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Artsy baseball ventures

What a fun day with dad! We saw a lot around town and had a great time! Before my morning run I had a fueling snack: Pb and apple slice. After that delicious brunch  dad and I hit the town, first swinging by the white house. 

We then made our way over to the Hirschhorn museum to check out the art. 

Neat wishing tree, dad and I both wrote wishes and hung them on Yoko Ono’s tree. 


Really cool light exhibit.

 After soaking up all the art, and it was a lot of art for me, we headed home. On the way home Dad and I stopped at Trader Joe’s for some snacks and juicing materials. Inspired by the juice at brunch, we tried to replicate the cucumber, cranberry, bubble concoction. We put a big cucumber in the juicer and mixed it with cranberry juice and tonic – it was pretty good! I also showed dad the wonders of the juicer and made my regular one – carrot, celery, apple, lemon, and cucumber.  We paired our juices with garlic hummus, double roasted salsa, flax/soy chips, and pita chips. Yum! Refreshing and refueling after all that walking and art-ing.

After sitting by the pool for a bit we headed to the baseball game! Nationals vs. Rockies! It was really fun and we had great seats. As for food, I foraged for vegetarian options and it was a bit tough. I ended up with some delicious corn on the cob (covered in mayo, some sort of cheese, and cayenne pepper – a bit spicy, but great!) . And a pretzel with mustard. And a beer. Pretty good baseball food, coulda been healthier, but coulda been worse too.
It was a great game, sad loss at the end though! Fun day, pretty beat, and we have more fun to come tomorrow! Actually starting very bright and early. Wahoo! Yayy for visitors in DC! :)

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