week. It sounds like it was quite an adventure!

I started off the morning with a light workout at the gym. I figured I wouln’t be able to fit one in tonight so best to get a little sweatin goin on in the a.m. I was feeling pretty groggy and still had a bit of a headache so took it easy.

– 20 minutes on the elliptical
– 10 minutes walking on the treadmill
– stretch
Just enough to get things loosened up after last night’s more intense workout. I came back and got ready for work, just as my new roommate and her family were starting to move into the apt. Quite the flurry of activity this morning in the little apartment!

2 egg whites mixed with nurtitional yeast and salt, slices of apple with a spoonful of almond butter. Coffee to go, with a splash of almond milk.

Sitting at my desk this morning I noticed a big bruise on my knee – I did an extra set of lunges last night at the gym and remember my knee hurting each time it hit the floor – I guess it really did hurt! Ouch. Who gets bruises from lunges?! I guess I do.

Last Tuesday of work today! I’ve got a call, then a meeting, and more meetings this afternoon. Hopefully I can wrap up my project at least in part today! Then it’s FUN time with mom tonight!


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How is it August?! I can’t believe how this summer has flown. After such a fun weekend away it was tough coming back to DC and back into the office this morning, but, I really can’t complain, because this is my last week here! It’s been great and a really fun summer in DC, but I guess I’m just about ready to not have to come sit at a desk doing research for 8 hours.

I got back to my apt around midnight last night after catching a cab from the train station. The train ride wasn’t so bad because this time I had some movies to watch – Being John Malkovich and a few episodes from The Office Season 1. I also had pretzels to snack on and 2 slices of leftover pizza from Friday night. Yum! I slept really well and was a bit groggy to get moving this morning.

Breakfast: 1 egg white and 1/2 an apple sliced, with 1 tbsp of almond butter. Black coffee on the side to go.

I also can’t complain about being back at it for another 5 days because my MOM comes tomorrow!! Hooray! She’s coming down for a visit and to help me move my stuff out and drive back to New England early next week. We’ll have lots of fun this week and this weekend :) Ok, work time! Later.

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Weekend in Review

Well…. Friday night I finished up helping with some moving, and then we headed to Prime 16 for happy hour! Great beers. Then.. we came home and made PIZZA! We made two: peppers and onion pizza, and a mushroom and olive one. SO GOOD!! We love the recipe from Animal Vegetable Miracle.  It came out just as awesome as the last time we made pizza :) 

And then we went for FROYO in New Haven! Froyo World was pretty awesome. Banana cream, chocolate froyo, topped with an insane amount of candy toppings. I went overboard. No good. We kicked off Saturday morning bright and early and helped out friend move. Started with that cereal again – yum! Moving is never fun, but we banged it our in 3 hours and it was a good workout! Up and down many stairs. And great seeing our friend :) We then hit the road to Barrington RI to Jeff’s parents’ house. It was so beautiful there! They had a big cookout with friends and family, it was lovely! Jeff’s parents remembered my love of pumpkin beer and picked me up this! It was good, not as good as my favorite Shipyard Pumpkin head, but good!
After jet-skiing (my first time!), riding around in the boat, eating, drinking, and sunning, we headed up to Providence for Water Fire. It was awesome, I hadn’t been in years, and it was a lot of fun! We had a beer and some sweet potato fries at this neat brew pub: Trinity Brewhouse  and their hefeweizen was great! We kicked off this beautiful Sunday morning with a great breakfast: Fake bacon and egg sandwiches. MMMmm! Enjoyed out on the deck in the sunshine on the water! It’s hot here though. 
Now we have a few more hours here in paradise to enjoy!! Then it’s a late-night train back to DC :-/ Wahh.  C ya!

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