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Dinner Date

Well, the granola came out really well! It’s sweet and has a great texture. Very happy with my first attempt at making my own :)

Large jar for our camping trip, small jar for mom!

Post-granola sampling, I headed out to meet two of my close girlfriends who are in the area. We had a great dinner at Not Your Average Joe’s and caught up on life a bit. I wish I got to see them more often! But it’s great that I’m close enough in CT that I can see them every couple of months, if not once a month sometimes.

I had 3 pieces of bread (their bread is phenom) and had a small salad topped with a goat cheese hunk, pecans, and raspberries, and raspberry dressing. I also had fresh vegetable spring rolls with peanut sauce. 
The rolls had asparagus and other veggies inside. Yum!

Wanting to extend our date, we headed to one of our favorite ice cream places ever. Cabot’s! My first, and probably last, time this summer. Glad we got it in! It’s an old fashioned 1950s style diner place with amazing ice cream and froyo! I always get the same thing cuz it’s awesomeee. Non-fat froyo mixed with banana, and topped with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. SO good. And they use real fruit, hooray!

As noted before, PB and banana is the world’s greatest combo. A good evening :) Now, some relaxing!


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Day at the Beach, Flapjacks, and French Press

Yesterday was a day at the beach! Mom and I drove down equipped with coffees. We arrived at the beach and had to wait in line to park. I snacked on a peach and some pretzel slims. You know you’re on the cape when there are hydrangeas everywhere! It was a perfect day on the beach and I had a blast playing with my little cousins who are 6 and 2!  I also enjoyed some Fage yogurt topped with flax seed. I also snacked on strawberries and blueberrie, as well as TWO of my home-made granola bars – I had to have one of each! ;) I had a banana bread oat bite and an oatmeal snack bar. Kind of a hodgepodge lunch eaten throughout the afternoon, but it worked! These kiddoes were so cute! 

There was also a dog, Phoebe! 
We headed back from the beach around 5 and showered up and headed out to dinner at one of our favorite places, the Marsh Side.  We started with some pinot grigio. 
I had a big greek salad for dinner, and 2 pieces of bread from the bread basket. Then, ice cream! My favorite ice cream place of all time, and I got grasshopper (mint ice cream mixed with oreo hunks!) MMMmm soo good.  Happy girl with ice cream:As for this morning…

I started the day with a quick 3 mile run. I was planning to do interval sprints but just wasn’t feelin it. It was pretty warm and sunny so I just plugged along on my flat 3 mile route. Started at 8:46am, ended at 9:17am. I then banged out:

– stretching
– 3 sets of 15 reps of tricep over-the-head lifts, 12 pound weight
– 3 sets of 20 reps of bicep curls, 10 pound weights each arm
– 30 push ups on my knees

All the while I was on and off hold with my school health insurance – not fun! But made the weight-lifting seem quicker.  After the workout and shower it was time for….. FLAP JACKS AND FRENCH PRESS!!! Remember how I got a delivery? It was time to make use of it! I whipped up some flapjacks and added to the mix: blueberries, walnuts, and some of the final sprinkles of my Cville Cluster Granola (this addition totally inspired by Kath in this post)

I also cooked up a few morning star faux sausages (love these!). The flap jacks (why is it waaay more fun to call them flapjacks vs. pancakes?! It’s so rustic and outdoorsy sounding) came out awesome, and I topped my first one with syrup and the next with raspberry jam.



I also used the french press! The coffee came out good, but mom and I have to admit, it’s not anything super amazing. I wonder if it’s the coffee we used that wasn’t super amazing? Not sure. But it was good!
I’ve got a to-do list to tackle today!
  • Pack for camping/ organize my disaster of a room
  • Pack for Mexico
  • Laundry
  • CVS
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Make granola?
  • Buy new head phones
  • Coffee date
  • Dinner date
Ready, go!

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Art & Pizza

For me good bye lunch today my supervisors took me to Rasika! It’s the highest rated (4.5 stars by 700 reviewers in Yelp) Indian restaurant in DC so I was pretty excited.  It was a fancy pants place, and was neatly decorated. I didn’t photograph anything, but had a few bites of two different appetizers, the Ragda Patties and Palak Chaat (this was SO good, like fried crispy spinach) and for the main course I had Ghobi Matar (cauliflower) with rice and naan. It was all very good! Our bill was also very large so it was really nice of them to all take me out to such a fancy lunch!

The rest of the day was jam packed with meetings. One of them was with a fellow intern who was interested in hearing more about my grad program. I think I rattled on for over 40 minutes! It was fun giving advice to someone still finishing undergrad in the same field. I guess I have a lot to say about my life path so far! Hopefully I gave her some good advice. Before leaving for work I ate a juicy peach, and a Fage yogurt. I knew we weere hitting up a museum event after work and that I’d be hungry if I didn’t eat til 8pm. Before leaving work I said good byes to two interns and my supervisor who won’t be there tomorrow. :-( I then headed off to meet mom at the Philips collection, a neat little museum. Cool flower sculpture outside! They had a cool little event going on so we got to hear a talk about the Kandinksy exhibit as we walked around and looked at his work. They had some tea samples, a guy playing the sitar, and other neat things.

My museum threshold is pretty low, so we were only there for about an hour and a half or so. It was good though! We then headed around the corner to Pizzeria Paradiso which I had heard was really good, and there’s always a line, so must be good! We had to wait about 30 minutes so we each had a beer. I had the weissbier and mom had a lager, both were good.

They served yummy olives at the table. We sat outside which was great – it’s (amazingly) quite pleasant and almost cool here today so it was a perfect night to sit out. We had a salad to start – goat cheese, pine nuts, mmmm. And then split a pizza. We must say it was a bit disappointing. I added salt and parm cheese to it, and I never add things to pizza! It just was missing something, and didn’t blow us away. Oh well! Despite not being blown away, we ate the whole thing!! 4 pieces each. Mmmm. 

Fun night!! Double dining out is never a great idea, but today I didn’t super stuff myself at either meal so that is good! Now organizing things for my last day of interning tomorrow! Good night!

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Presentation: Done

Well, I got my big presentation over with this morning! I practiced at home last night and this morning so was feeling pretty good going into it. It’s never easy presenting in front of 40 people even when you feel very confident. A bunch of people complimented me afterwards so I feel pretty that it went well. I managed to present about 8 works of internship work into a 15 minute presentation, whew.

So, now I just have a bit more research and some summaries to write before I am DONE here next Friday! Can’t belieive it. Gotta say, vacation is sounding pretty great, and it’s only a matter of days away :)

I was too busy prepping to post breakfast, and it was a good one. My stomach has been feeling pretty upset since yesterday afternoon, so this morning the only appealing thing was oats. I cooked some up, and topped ’em with raspberries, soy milk splash, salt sprinkle, walnuts, and a drizzle of honey. Yum! And easy on the tummy. Coffee to go.

Lunch was at the salad bar place with my supervisor again. As much as I like making my own big salad, I have hard time controlling myself! I end up with a giant plate and then of course eat it all. I also wonder if the food there has been upsetting my stomach these past 2 days :-/ I think all the veggies is not helping. Today’s salad was full of: spinach/lettuce, 4 asparagus spears, broccoli, snow peas, kale, chick peas, 1 hard boiled egg white, and a side of fruit. The melons taste so good! (Fruit was twice the amount than pictures, already eaten!)

So I really gotta take it easy on the fruits and veg til my stomach calms down. Gr. The rest of the day was packed with meetings and trip to starbucks with a coworker to talk career paths and job advice. I’m thinking a light workout is in order, depending how I feel. Happy Tuesday!

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Napping and Running, not simultaneously

Today really flew by – lots of meetings and work. My supervisor took me to lunch at the salad bar place and I made a massive salad. It contained: lettuce, corn mix, broccoli, 3 bean mix, artichokes, snow peas, tofu chunks, a few beets, and fruit on the side. Wow! I didn’t realize I was that hungry. I also had an honest tea. I saved my fruit for an afternoon snack. Have I mentioned how much I love my travel mug? I’ve had it for about 9 months and it is so trusty and NEVER leaks. It’s miraculous. This is how I bring my coffee to work every day. After a meeting ended at 4:15 I felt super tired and not great. I’ve been nervous about catching the yucky cold bug that half of my office had. I decided to high tail it outta the office to go collapse for a nap in bed. I of course left without my keys and had to spend 15 minutes going back, calling a coworker, and retrieving them. Grr, I was so tired I couldn’t even think!

I came home and passed out for about 40 minutes, and even dreamt. I woke up a bit groggy, but feeling better and ready for a run. I was almost antsy because … it was only 79 degrees out!!! INSANELY cool!!!! I simply could not pass up an opportunity to run outside. I had a few clusters of cville granola and a spoonful of almond butter to gear up and wake up. I realized it has been over 2 weeks since my last outdoor run! That’s nuts. I really have been missing it, hardcore. I figured I would do 3-4 miles since I wasn’t sure how I was feeling and since it’d be so long. Butttttt, once I hit that trail I got so excited! Running felt so good. When Party Rock came on my iPhone, I literally almost started skipping. I know, dork alert here. It was just perfect weather, a bit muggy, but not bad, kinda cloudy, and I loved seeing the other runners and bikers pass by enjoying the temporary coolish weather too. Before I knew it I was almost at the bridge, the 3 mile marker. Looked like I was going to do 6 miles to get back home. I didn’t even really feel tired as I approached home at 6 miles, it was so great! I think the best runs are when the miles just fly by. I came home and showered, and made up this beauty of a bowl! In the mix: 1c greek yogurt, 1 tbsp PB, raspberries, 1/2 small banana, and cville cluster granola. So good! and Filling.

Ok now that I’ve procrastinated for a few hours … I need to practice this presentation!!


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Summer Dinners

Have I mentioned how much I love this water “bottle”? It’s a platypus and it’s so great because it folds/rolls up when you’ve drank all the water so you’re not left carrying around a big metal klean kanteen or sig (I have and love those too, but this is great for on-the-go!) And great for these suuuper hot days. It’s 7:34pm and 92 degrees, whatttttt.So, I attempted to lay by the pool to get just a little color around 4:15 pm. Man, it was just tooo hot. I just laid there and sweat, and then somehow got attacked by a mosquito, I’ve got 3 huge bites. What is up with me and mosquitos lately?!

I gave up after 20 minutes and headed back upstairs. I decided to get over to the gym before they closed early. I did 15 minutes on the stair master and 15 minutes on a different kind of elliptical. I then did my arm strength training. In and out in an hour. I always think I’ll do extra hard workouts on the weekends when I have sooo much time, but somehow my weekend days end up being busy busy with only short times for workouts. Or maybe I just prioritize relaxation over exercise on my days off :) I caught up with a friend on the phone on the walk back which was nice. I showered up and cooked up round 2 of my yummy summer time dinner.  

GINORMOUS salad (spinach, lettuce, snap peas, tomato, green pepper, green beans, broccoli, topped with balsamic vin.) And some more tasty COTC (corn on the cob) and a boca burger with lots o’ ketchup. This corn was good, but I must say not as buttery as last week’s.  But still good! 

Now it’s time to do some work, oyve. Since I ate pretty early I’m foreseeing some sort of dessert or snack later on…


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Busy Busy Friday

Whew, it’s been a really busy day! Meetings all day, from 9-4! But really good ones, with interesting sustainability managers from corporations! I find this very exciting, and want to work for one of them, some day! Food wise, the day went as follows:

Bfast: one egg white with nutritional yeast, side of raspberries and apple slices with almond butter. Coffee to go, of course. Lunch was out with the corporate folks, so not photo’d. I had a big mediterranean salad with lettuce, kalamata olives, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and big hunks of yummy feta. On the side was an herby bread chunk, which I ate half of. Good salad, but not sure if it was enough protein.  Afternoon snack: peachy peach. Followed by pre-workout snack:Hunk of (dwindling) Dakota bread with smear of PB.

Now, off to the gym! Happy Friday!

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Corn on the Cob, Salt, No Jeff

So this morning we got to tour the White House! It was awesome! We waited outside for a long time in the heat (by long I mean like 15 minutes, but in 100 degrees + humidity, it felt long). We had already emailed someone all of our security info so we were able to get id’d and roll on in. Apparently Barry (that’s why Michelle calls him, did you know that?) was just beyond some screens meeting with some ambassador and being filmed. So we were breathing the same air, no big deal.No pictures are allowed in there. But, they did have us leave the tour through the front door – so cool! Me outside the front door. Inside we saw the East Wing.. red room, blue room where the Christmas Tree goes, green room, and the state room. Might be forgetting/misnaming something. It was cool to see all of the period items and objects that previous presidents owned, way back in the day. Very cool.

Back at the office it was lunch time, during a meeting. Mondo-huge salad time. Lettuce/spinach, sugar snap peas, green pepper, tomato, tempeh hunks, cucumber, one hard boiled egg white. Most of it from the farmer’s market in Cville. Yum!

The rest of the day was suuuper busy with meetings, and lots of work on my part, trying to get my research done and presentation ready. I got a little stressed about getting everything done in the next 2.5 weeks. I had big urges to eat and snack – a reminder of my eating habits in school and how stress affects me. I’m still trying to figure out how I’ll approach this going back to school and trying to maintain a healthy balance of healthy food, exercise, and stress management. Worrrrkin on it … I satiated my afternoon hunger/possibly a bit of stress craving with a nice banana. Came home, had a pre-workout snack: 2 of these guys, apple and PB And I hit the gym. I really didn’t want to. Just one of those days where I felt unmotivated to workout. But, I pushed through and did it, and glad I did.

– 35 minutes on the elliptical – oober sweat city
– 10 minutes on the stair master
arm strength training

Then I did something that was awesome, and maybe what’s been missing from my gym workouts – I FOAM ROLLED!! It felt sooo good, I have some serious tight spots on my legs. Gotta remember to do this from now on!  It’s good for you, right? I don’t know much about it, but had a trainer show me how to do it one time, and I remember all the reasons it was super important especially for runners, so, get on that Margo!

Home, dinner time. Also exciting – I stopped at the farmer’s market on the way home today and picked up CORN, and a bunch of peaches.  I’ve been craving corn on the cob so much now that it’s summer time! I hadn’t had any straight up corn on the cob, so the time had come. Eating corn on the cob reminds me of the many dinners Jeff and I ate together on my porch in New Haven last August and September. Those are such wonderful memories for me! Pre-stress of grad school, enjoying the outdoors, eating great food, and being with Jeff in our early days in New Haven.While the corn cooked, I ate a whole bunch of these:They’re so good and crunchy!

One difference about DC corn cooking vs New Haven corn cookin — no good pots here :( This lil guy barely fit in this pot, kept having to push him around to get ’em cooked! BUT, this corn tasted AMAZING!!! Seriously, really good corn, buttery, sweet, pops in your mouth. Yum, summertime! But sans Jeff :( Good news is, we’ll have those corn-eating dinners on my porch again very soon! August… Combined with a lottt of broc, and hiding under the lettuce is a boca burger slathered in ketchup.Jeff would not approve of this corn-eating style – he goes across, I go around. Either way delicious. I did try out one of Jeff’s corn-eating techniques: I skipped the butter! Just salted it, and it was just perfect! No need for butter, lesson learned. Great summer time dinner! All gone. G’night!



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Crawling Thursday

Today has been crawling by, I think mostly because I’m tired and because I’m super excited for the weekend to begin, I just can’t wait! I wonder if exercising in the morning had made me tired. Ehh it’s probably more likely the 12am bedtime and 6:30 wake time … argh, must improve this!

Lunch was a bigg salad.

Topped with black beans, an egg white, peas, carrots, and cucumber. Despite the beans and being so big, this guy didn’t quite fill me up.

After our little field trip today (we met with a really inspirational staff member, it was wonderful hearing her path in life!) I came back to the office feeling totally fatigued. I really just needed a nap. But since that’s not an option (boo 9-5 job structure, for real, I don’t want this structure in the future) I opted for an energizing sbux yogurt parfait and decaf coffee (didn’t want to get all caffeineited and feel strung out later on, esp since I know wine and beer are in my future, and mixing that with a caffeine buzz is no good). Parfait was good, but, def no greek yogurt, and the corn syrup-y ingredients listed in the fruit part weren’t encouraging. Oh well. I had no time to get to TJs and stock up on greek yo!

Ok, almost through the work day.. we can do it!


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Fruit, fruit, fruit

Around 11am I got suuper hungry (I’m on a hungry streak?!) So I had this beauty of a lil peach. Perfectly ripe.Lunch was eaten before it was photographed, but it was a home-made spinach/romaine salad salad with carrots, cucmbers, peas, and two egg whites. Yum. But didn’t quite fill me up. Good thing there was a tonn of food left over from a work meeting that we got dibs on. I loaded up on a giant bowl of fruit.I gave the cookie to my office mate :) At this point I think I was od’d on fruit for the day! I headed home and got completely soaked in a big rain storm — stupidly didn’t bring my umbrella today :( I ran home and changed, got my umbrella, and headed over to a special treat to myself – a mani/pedi! I had bought a great groupon-like deal and finally made use of it. I picked a super NEON color for my toes, and a nice summer pastel for the fingers. I came home and then cleaned for an hour – apt is sparkling (well as sparkling as it can be). Bad timing I know, I would have much preferred to first clean, workout, and THEN get my nails did, but, alas, there was only one appointment left. After cleaning and doing lots of laundry I headed over to the gym and did:

– 60 minutes on the treadmill: 20 mines with 8 1-minute sprints interspersed, about 10 mins uphill walking, and 30 mins running
– arm weight training
– too tired to do abs! stretch

I came home and chugged a protein shake of soy milk and protein powder and then tossed together some dinner. I was hungry, of course, and broke into some black beans and turned it into a big veggie bean bowl, topped with TJ’s Soyaki sauce. Perfecto, with bubbles on the side. Followed by a spoonful of PB. Bunch of things to do cuz …. JEFF comes to visit tomorrow night!! YAYYY!!!!!!!! 



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