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Well, it’s finally here. My LAST DAY interning!!! Can’t believe how quickly the 10 weeks went. It’s been a great time here in DC and at my internship. I’ll certainly miss my fellow interns, some of the work here, and some of my routines here at the office!

Breakfast: Yeah, it’s getting old, huh? 1 egg white, pepper strips, and nutritional yeast. Coffee with almond milk on the side to go. Of course.

Some final views of my lovely office here.

Ok, gotta wrap up a bunch of projects here before our last intern lunch and the rest of my last day!!


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Second to Last Day!

I can’t believe it’s my second to last day interning! Today is my last day with my supervisor and my office mate, as they are both out tomorrow. Sad! How quickly time goes.

I decided to start off the day with a morning run (finally). I was determined to do it, and have realized that’s the only way I acutally end up doing morning execercise – if I’m determined and have made up my mind to do it. I even dreamt about missing my alarm and being bummed about missing my run!

I slipped quietly out of the apt and was dressed and hitting the pavement by 6:47am. It was fairly cool out (77) but really humid. As I got deeper into the trail it got even more humid due to all the vegetation! But it was a great run and I was surrounded by other runners and bikers commuting to work in the city. My music and updated running playlist kept me going as did my camel back. A sweet 5.3 miles in about 53 minutes. Left me sweaty and happy :)

Back at the apt I got ready and break-fasted: 1 egg white, pepper strips, and nutritional yeast, look familiar? Coffee w/ almond milk on the side. Can you tell I’m outta fresh fruit in the house?

On the books today: meeting, meeting, goodbye lunch for me! :), meeting, coffee meeting, good byes :-(, then fun with mom after work!

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Drizzly (over-the-hump) Day

Woke up to a bit of a drizzly day in DC! I guess better than a hot humid one.

Last night’s blueberry & strawberry sweet bread turned out well! Despite subbing honey for sugar, frozen berries for fresh, lemon juice for organge zest, and baking soda for baking powder (ops) it tastes great! It’s super dense and moist, and I tried half a slice last night to ensure it’s tastiness before sharing with my cowokers, of course.

I sliced it up this morning and brought it into work. Breakfast this morning, an oldy but goody: 1 egg white and some pepper strips, mixed with a little nutritional yeast. Coffee on the side to go.

I had a 10am coffee meeting with someone I wanted to network – it was a great conversation. We talked about the realm of green products, eco labels, and green certifications – all things I dig! She offered to be a contact and connector so that’s always good! She treated me to a coffee, too :)

Charging through some work then it’s office potluck time!!


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Morning Easy-going Exercise

Last night my mom arrived in town and we went straight to the police station to get her a parking pass for the week. We then stayed up for a while and she told me all about her experience at a buddhist retreat this past week. It sounds like it was quite an adventure!

I started off the morning with a light workout at the gym. I figured I wouln’t be able to fit one in tonight so best to get a little sweatin goin on in the a.m. I was feeling pretty groggy and still had a bit of a headache so took it easy.

– 20 minutes on the elliptical
– 10 minutes walking on the treadmill
– stretch
Just enough to get things loosened up after last night’s more intense workout. I came back and got ready for work, just as my new roommate and her family were starting to move into the apt. Quite the flurry of activity this morning in the little apartment!

2 egg whites mixed with nurtitional yeast and salt, slices of apple with a spoonful of almond butter. Coffee to go, with a splash of almond milk.

Sitting at my desk this morning I noticed a big bruise on my knee – I did an extra set of lunges last night at the gym and remember my knee hurting each time it hit the floor – I guess it really did hurt! Ouch. Who gets bruises from lunges?! I guess I do.

Last Tuesday of work today! I’ve got a call, then a meeting, and more meetings this afternoon. Hopefully I can wrap up my project at least in part today! Then it’s FUN time with mom tonight!


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Christmas in July

5 months from today is CHRISTMAS!! Just a reminder :) In celebration of Christmas in July and Santa, I ate a cookie this morning. It seemed completely appropriate.

It was pretty tasty. One of the admin assistants made them – oatmeal choc chip, pretty light and chewy, very thin. Mmm went well with my morning coffee around 10:30 this morning.

Breakfast was much earlier this morning around 7:30 and was 2 egg whites with nutritional yeast, and a jar of juice! Juice made from yesterday’s batch.

The juice was very refreshing, esp after I did a quick set of abs this morning. I then packed up and WALKED to work! Hooray. It was only 83-85 degrees out on my walk so it wasn’t too, too terrible. I was prepared and wore running shorts and t-shirt and just sweated it out and changed upon arrival. I just like starting off the day/week, Christmas with a good walk, sunshine, and morning observation time. Clears the brain!

This week is a big week – my BIG presentation is tomorrow. I’ve got the ppt done, now just need to practice practice practice! The rest of the week is peppered with crunching out some more projects at work, meetings, an intern potluck night, exercise, and then heading north on Thursday, hooray!

Happy Monday, and Merry July Christmas!


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Gym and Refueling Veggies

I promised pictures from our dinner out at Mas Tapas in Cville.. so here they are :)

After work today I headed to the gym – but first had a pre-workout snack. Dakota bread hunk with almond butter!

I realized I hadn’t worked out since Thursday morning – ops! Jeff and I had every intention of going running while in Cville but it just didn’t happen – too much fun to be had! I dug my running clothes out of my still-not-unpacked suit case and headed out. Today I couldn’t quite decide what cardio to do, so I ended up doing a combo of all 3 machines i typically do:

– 30 mins on the treadmill (20 mins of interval sprints alternating 5.8 speed and 8.0 sprint, with two minutes rest in between, 10 mins running at 6.4 speed)
– 10 minutes on the stair master
– 20 minutes on the elliptical doing the cross train program

Stretch, and arm workout. I upped the reps on some of the arms, and can feel it! I also did 40 push ups on my knees.
I then sauntered home and showered and whipped up some dinner. Simple veggie bowl with a celebrity appearance of tempeh! Also with broccoli, hard boiled egg white, a few lonely leftover slices of zucchini and squash buried under there, and a bit of succotash veggie mix from trader joe’s. Topped with nutritional yeast and soyaki sauce. Yum!  Time to finally unpack and get a bit organized. Maybe a little dessert is in order for later…

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It’s Friday, Friday

My alarm went off at 6:30 this morning and I felt pretty rested. My first thought was that it was Friday (hooray!) and the second thought that entered my mind was the Friday Song. Oh boy. After trying to get the song outta my head I got up and got ready for the day. I wanted a light bfast today (even though I really wanted more overnight oats) because I know my supervisor is taking me out to lunch (hopefully chop’t salads) and because I know I’m going out to dinner with my dad later, so I figured start it off light! The usual – two egg whites (one real, one from a carton), peppers, turmeric and nutritional yeast. Coffee and cinnamon.

Time for work, Happy Friday!!


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Happy Hour, Happy Gym

Today chugged along pretty smoothly and I realized I only have about 2 weeks to finish all of my research at my internship, because present my work on July 26th — AHH!!!!! I really need to buckle down, focus, and crank out some seriously good work, and asap! I think the pressure will help :) I had packed a veggie laden lunch today but my boss messaged me asking how I would feel about a salad. How do I feel about free salads? Fantastic! I tucked my lunch in the fridge and we ventured over to get salads. This time I asked for no feta cheese, and dressing on the side. Good decisions. And I ditched the free slices of bread that came with it. Just don’t need it! And who knows what their bread was made of, I’m guessing not whole grains…It was quite tasty and full of the veg I craved – cucumbers, tomatoes, and red peppers, and probably about 12 too many kalamata olives, but they were so tasty! I also passed up some leftover red velvet cake someone brought into the office, go me! I find it helpful to think about how I’ll feel after I indulge in something. If I can foresee that it won’t be positive feelings, then I try not to do it. I had one of the gorgeous peaches I bought at the farmers’ market yesterday. It was just perfectly ripe! mmm juicy. After work we had a happy hour scheduled with an appointee at the agency. I was hoping for just a glass of wine, but of course we ordered pizza. I had one super cheesy slice and my one glass of wine. Yum! I then came home around 7 and got myself straight over to the gym. Had I drank a second glass of wine I definitely would not have made it.. good thing for limits. At the gym I did:

— 30 mins on the StairMaster
— arm strength training
— 25 minutes on the elliptical
— leg strength training

I then headed home and mixed up a protein shake and stretched out. After showering I decided I should have a bit more of a substantial dinner, even though that pizza slice and wine were sort of dinner (?). So I decided to heat up my abandoned lunch. Solid bowl of frozen veg, a sprinkle of leftover lentils, one egg white, and nurtitional yeast and soy sauce.

It did the trick. Getting things ready for tomorrow, ordering new running socks, and chatting with Jeffers. G night!

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Back to work, Back to wholesome foods

Back to the internship today. I was busy with meetings a lot of the day and got a fair amount done, too. Started off with forgetting to photograph everything! Had the usual coffee and egg whites and peppers for bfast with nutritional yeast and turmeric, lunch was a big bowl of broccoli, carrots, and lentils, afternoon snack:

A sliced apple with cinnamon.

On the way home I walked through the farmer’s market trying to keep in mind that I shouldn’t buy too much tasty-looking produce since my dad is coming this weekend and as of right now, our plans include a fair amount of eating out, so don’t want to stock up on things and have them go bad. I did know that I desperately needed fresh fruit! I’ve got plenty of frozen veggies and canned beans to last me quite a while, but fresh fruit – no replacement there! I picked up two peaches, one nectarine, and one tomato, they were beauties! And nestled safely into my purse. Now I’m gearing up for a long run with Melissa, so I just had a pre-run snack. Hoping it settles well (still 45 mins til we’re moving, so should be ok!) Celery stalk with 1 tbsp of peanut butter. Hit the spot.

Catch ya later.


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Sweatin to Kanye, Cookin to 30 Rock

I had a great workout today after work. I scooted myself over to the gym by 5:45 and kicked off a total body workout by jumping on the StairMaster. You know what that means – lots of sweat!

– 30 mins StairMaster, level 9 (-300 cal)
– 15 mins Elliptical interval routine (-150 cal)
– full leg weight workout
arm work out  
– 5 girly push ups (gotta start somewhere with these!)
– quick abs – side planks, 20 bicycles, 10 leg lifts

This took about an hour and a half, maybe a little more. A bit too long, but I pushed through with Kanye and Lady Gaga’s help.

Once I got home I took a quick shower and bounced over to Trader Joe’s to pick up some ingredients to make a big pot of garden veggie chili – we have a fun intern potluck planned for tomorrow night so I had to whip it together this evening. Before leaving a had a bowl of broc/cauliflower with nutritional yeast to hold me over til the chili was done.

After lugging the groceries home (try as I may, I can never control all the heavy items I end up buying, too many bubble seltzers!) I got crackin on the chili. It may seem weird to make chili in the summer time, esp when it’s soo hot here right now, but I think it’s such a great dish because it’s healthy with high protein and fiber, veg, and it’s a great recipe that everyone seems to always enjoy. So there, summertime. While cooking, I had my laptop in the kitchen playing a few episodes of 30 Rock – I seem to always have these on in the background these days. I wonder what percentage I’ve actually watched, rather than listened to..

lots of beans! garbanzo, black, and white

It’s cooking right now and should be done any minute. Even though it’s late, I’m going to have a small bowl!

Smells good!

Wrapping some things up here then maybe a little reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle before bed.  Oh and a Skype date with Jeff, like we do every night! G night.


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