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Last DC Day

Whew, what a day – and my last day in Washington D.C.! It started off with my last trip (unless I’m really ambitious tomorrow morning) to the gym at 8:30 this morning.  I did:

-10 minutes walking on the treadmill to wake up
-20 minutes on the stairmaster
-20 minutes on the elliptical
– the first two moves of the ultimate butt workout, three sets of 20 reps, with 5 and 8 pd weights
– some other squats (and oh, realized I was doing lunges really incorrectly, fixed that and didnt’ drop my knee down this time!)
– 20 push-ups on my knees
– stretch

I came home, showered, and then mom and I hopped over to Founding Farmers for an (yet another) AWESOME brunch!

Mom loved their milk jug of water and the cute lil creamer pourer. To follow yesterday’s theme, we ordered this place’s donuts – hollly donut, they were incredible, lil balls of wonder, and came with 3 dipping sauces: chocolate, caramel, and raspberry. I had 1.5 of deliciousness. I ended up ordering the same dish as last time, cuz it’s so good! Egg whites with fresh veggies and cheddar cheese, a side of fruit and a home made english muffin. Perfection!! With coffee. 
Mom had poached eggs over leek hash browns with caramelized beets and goat cheese – yum! After this amazing brunch (we took the rest of the donuts home, but not sure they’ll survive – soggy non-warm donuts just aren’t the same) we headed to the capitol hill area to check out Eastern Market.  Capitol hill buildings are so neat. The market was really big with lots of produce, crafts, jewelry, etc.However, it was about 100 degrees and reallllly humid out so we didn’t last too long. We soon headed back to the air conditioned car, and decided to check out a boat activity mom had been wanting to do. We drove up to Potomac Maryland and saw this neat historic canal. We took a ride on the mule-pulled boat! It was a neat story of the canal and how it basically was built and not used very much because the rail road arrived! It was a fun little boat ride and the narrator was super passionate about it – apparently she did her dissertation just on the Chesapeake Ohio canal – imagine that! 
Mules! While on the boat I snacked on one of these (warning, recycled photo)

We got back from the canal around 5 and I immediately whipped up some smoothies – we were tired, hot, and needed a pick-me-up! And we had lots of packing, moving, and car-loading to do!
In the mix: frozen berries galore (rasp, straw, black, blue) a few hunks of frozen banana, almond milk, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder, water. I topped mine with a pile of cville cluster granola, and at the end some cheerios! Like the other night.  It succeeded to power us through loading the car to the brim with all my clothes, shoes, blender, juicer, coffee maker, odds n ends, etc!

By 7:30 I was getting hungry so we attempted to empty more of the freezer and pantry food by whipping up some spaghetti and meat balls, and green beans. This wasn’t just any pasta meal – it was with Kamut spiral noodles!! So I was fortunate enough to get these for free from Swanson just like the cocoa powder I blogged about a while back.  Swanson sent me these kamut spirals – so what is kamut? I’ve discovered that it’s an ancient grain, similar to wheat and in fact related, and has more protein than regular wheat and wheat pasta. Don’t know much else than that, other than it was delicious! They tasted just like whole wheat noodles and had the same texture.Love that there’s only ONE ingredient! 

The Organic Kamut Spirals have 10 g of protein for 1 cup of noodles with 210 cal. I topped the noodles with pasta sauce mixed with peppers strips (another freezer unloading action) and TJ’s veggie meat balls. YUM. Lots o’ protein in this meal. I went back for a big plate of seconds. And I ended up snacking on some odds n ends after dinner … like some dark chocolate I came across, a few bites of an ice cream sandwich before throwing it away, etc… kitchen clean-outs cannot come without good-bye bites to food uneaten! ;)

And if you have a food blog you can get free Swanson products, too! Check it out at the Swanson healthy food blog.

Well, my bedroom is just about emptied and we’re ready to hit the road bright and hopefully early tomorrow morning to head up to Boston. After we get my bike loaded on the car bike rack that is. Keep and eye out for a good-bye DC post about all the memories here! Ok, last night in the big king bed in my DC apartment!! Good night!



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Summer Smoothie

After this past weekend of snacking and indulging I was ready for some veggies! Lunch today was a veggie bowl: broccoli, green beans, black beans, and corn. Also the rest of my morning apple on the side. The afternoon was busy with meetings and such and I ended up with a bit of a headache. After work I was determined to hit the gym after all the eating this weekend (I swear I can see my belly has expanded after all those treats – can only blame myself tho, Jeff certainly tried to encourage healthy eating this weekend! ops) So at the gym I did:

– 15 minutes on the stair master
-30 minutes on the elliptical
– arm strength training
– leg strength training
– stretch and foam rolling
Good workout! Though I didn’t feel very energized during any of it, but got it done! I came home and made a big smoothie bowl! In the mix:
– 1/2 c frozen mixed berries, with another 1/4 cup defrosted on top
– 1/2 c Fage yogurt
– 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder
– scoop of coco powder
– splash of almond milk
– topped with 1/4 c of cheerios my roommate left after moving out tonight

It was thick and delicious! It was much thicker than the last one I made, due to the yogurt. A very rough estimate of nutritional info: about 250 calories, about 18 g of protein. Yum. Hit the spot and helped rehydrate. Now, mom is almost here!!


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Fruit, fruit, fruit

Around 11am I got suuper hungry (I’m on a hungry streak?!) So I had this beauty of a lil peach. Perfectly ripe.Lunch was eaten before it was photographed, but it was a home-made spinach/romaine salad salad with carrots, cucmbers, peas, and two egg whites. Yum. But didn’t quite fill me up. Good thing there was a tonn of food left over from a work meeting that we got dibs on. I loaded up on a giant bowl of fruit.I gave the cookie to my office mate :) At this point I think I was od’d on fruit for the day! I headed home and got completely soaked in a big rain storm — stupidly didn’t bring my umbrella today :( I ran home and changed, got my umbrella, and headed over to a special treat to myself – a mani/pedi! I had bought a great groupon-like deal and finally made use of it. I picked a super NEON color for my toes, and a nice summer pastel for the fingers. I came home and then cleaned for an hour – apt is sparkling (well as sparkling as it can be). Bad timing I know, I would have much preferred to first clean, workout, and THEN get my nails did, but, alas, there was only one appointment left. After cleaning and doing lots of laundry I headed over to the gym and did:

– 60 minutes on the treadmill: 20 mines with 8 1-minute sprints interspersed, about 10 mins uphill walking, and 30 mins running
– arm weight training
– too tired to do abs! stretch

I came home and chugged a protein shake of soy milk and protein powder and then tossed together some dinner. I was hungry, of course, and broke into some black beans and turned it into a big veggie bean bowl, topped with TJ’s Soyaki sauce. Perfecto, with bubbles on the side. Followed by a spoonful of PB. Bunch of things to do cuz …. JEFF comes to visit tomorrow night!! YAYYY!!!!!!!! 



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Fine cocktails, Falafel, and Friends

After work I headed home and had a snack, then took a nap! Whipped up a SMOOTHIE, which up until today had been impossible — I had noooo blender, but today, all of that changed. My little $12 blender arrived from Amazon, hoooray! I’ve owned one of these before, and it did the job. I’ve got 2 nice blenders in New Haven so no need to buy a full out nice one.In the mix: soy milk, 1 banana (half blended, half sliced), 1/2 tbsp of pb, water, 1 scoop of vanilla protein powderAfter my nap I headed out for a happy hour with 3 chicas from school. We went to an alumni happy hour for our school. It was great seeing them, and I enjoyed a lovely strawberry mojito! Afterwards we decided to have some dinner next door at a great little Greek place. I had an tasty greek salad topped with falafel, a side of hummus, and a $4.25 glass of red wine (soo cheap!). The falafel was awesome – so moist and yummy. Back home too late to do laundry – good night!

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Happy Hour, Happy Gym

Today chugged along pretty smoothly and I realized I only have about 2 weeks to finish all of my research at my internship, because present my work on July 26th — AHH!!!!! I really need to buckle down, focus, and crank out some seriously good work, and asap! I think the pressure will help :) I had packed a veggie laden lunch today but my boss messaged me asking how I would feel about a salad. How do I feel about free salads? Fantastic! I tucked my lunch in the fridge and we ventured over to get salads. This time I asked for no feta cheese, and dressing on the side. Good decisions. And I ditched the free slices of bread that came with it. Just don’t need it! And who knows what their bread was made of, I’m guessing not whole grains…It was quite tasty and full of the veg I craved – cucumbers, tomatoes, and red peppers, and probably about 12 too many kalamata olives, but they were so tasty! I also passed up some leftover red velvet cake someone brought into the office, go me! I find it helpful to think about how I’ll feel after I indulge in something. If I can foresee that it won’t be positive feelings, then I try not to do it. I had one of the gorgeous peaches I bought at the farmers’ market yesterday. It was just perfectly ripe! mmm juicy. After work we had a happy hour scheduled with an appointee at the agency. I was hoping for just a glass of wine, but of course we ordered pizza. I had one super cheesy slice and my one glass of wine. Yum! I then came home around 7 and got myself straight over to the gym. Had I drank a second glass of wine I definitely would not have made it.. good thing for limits. At the gym I did:

— 30 mins on the StairMaster
— arm strength training
— 25 minutes on the elliptical
— leg strength training

I then headed home and mixed up a protein shake and stretched out. After showering I decided I should have a bit more of a substantial dinner, even though that pizza slice and wine were sort of dinner (?). So I decided to heat up my abandoned lunch. Solid bowl of frozen veg, a sprinkle of leftover lentils, one egg white, and nurtitional yeast and soy sauce.

It did the trick. Getting things ready for tomorrow, ordering new running socks, and chatting with Jeffers. G night!

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Upping the miles, upping the veggies

Just got back from a great run with Melissa! I was worried I’d be sluggish and might not even be able to do the whole 7 miles, but, once we got truckin I felt good and more excited about the run. I took an aleve before heading out, in hopes to get rid of my headache I’d had throughout the afternoon, and figured it wouldn’t hurt with any soreness I might have after the run.  Today’s run was the longest run I’ve evern run outdoors! One time last June I ran 8 miles on a treadmill, but that doesn’t really count (no elevation whatsoever). So I’m pretty psyched that this is my longest on record :) Melissa and I talked lots of running talk, from socks, to shoes, to goo, to protein recovery. I realized that since I’m upping the miles so much I need to be more aware of recovery foods, protein after runs, etc. So right when we got back I whipped up a protein shake – 4 oz almond milk, 4 oz water, and 1 scoop of vanilla vegan powder. Ends up being about 90 calories and 13 g protein. After rinsing off and stretching (other way around) I cooked up some dinner – simple veggies with soy sauce and two egg whites. Perfecto. I’m pretty beat from the run – organizing some things here, video chatting with Jeffy, then an early bedtime. G night!

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Green, lush run

Just got back from a great 6.3 mile run with Melissa! We ran along the Capital Crescent Trail up through Georgetown. It was a great trail that I didn’t even know was there – really flat, surrounded by lots of greenery, and right alongside the Potomac River so there were lovely views here and there as we chatted and ran along. I can’t get over how much better running with someone is than running along with music! The time just really flies by as we chat and I don’t even feel like I’m pushing that hard as we up the miles. It feels SO GOOD to be out running again. It wasn’t too hot out at all today either so it wasn’t too sweaty of a run. I got back and drank the other half of my protein shake that I had saved from earlier. I then put together a quick light salad to get in some more veg.

With dollops of salsa.

And bubbles!

That run wore me out a bit. Gotta finish up a load of laundry, prep for tomorrow, and relax before bed! I’ve had “The Switch” with Jennifer Anniston on Netflix for days now, so maybe I’ll start watching that. 4 days til my visit home! Weeee. G’night!

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Starting the week off right

I had a great start to the week today – with a special intern behind-the-scenes field trip to the Natural History Smithsonian Museum! We have a staff member who has planned all sorts of great events for us interns throughout the summer and this was certainly one of the best so far. The day started with two egg whites and some pepper strips, flavored with turmeric. I’m trying to sneak this into my meals here and there for its great anti-inflammatory properties.

I headed to work equipped with a big mug of coffee with cinnamon.  After an hour or so of work we all headed to the museum for the tour of the mummies, shrunken heads, and other human remains! It was really neat to go into the depths of the Smithsonian’s basement and have a very passionate, expert staff member tell us all about the 3,000 year-old mummies we got to look at up-close, and that aren’t on display. We saw a mummified bull, too, it was huge! We couldn’t photograph any of that stuff, but we wandered around the museum for a bit afterwards and saw a few cool things.

Jaws of a giant prehistoric shark!  I love sharks. Is it shark week yet? Do I have cable TV yet? … Negative on both counts.

Look how big it was, compared to a modern-day Great White shark. Wow!

Some of my fellow interns :)

Turtle skeletons are cool. I used to have a really amazing pet turtle, Dexter. She was awesome.

The Hope Diamond!! So cool! And sparkly.

We headed back to the office in time to have lunch – today this consisted of a big bowl of broccoli and cauliflower with nutritional yeast and a big dish of cottage cheese I had a bit later on. Forgot to photograph! I just got home and am having a smoothie to power up – because Melissa and I are heading out for a (hopefully) 6 mile run in a little bit. Need energy! I made this protein drink the same way I did last week. Tasty! Hopefully it powers me through our run. I plan to bring my camel back again for hydration!

Catch ya later!

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