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Dinner Date

Well, the granola came out really well! It’s sweet and has a great texture. Very happy with my first attempt at making my own :)

Large jar for our camping trip, small jar for mom!

Post-granola sampling, I headed out to meet two of my close girlfriends who are in the area. We had a great dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s and caught up on life a bit. I wish I got to see them more often! But it’s great that I’m close enough in CT that I can see them every couple of months, if not once a month sometimes.

I had 3 pieces of bread (their bread is phenom) and had a small salad topped with a goat cheese hunk, pecans, and raspberries, and raspberry dressing. I also had fresh vegetable spring rolls with peanut sauce. 
The rolls had asparagus and other veggies inside. Yum!

Wanting to extend our date, we headed to one of our favorite ice cream places ever. Cabot’s! My first, and probably last, time this summer. Glad we got it in! It’s an old fashioned 1950s style diner place with amazing ice cream and froyo! I always get the same thing cuz it’s awesomeee. Non-fat froyo mixed with banana, and topped with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. SO good. And they use real fruit, hooray!

As noted before, PB and banana is the world’s greatest combo. A good evening :) Now, some relaxing!


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Celebratory Friday Night

To celebrate the completion of my internship mom and I tried out a new Thai place in DC (who am I kidding, almost every restaraunt in DC is “new” cuz I’ve only lived here for 10 weeks!) Mai Thai was delicious! Presentation was great and it was really good, pretty authentic Thai food, at least by my standards. We started with some fresh spring rolls. Watch out, I think that peanut sauce has fish sauce in it. Lesson learned. We also enjoyed a glass of white wine each. We ordered tofu green curry and a mixed veg/tofu dish in garlic sauce, both with white rice. They were awesome! Since it was a fairly light meal with lots of veg, mom dragged me into FroZenYo, only my favorite froyo place of all time (so far). Knowing I had already had gelato today I know I shouldn’t, but, I got a tiny bowl! Just couldn’t help it. Mom went for peanut butter and banana cream, and topped it with walnuts and lots of hot fudge sauce. I went for cookies n cream (cuz it’s so creamy!) and a dollop of banana cream too. My fav combo in life is pb and banana, so I topped the banana with reese’s pb cups, and the cookies n cream got a few slivered almonds on top. Kinda like the other night … (holy froyo overdose this week!!!)  Gosh, having visitors just makes my healthy eating fly out the window! I gotta get a grip here!

Now we’re relaxing the rest of the night. I might make some Amazon purchases with a gift card my intern folks give me… and oh, should probably start packing since I’m moving out and hitting the road up north bright and early Monday morning!  C ya.


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Dresses and Dining Out

Today’s lunch looked a lot like yesterday’s lunch and featured broccoli, green beans, and hidden underneath: tempeh hunks and corn.  I also ate the rest of my breakfast apple. 
I discovered a new tasty product at Trader Joe’s – these flavor packets, they’re delicious and have stevia instead of aspartame, woo! I met my mom after work at the Smithsonian American History Museum but I was pretty hungry. Fortunately she had some snacks in her bag from being out adventuring around the city all day. I ate half of this guy. We saw lots of neat things at the museum! The inaugural gowns of first ladies, Dorothy’s slippers, and Farrah’s bathing suit. We really only spent about 20 minutes in the museum – pathetic but we were pretty beat, from walking around all day to working all day, respectively. This is Michelle’s dress! 
We then headed out on the metro and walked to Georgetown for dinner. Ever since my dad and I had Indian out I’d been craving more! So we went to the same place.

We had a beer and veggie samosas to start, then had aloo chana masala (one of my favs) and a mixed veggie curry, and of course garlic naan (I had 3 big pieces, ops). They were all delicious!  And it’s great having mom in town visiting!!

It’s not a complete dining experience out with my parents unless we get dessert! We went to ice berry, my first time there, and I got a simple small dish of chocolate with almond slivers on the top. I didn’t eat the whole thing. Mom had a tasty banana strawberry smoothie. 
We came home and I whipped up a blueberry & strawberry bread for tomorrow’s potluck lunch at work. I had to make a number of substitutions as I didn’t want to buy sugar or anything really to make it, since I’m moving outta DC in a few days! So we’ll see how it turns out… I used this recipe from Eat, Live Run, a really neat blog. Hopefully it’ll come out tasty, it sure smells good in here!  A few little tasks, then it’s bed time for me and mom! 


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Founding Fathers and Froyo

After breakfast Jeff and I headed out to Monticello! After seeing Mount Vernon last weekend , I was excited to see another presidential estate! Monticello was beautiful and had a similar tour of the mansion and gardens. We learned about Jefferson and his interest in knowledge, equality, and his pride in being the author of the Declaration of Independence. Do we have a resemblance? I really loved walking through the gardens – it makes me really want to have a vegetable garden again! Can’t wait to have my own hopefully in a year or so when I’m living somewhere with a yard and perhaps in a more permanent situation. I do like moving around a lot though for now. We came across this beautiful butterfly. Jefferson really liked wine! We didn’t have a chance to visit the nearby Jefferson vineyards, but, I took on my role of wine-deliverer nonetheless. We headed out of Monticello and made one last stop in Cville before heading back to DC. We stopped for FROYO of course! We went to Arch’s to try their gooey brownie topping Kath raves about!  It was super rich and delicious! I got chocolate froyo topped with the gooey brownie and reese’s cups because I can never not have something peanut buttery!

Jeff for vanilla topped with pecans and the gooey brownie. I must admit we couldn’t finish either of ours! They were very delicious, just a bit too much for our bellies. Maybe because we grabbed a slice of pizza beforehand… We stopped in Christian’s pizza because we were really hungry and didn’t want to just fill up on froyo. This slice was awesome! It was pesto based and topped with spinach, garlic, artichokes, mushrooms, tomatoes, and feta. Thin crust and a really big slice so it was perfectly filling.

After our pizza and froyo we had to start facing the face that our mini vacation was coming to an end :( We drove back to DC, stopped at the apt and unloaded all our stuff, returned the rental car at the airport, metroed back to my apt, made a quick meal of pasta and veggies (and Dakota bread from Great Harvest!) , and then headed back on the metro to the Amtrak station. And now it’s nearly midnight and I’m not unpacked and Jeff is gone :( Wahh. He was a great sport for taking the 10pm train back up to New Haven – he doesn’t get in til 4am and then has to work a full day! Poor guy. So I can’t complain about it being late and being tired here. It was SUCH a fun weekend away in Cville with Jeff, we had such a great time! And I get to see him again in just 10 days! Ok, good night!





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So Jeff and I are having a blast on our weekend getaway here in Charlottesville VA! Cville is such a cute little city with so many restaurants. We spent yesterday checking many of them out! We arrived after 2 hours of driving from DC and went right to our inn. It’s a great place to stay and has wine and cheese in the afternoons and breakfast in the mornings. We headed out for lunch and went right to Revolutionary Soup, pretty much the first place we saw. They had a great menu of soups, sandwiches and salads. I had a great veggie sandwich with avacado, peppers, veggies, cheese, and had Kombucha for the first time! I’ve heard so much about it I decided to finally try it. It was yummy!After lunch we walked down the pedestrian mall and explored. Cville is really cute! Reminds us of Burlington VT or Ithaca NY, sort of crunchy, focused on food, local things, and a bit hippi-ish. It’s great!

The walkway had some gorgeous planters! Mom would like these.

We found ourselves wandering into a self-serve froyo (by found ourselves I mean I adamantly steered ourselves to it). We made some delicious little froyo bowls – I went chocolately of course, and Jeff went fruit. We ventured back to our inn for their 5:00 wine and cheese. It was pretty tasty. Then, we went for more wine and cheese at the Market Street Wine shop where they were doing a free tasting. We tried a bunch of wines there and enjoyed the breads and cheeses. Very cute little place. We recalled our awesome trip to Spain back in March and all the spanish wines we had there. 
We then headed over to the pavilion to hang out at the Friday After Five free concert event I guess they hold every Friday in the summer. It was a neat sort of funk band playing and a great atmosphere of both young and old people hanging out, drinking beers, and having a grand old time. We enjoyed it, and Jeff tried a Starr Hill local beer.

Yearning for more local beers, we soon headed to the South Street Brewery to do some most tasting of locally brewed beer! We were impressed by the brews, I particularly liked their Heffeweizen. We then had a great dinner at Mono Loco, a neat Mexican/Cuban place right near our inn. Forgot to photograph! But I had a great margarita and burrito. Yum! It was such a great day and fun night! Hooray vacation!


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Dining out in Georgetown

I scoot out of work and bounced over to the gym to get a quick workout in before a nice dinner with dad, who had landed in town earlier this afternoon.  I was feeling really fatigued after getting home, I wonder if it was from too much caffeine (diet coke, always a bad idea for me!) so before heading to the gym I had a pre-run snack of peanut butter to get some energy, 1 heaping tablespoon to be exact. Heaping. TJs chunky salted, my fav.


I was all geared up to do a sprint interval workout on the treadmill but after the first 3 sprints something in my hip was really hurting. I decided it wasn’t best to push it if it hurt, so I slowed to a job and rounded out my 30 minutes with some uphill walking. Looked something like this:

Jog to the gym .4 mi
Minute      Speed     Incline
0-3              3.8             4.0
3-4              4.5              1.0
4-5               7.4              1.0
5-6               4.5              1.0
6-7               7.8              1.0
7-8               4.5              1.0
8-9               8.0              1.0
9-10             4.5               1.0
10-11           8.2               1.0
ouch hip…
11-15           4.5                1.0
15-25           6.4                1.0
25-30           3.8               4.0

Even with the curtailed sprints, this got the sweat goin! (neckline shot) I hope the hip pain is just from tightness or something, I’ll have to see how it feel tomorrow. It seemed that only the sprinting bothered it.

I then stretched out and came home and did quick abs and push ups:
— 20 girly push ups
— 2 sets of 20 bicycle abs
— 2 sets of 10 leg lifts abs

Then shower time and gussy up time, then I headed just around the corner and down the street to meet my dad at his hotel. He has a great hotel room! After chatting we headed over to the Indian place I had picked out in Georgetown, Taj of India. It was great! We started with some white wine – sauvignon blanc for me, pinot grigio for dad.

Then had vegetable samosas and vegetable pakora – really good, with great sauces and chutney. He ordered a meat dish for an entree and I had a chana masala dish – it was excellent. We also had garlic naan. The naan was so-so, a bit dry and coulda used more garlic in my opinion. But everything else was fantastic. Including the mango coconut Indian ice cream! I only had a few spoonfuls, cuz we agreed on a froyo trip after dinner (dad couldn’t resist ordering this one though!). 

We headed down to Ben and Jerry’s, as I’d had half baked on the mind for a few days now. I totally woulda chosen FroZenYo and their self-serve setup any day, but there wasn’t one in the area, and we were content just mooshing around Georgetown, so Ben and Jerry’s it was!

After froyo we were completely stuffed. We headed into Barnes and Noble to poke around and I carried around Life of Pi for a while, thinking I might buy it. I need a summer book, and summer is flying by! But I realized it would be silly to buy a brand new book when there are tons of used ones out there and library ones, and friends’ books to be borrowed! If I ever get around to it …


Speaking of, anyone have any great fun summer read books in mind?

And, what’s your go-to pre-exercise snack? Peanut butter, like me?

Off to bed soon, g’night!

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Golf with a side of DQ

Yesterday afternoon I took dad, Matt, and Jeff to the driving range to hit some golf balls. It was a bit of a belated Father’s Day gift to dad, but we all got to enjoy it.

Golf carts!

All together nowIt was fun! After we took dad to his favorite ice cream place- Dairy Queen! I haven’t been in a long time and wasn’t sure if I should get anything … but ended up with a mini blizzard with reeses peanut butter pieces and having a bit of Jeff’s small mint chocolate chip blizzard. They were pretty good, but I def prefer froyo from other places. 

Later on we came home and lounged on the back porch, with some beverages of course. Jeff and I were debating what to do for dinner .. and then we thought of HOMEMADE PIZZA! Jeff has quite a knack for creating delicious whole wheat crust and creative pizza topping combos, so we went for it! We were a bit lazier than usual and instead of whipping up the dough ourselves (we use a great recipe from Animal Vegetable Miracle ) we instead just bought the premade dough from Trader Joes, rolled it out, and went from there. We made a big salad on the side, and then did one pizza with whole wheat crust and red peppers, orange peppers, onions, and half mushroom, all with fresh mozzarella blobs. The other one we used a garlic herb crust, and topped it with loads of fresh pesto my mom had made the day before (sooo gooood), spinach, more fresh basil leaves, tomato slices, and of course mozzarella blobs. This one came out awesome! But a slight bit dry, we need to figure out what it was lacking? White pizzas are always tricky for me to figure out. We sat outside on the porch and had a lovely dinner with mom. I love eating outside!! The evening was wrapped up with a few beers at The Local, a bar down the street with our friends Jenny and Dan. It was nice catching up with them before Jenny heads off to China for a 3 week adventure! Another post about today coming up …

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Quick, FroYo!

This just happened, for the first second time this week:

FroZenYo small dollop of chocolate froyo, laargee dollop of mint chocolate chip froyo, topped with slivered almonds, walnuts, a few candied pecans, and just a few crumbs of Oreo. Unlike my most recent trip to FroZenYo, this time I tried to minimize the candy and maximize the health(ier) nuts. So good, too good to pass up, and hey, it was a mandatory birthday celebration for our fellow intern. Done and done. Delish.


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Sunday Super Funday

After last night’s adventures we slept in til nearly 11am! It felt great and was much-needed. We got up and made some scrambled eggs with peppers (forgot to photo) and had coffee with cinnamon. After all the over-indulgence yesterday though I felt pretty ready to eat healthily again all week (except for tonight, but we’ll get to that). I decided to hit the gym first thing after my light breakfast to get back on track and to make sure I could fit in 3 arm strength training workouts this week. Matt hung out while I hop, skipped, and jumped over the gym. Today’s speedy workout consisted of:

– 30 minutes on the StairMaster at Fat Burner level 10 (I usually do level 7 or 8, so this was intense!) (-300 cal)
arm workout I upped it to 20 reps for almost all of them
– quick abs (90 seconds plank, 30 seconds side planks each side)
– stretch and I was outta there!

Matt and I got ready quickly, packed up some fresh veggies for snacks, and hit the metro to get over to a 2:40 showing of The Hangover 2. It was funny! And neat that it was set in Thailand – it made Matt and I want to go back for sure. It was also cool that the bar in the movie was one we had been to, a roof top one which was so so cool.

After the movie Matt and I walked over to the Air and Space Museum and perused the exhibits.
I think the highlight was the astronaut ice cream!

As Matt ate the dehydrated ice cream he mentioned eating real ice cream. Suddenly a thought occured to me. We were very close to FroZenYo, a self-serve froyo place I had heard much about. While cheat day was way, way, over and I was back on track with my veggies n egg routine, what if, just what if, we had FROYO for DINNER! That would be okay, right? We thought so. Giddy with excitement we wove our way over to FroZenYo. I filled my big tub with a dollop of peanut butter froyo, a dollop of cookies n cream, and a bigggg dollop of mint. As for the toppings … crumbled oreo cookies, reeses peanut butter cups, heath bar, almonds, and just a tiny tiny drizzle of hot fudge. OH MAN!! SO DELICIOUS!! Oh and one yogurt covered pretzel hiding in there too.

And it was only $3.64, not bad! Feeling a bit hungry right now at 10pm but, this froyo was totally worth a dinner replacement. Matt and I decided to walk home (about 2 miles) to work off the treats. We got home around 8 and Matt packed up and headed out by 9 to catch the 10pm Amtrak train. We had such a FUN visit!! It was great having Matt here and to explore parts of the city with him. Can’t wait to see him and the rest of the fam when I head home on Friday for the holiday weekend.

But before that, there’s a 4 day work week to plug through. Which means I should get things in order around here to prepare. G night!


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