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Wednesday, almost my Friday

Happy Wednesday! Since tomorrow is my Friday, it’s almost the weekend! Today has been a fun day so far. Started off with two egg whites and turmeric, with a cup of raspberry tea.

Skipped the veg with breakfast today because I thought I was going to Chop’t with my supervisor today for lunch and I figured it would be laden with veggies. On my way into the office this morning he texted me saying to meet him and one of our coworkers at sbux. In addition to my travel mug full of coffee, I had a grande black coffee with them and enjoyed chatting for about an hour in the coffee shop – not a bad way to start the day! And highly caffeinated.

Back at the office we got an email saying a coworker had brought in a whole bunch of leftovers from a cookout and that us (unpaid) interns should eat them all up! My supervisor said we might as well take advantage of this rather than head to chop’t (I was a little bummed, as I was excited about trying out the popular chop’t salads I’ve heard about, and because cook-out fair is often not so vegetarian friendly.. but it all worked out well) I made a nice high-protein (but sadly a bit low on veg) plate.

vegetarian baked beans (I double checked), pile of lettuce, pile of tomatoes, and hidden under there is a black bean burger which was quite tasty. ketchup and mustard, too. I steered clear of the carb and mayo-laden potato salad, white hamburger buns, and cole slaw. Not a bad lunch, and free :) I find it can be really challenging to eat healthy when unexpected meals come up, but this one worked out well.

 We just got an email about an “urgent birthday celebration at FroZenYo” – it was one of the interns birthdays on Monday but no one knew! Sounds like we’re going to have a little field trip celebration this afternoon – I’ll need to choose my froyo carefully! C ya later.

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