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Last lunch, Gelato, Run!

My last lunch outside with the fellow interns was a big ol’ veggie bowl. Trying to empty my freezer and eat lots of frozen veggies! I overstocked. This guy was full of: broccoli, green beans, sprinkle of corn/soybean medley, big hunks of marinated tempeh for protein, and topped with tomatoes, which were picked fresh from the tomatoes plants in Jeff’s back yard! I had planted tomato plants waay back in May and stuck them at Jeff’s for the summer. Glad I got to reap the fruits of my labor! They were so tasty and fresh. It was a great veggie bowl, all topped with soy sauce for flavor.

I wrapped up some things, cleared off my desk, and then our division director took two of us out for gelato! I think I’ve only had gelato like once or twice in my life, so this was extra special. I got a tiny dish of mint chocolate chip. It was super bright green (oober artificially colored?) and was creamy and good, but I think I could tell is artificially flavored. This is not my photo, but it looked like this.

Time to say good bye to everyone and my internship! …

After all the good byes and desk-clearing and all that… I came home, had a spoonful of Almond butter, and I headed home and did a big run! 6.18 miles in 1 hour 2 minutes.I’m loving this iPhone app! Still loving how the little man in my phone tells me what mile I’m at (logyourrun free iphone app) I’m not yet ready to make the big purchase that has been bopping around the blog work lately (though I’m DYING FOR ONE OF THESE!!!!) And apparently it’s on sale right now on Amazon … early Christmas gift? Anyone? HINT HINT?!?! It would certainly help me track my runs and progress much more accurately..

Anyway… I had a great run, it wasn’t amazing, not miserable, just good. There was a breeze the whole way so despite it being 86 degrees out it didn’t feel so bad. I did my usual path and plodded along. I spaced out a good amount of it thinking about the end of my internship, so that made the time go faster. Some of the views on my walk back:I’m going to miss my DC runs! Except definitely won’t miss the HEAT. I also almost lost my camel back strap today, twice! Grrr something is up with it – either way, I won’t be needing to run with it as much back in New England due to cooler temps, so no worries. Now I’m showered and dressed, and off to CELEBRATE finishing my internship with MOM!!! :)



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Happy Hour, Happy Gym

Today chugged along pretty smoothly and I realized I only have about 2 weeks to finish all of my research at my internship, because present my work on July 26th — AHH!!!!! I really need to buckle down, focus, and crank out some seriously good work, and asap! I think the pressure will help :) I had packed a veggie laden lunch today but my boss messaged me asking how I would feel about a salad. How do I feel about free salads? Fantastic! I tucked my lunch in the fridge and we ventured over to get salads. This time I asked for no feta cheese, and dressing on the side. Good decisions. And I ditched the free slices of bread that came with it. Just don’t need it! And who knows what their bread was made of, I’m guessing not whole grains…It was quite tasty and full of the veg I craved – cucumbers, tomatoes, and red peppers, and probably about 12 too many kalamata olives, but they were so tasty! I also passed up some leftover red velvet cake someone brought into the office, go me! I find it helpful to think about how I’ll feel after I indulge in something. If I can foresee that it won’t be positive feelings, then I try not to do it. I had one of the gorgeous peaches I bought at the farmers’ market yesterday. It was just perfectly ripe! mmm juicy. After work we had a happy hour scheduled with an appointee at the agency. I was hoping for just a glass of wine, but of course we ordered pizza. I had one super cheesy slice and my one glass of wine. Yum! I then came home around 7 and got myself straight over to the gym. Had I drank a second glass of wine I definitely would not have made it.. good thing for limits. At the gym I did:

— 30 mins on the StairMaster
— arm strength training
— 25 minutes on the elliptical
— leg strength training

I then headed home and mixed up a protein shake and stretched out. After showering I decided I should have a bit more of a substantial dinner, even though that pizza slice and wine were sort of dinner (?). So I decided to heat up my abandoned lunch. Solid bowl of frozen veg, a sprinkle of leftover lentils, one egg white, and nurtitional yeast and soy sauce.

It did the trick. Getting things ready for tomorrow, ordering new running socks, and chatting with Jeffers. G night!

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Not your typical PB & J

We couldn’t figure out what to do on our last day here, so as a default we decided to at least go have a nice lunch. My mom had seen Sugar Bakery written up in the paper and something about their fig french toast. That was enough to get us over to Roslindale to check it out. It was a cute little restaurant/bakery (I think the anchor one is down the street in West Roxbury) with open windows to the street. I ordered an interesting PB & J – it has fig jam, melted brie cheese, and slices of pink lady apples, with a side of asparagus. I stole bites of mom’s fig french toast and Matt’s breakfast potatoes.

We couldn’t leave a bakery without trying a baked good! We each had bites of this Grasshopper cupcake! Mint choc chip frosting on a choc cake base. It was pretty tasty, with the presentation being the most impressive part of this cuppy cake. Time to pack things up here!

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Wednesday, almost my Friday

Happy Wednesday! Since tomorrow is my Friday, it’s almost the weekend! Today has been a fun day so far. Started off with two egg whites and turmeric, with a cup of raspberry tea.

Skipped the veg with breakfast today because I thought I was going to Chop’t with my supervisor today for lunch and I figured it would be laden with veggies. On my way into the office this morning he texted me saying to meet him and one of our coworkers at sbux. In addition to my travel mug full of coffee, I had a grande black coffee with them and enjoyed chatting for about an hour in the coffee shop – not a bad way to start the day! And highly caffeinated.

Back at the office we got an email saying a coworker had brought in a whole bunch of leftovers from a cookout and that us (unpaid) interns should eat them all up! My supervisor said we might as well take advantage of this rather than head to chop’t (I was a little bummed, as I was excited about trying out the popular chop’t salads I’ve heard about, and because cook-out fair is often not so vegetarian friendly.. but it all worked out well) I made a nice high-protein (but sadly a bit low on veg) plate.

vegetarian baked beans (I double checked), pile of lettuce, pile of tomatoes, and hidden under there is a black bean burger which was quite tasty. ketchup and mustard, too. I steered clear of the carb and mayo-laden potato salad, white hamburger buns, and cole slaw. Not a bad lunch, and free :) I find it can be really challenging to eat healthy when unexpected meals come up, but this one worked out well.

 We just got an email about an “urgent birthday celebration at FroZenYo” – it was one of the interns birthdays on Monday but no one knew! Sounds like we’re going to have a little field trip celebration this afternoon – I’ll need to choose my froyo carefully! C ya later.

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Special lunch, part 1

When my alarm went off at 6:20 this morning I surprisingly didn’t groan in misery – I woke up feeling quite rested and ready to get up! I think it might have been the strictly enforced 10:45pm bedtime last night. Maybe I’ll try to stick to that. Breakfast was the usual:

I’ve been trying to not put salt on my egg/peppers in the morning to decrease my salt intake a bit – it’s been through the roof lately! And in my travel mug, a big cup of hot coffee with cinnamon. Today I had meetings almost straight from 10-3 with lunch with my boss in between. He treated me to Qdoba which proved to be very easy to eat at on this diet and quite tasty. Although I would certainly choose Chipotle any day for quick mexican. I got the vegetarian taco salad, naked without the big fried tortilla bowl thing. It looked something like this (minus the squash, and plus a big mound of guacamole):

Source: http://foodfitnessfashionista.blogspot.com/

My boss is taking me out to lunch, again! tomorrow. :) It’s a week full of special lunches. I had some afternoon Tazo tea and plugged away at some research. It’s getting exciting, as one of today’s meetings revealed how important my work will be and could potentially be part of a paper EPA is putting out. I came home and revelled in the beauty of the flowers that I bought over the weekend – they’re in their peak!

I’m having a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese (would prefer a few sips of a protein shake but not having a blender if proving to be quite a barrier)and gearing up for a ~5 mile run with Melissa, my first outdoor DC run! I’m a bit nervous so packing my camelback, we’ll see how that works out. Looking forward to the run, but wish it wasn’t still 86 degrees out! Ah well, off we go!

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