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Let the fun begin!

Happy Vacation! I’m so excited I have the next 5 days off from my internship and get to take a trip home to visit! Haven’t been home since I started here at the end of May, and I’m looking forward to hanging out with my parents, brother, boyfriend, and friends! I was sooo tired last night after that 6 mi run that I konked out and slept til 10am. It was glorious.  I woke up to some eggs, peppers, turmeric, and coffee with cinnamon.Checked a few things off my to-do list:

clean bathroom
clean kitchen
take out trash and recyclables
put laundry away
finish packing
I then hopped over to the gym for a quick workout:
–15 mins on the Stairmaster
–15 mins on the elliptical
–arm workout (glad I got my 3 sessions in, like I had planned on Sunday!)

I scooted home and made some JUICE! Haven’t used the juicer since I moved to DC and it was about time! It’s a beautiful day here too so seemed appropriate to have some super fresh juice after a good workout and go sit in the sun.

Juice was made of:It’s also good timing cuz I wanted to clear out the fridge of any fresh items that might go bad while I’m away til Tuesday night. (cucumber, celery stalks, carrots, apple, lemon)

It turned out delicious! 

I was all excited to go lay by my building’s pool (I’ve only used it twice, ah!) and headed down with juice and book in hand, but found the pool didn’t open til 3 today! Boooo. I was determined to get some sunshine and juice time, so I went and sat just outside my building on a patch of grass. It was a bit awkward since I was also determined to wear a bikini. Whatevs, ppl can deal, right? ;) I was literally laying next to cars.outdoor juice :) Not quite the serene atmosphere I was imagining by the pool .. oh well. I came back after 45 mins (don’t want too much sun, it is awful for you, I know). I had a cottage cheese snack
And now it’s time to shower, finish packing, and get on the metro to the airport! Catch you later.


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Tough night

I was soo tired when I went to bed last night that I think was at the point of overly tired – and overly tired always ironically means trouble sleeping. Gr! I thrashed around until a bit after 1am and decided it was time to get up and try reading. I cracked open Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and actually got pretty into it. Once my eyes started feeling tired, I turned the light out again and fortunately fell asleep. The 6:20am alarm though was quite, shall we say, alarming though after only 4 or 5 hours of sleep. I made an exectutive decision and changed the alarm to 8am, deciding I’d go into my internship late. I know I would be compltely unproductive if I went into work feeling completely exhausted and delirious. At 8 I got up and emailed my boss saying I’d be late and slowly got ready for work.

Some eggs to start the day, peppers, and turmeric. Coffee with cinnamon. I sleepily then headed to the metro. Time for work! Hopefully with the extra hour of sleep I can get some things done here today. Catch you later.


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