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Celebratory Friday Night

To celebrate the completion of my internship mom and I tried out a new Thai place in DC (who am I kidding, almost every restaraunt in DC is “new” cuz I’ve only lived here for 10 weeks!) Mai Thai was delicious! Presentation was great and it was really good, pretty authentic Thai food, at least by my standards. We started with some fresh spring rolls. Watch out, I think that peanut sauce has fish sauce in it. Lesson learned. We also enjoyed a glass of white wine each. We ordered tofu green curry and a mixed veg/tofu dish in garlic sauce, both with white rice. They were awesome! Since it was a fairly light meal with lots of veg, mom dragged me into FroZenYo, only my favorite froyo place of all time (so far). Knowing I had already had gelato today I know I shouldn’t, but, I got a tiny bowl! Just couldn’t help it. Mom went for peanut butter and banana cream, and topped it with walnuts and lots of hot fudge sauce. I went for cookies n cream (cuz it’s so creamy!) and a dollop of banana cream too. My fav combo in life is pb and banana, so I topped the banana with reese’s pb cups, and the cookies n cream got a few slivered almonds on top. Kinda like the other night … (holy froyo overdose this week!!!)  Gosh, having visitors just makes my healthy eating fly out the window! I gotta get a grip here!

Now we’re relaxing the rest of the night. I might make some Amazon purchases with a gift card my intern folks give me… and oh, should probably start packing since I’m moving out and hitting the road up north bright and early Monday morning!  C ya.


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Family time is the best time

Some more pictures from our boat trip adventure today: 

As dad says, this guy gets better looking every day.

Gardens at Mount Vernon. 

The boat.

Dad and I at the mansion. After the boat excursion dad and I came back and spent a few hours by the pool in my building. It was quite relaxing after the hot sunny day walking around Mount Vernon. After the pool, we freshened up and headed into Georgetown for dinner. We picked out a Vietnamese place and started with cocktails and white wine for me. 

After some vegetarian spring rolls, I had a veggie tofu dish over rice – perfect cuz I was lacking veggies. 

And, since it’s summertime, and I’m missing our annual beach week in Maine where we go for ice cream every night, we got some mini ice creams. Mine was chocolate with cookie and fudge chunks. Dad helped finish mine. 

It’s been such a fun visit with dad!! We’re having breakfast in the morning before I got to work and before he flies out tomorrow afternoon. Don’t leave, dad!! Dad: I’m sure you would agree that it’s been nice seeing me ;)

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Mai Thais and Munches

Well, yesterday Matt and I had such a fun rest of the day and evening out! We sat by my buildings’ pool for the afternoon.

We then got ready and headed out to dinner at Sala Thai on U Street. I had bought a Living Social deal so we continued our frugal theme. We started with some AWESOME cocktails. I guess I’ve only had a few mai thais in my life but I have to say that this was the BEST Mai Thai I’ve ever had. So creamy and delicious!

Matt had a Zombi drink that was equally tasty!

The spring rolls were pretty good.

But the vegetarian pad thai and the tofu red curry was absolutely delicious! Some of the best we’ve had, even considering our many meals in Thailand! I’d definitely recommend this restaurant for great thai food. It was also really nice to sit outside.

We then had plans to head up to Columbia Heights to go to Wonderland (just to check it out, and Matt said it was listed in Lonely Planet as the best bar to end your night out). But first we decided to explore U street a bit more. We wandered around and stumbled upon The Standard. I was literally drawn in by a guy making little donuts right there outside the bar, for $1 I could partake in a delicious home-made, warm cinnamon sugary donut – and it was cheat day, so of course I said yes please!

We then wandered through the gates and found ourselves in an adorable beer garden. Picnic tables and people enjoying big beer steins of German beers. It was so great. We went to the back to find the tiny tiny bar with only a handful of beers on tap (all really good beers tho) They had one of my favorite, too! Weihenstephan which is apparently the oldest existing brewery in the world! So delicious, tastes like mint, citrus, banana, yeast, yum.  Matt had a great beer too, maybe he can write the name of it on the comments.

They had this awesome deer/mountain goat? hanging inside. WOW!

After thoroughly enjoying The Standards offereings (I can’t wait to go back! Maybe I just love outdoor eating/drinking too much) we mosied along. We had noticed Ben’s Chili Bowl on our way into U Street and after telling Matt about how historic it is, he decided we had to go. We were full up to the brim at this point, but, never too full to try something really special! I had heard they had vegetarian options of all their traditional menu items.

We lucked out and got a vegetarian hot dog topped with vegetarian chili. It was pretty light and with a few bites each it was gone. Yum!

We then headed up to Wonderland and I ordered a blueberry pancake beer! It wasn’t quite what I expected – it was verrrrry sweet and syrupy, I guess just like eating blueberry pancakes with syrup. It took me forever to drink, which was probably fine since it was 8% alcohol.

We had a fun time at the bar and danced to the DJ’s 90s throwbacks. We eventually were danced out and headed home to hit the hay by 3am. Good times!

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