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Whirlwind Saturday

The rest of the day went as follows…


Gym! I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then did my lower body and butt workout

A pre-workout snack of Dakota bread slice with PB

Post workout snack/pre party snack of raspberries.

Well, as for an update on today’s to-do list:

  • Laundry
  • Trader Joe’s
  • Buy Amtrak ticket for next week’s trip
  • Send a birthday package
  • Gym
  • Clean the apt
  • Cut my bangs
  • Cancel gym membership
  • Update Resume

Not too bad, considering I went to a party from about 4-10pm. One of our bosses had a bunch of the interns and other work people over for a party, there was soooo much yummy food! Taco bar, lots of chips n guac, biggg fruit salad, pound cake, choc chip cookies, peach cobbler, mmm I sampled everything! The host made everything vegetarian which was so nice!  It was great hanging out with people from work out of the office and talking to some folks I hadn’t chatted with yet. Oof I think I’m still full though… ehhh.

I’ve been feeling a bit tired today and a little out of it, with a teensy bit of a sore throat. A ton of people have been out sick in the office, and I think the heat really wore me out today when I was running around in it trying to do errands. Hopefully I just need a good night’s sleep. Thinking it’ll be a nice early Saturday night bedtime, sometimes I just love those! But first, catching up on blogs and a little SATC. G night.


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Family time is the best time

Some more pictures from our boat trip adventure today: 

As dad says, this guy gets better looking every day.

Gardens at Mount Vernon. 

The boat.

Dad and I at the mansion. After the boat excursion dad and I came back and spent a few hours by the pool in my building. It was quite relaxing after the hot sunny day walking around Mount Vernon. After the pool, we freshened up and headed into Georgetown for dinner. We picked out a Vietnamese place and started with cocktails and white wine for me. 

After some vegetarian spring rolls, I had a veggie tofu dish over rice – perfect cuz I was lacking veggies. 

And, since it’s summertime, and I’m missing our annual beach week in Maine where we go for ice cream every night, we got some mini ice creams. Mine was chocolate with cookie and fudge chunks. Dad helped finish mine. 

It’s been such a fun visit with dad!! We’re having breakfast in the morning before I got to work and before he flies out tomorrow afternoon. Don’t leave, dad!! Dad: I’m sure you would agree that it’s been nice seeing me ;)

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Artsy baseball ventures

What a fun day with dad! We saw a lot around town and had a great time! Before my morning run I had a fueling snack: Pb and apple slice. After that delicious brunch  dad and I hit the town, first swinging by the white house. 

We then made our way over to the Hirschhorn museum to check out the art. 

Neat wishing tree, dad and I both wrote wishes and hung them on Yoko Ono’s tree. 


Really cool light exhibit.

 After soaking up all the art, and it was a lot of art for me, we headed home. On the way home Dad and I stopped at Trader Joe’s for some snacks and juicing materials. Inspired by the juice at brunch, we tried to replicate the cucumber, cranberry, bubble concoction. We put a big cucumber in the juicer and mixed it with cranberry juice and tonic – it was pretty good! I also showed dad the wonders of the juicer and made my regular one – carrot, celery, apple, lemon, and cucumber.  We paired our juices with garlic hummus, double roasted salsa, flax/soy chips, and pita chips. Yum! Refreshing and refueling after all that walking and art-ing.

After sitting by the pool for a bit we headed to the baseball game! Nationals vs. Rockies! It was really fun and we had great seats. As for food, I foraged for vegetarian options and it was a bit tough. I ended up with some delicious corn on the cob (covered in mayo, some sort of cheese, and cayenne pepper – a bit spicy, but great!) . And a pretzel with mustard. And a beer. Pretty good baseball food, coulda been healthier, but coulda been worse too.
It was a great game, sad loss at the end though! Fun day, pretty beat, and we have more fun to come tomorrow! Actually starting very bright and early. Wahoo! Yayy for visitors in DC! :)

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Dining out in Georgetown

I scoot out of work and bounced over to the gym to get a quick workout in before a nice dinner with dad, who had landed in town earlier this afternoon.  I was feeling really fatigued after getting home, I wonder if it was from too much caffeine (diet coke, always a bad idea for me!) so before heading to the gym I had a pre-run snack of peanut butter to get some energy, 1 heaping tablespoon to be exact. Heaping. TJs chunky salted, my fav.


I was all geared up to do a sprint interval workout on the treadmill but after the first 3 sprints something in my hip was really hurting. I decided it wasn’t best to push it if it hurt, so I slowed to a job and rounded out my 30 minutes with some uphill walking. Looked something like this:

Jog to the gym .4 mi
Minute      Speed     Incline
0-3              3.8             4.0
3-4              4.5              1.0
4-5               7.4              1.0
5-6               4.5              1.0
6-7               7.8              1.0
7-8               4.5              1.0
8-9               8.0              1.0
9-10             4.5               1.0
10-11           8.2               1.0
ouch hip…
11-15           4.5                1.0
15-25           6.4                1.0
25-30           3.8               4.0

Even with the curtailed sprints, this got the sweat goin! (neckline shot) I hope the hip pain is just from tightness or something, I’ll have to see how it feel tomorrow. It seemed that only the sprinting bothered it.

I then stretched out and came home and did quick abs and push ups:
— 20 girly push ups
— 2 sets of 20 bicycle abs
— 2 sets of 10 leg lifts abs

Then shower time and gussy up time, then I headed just around the corner and down the street to meet my dad at his hotel. He has a great hotel room! After chatting we headed over to the Indian place I had picked out in Georgetown, Taj of India. It was great! We started with some white wine – sauvignon blanc for me, pinot grigio for dad.

Then had vegetable samosas and vegetable pakora – really good, with great sauces and chutney. He ordered a meat dish for an entree and I had a chana masala dish – it was excellent. We also had garlic naan. The naan was so-so, a bit dry and coulda used more garlic in my opinion. But everything else was fantastic. Including the mango coconut Indian ice cream! I only had a few spoonfuls, cuz we agreed on a froyo trip after dinner (dad couldn’t resist ordering this one though!). 

We headed down to Ben and Jerry’s, as I’d had half baked on the mind for a few days now. I totally woulda chosen FroZenYo and their self-serve setup any day, but there wasn’t one in the area, and we were content just mooshing around Georgetown, so Ben and Jerry’s it was!

After froyo we were completely stuffed. We headed into Barnes and Noble to poke around and I carried around Life of Pi for a while, thinking I might buy it. I need a summer book, and summer is flying by! But I realized it would be silly to buy a brand new book when there are tons of used ones out there and library ones, and friends’ books to be borrowed! If I ever get around to it …


Speaking of, anyone have any great fun summer read books in mind?

And, what’s your go-to pre-exercise snack? Peanut butter, like me?

Off to bed soon, g’night!

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Ginormous Salad

We went out to lunch today to a place with a giiannt hot and cold salad bar. It was awesome! My salad looked a bit like this, but was composed of: lettuce mix, black beans and corn, asparagus sprigs, broccoli florets, water chestnuts, a few baby corn, 1 hard boiled egg, and forgot to put on dressing but all the toppings made up for it.


On the side I had a big bowl of fruit – pineapple slices, strawberries, and orange and kiwi slices.


It was a giant plate of veggies and fruits, with hopefully just enough protein from the beans and egg. Yumm! Plus a diet coke for the afternoon – trying to limit my DCs to 2x a week, cuz I know they’re just not good for you! Cranking out work now.

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Fun friends and raspberry jam bars

After work I bolted to the gym – for real, bolted. I had it all planned out: if I got there and was on a treadmill by 5:15 I would be able to do a 30 minute routine and jog home, with approximately 18 minutes to stretch, shower, heat chili, and get to a potluck event by 6:20 (20 minutes fashionably, and very much planned, late). Yes it was a 2 minute walk from my apartment. This was all very precise, and I was lucky life went fairly precisely so that I was hitting “start” on the treadmill promptly at 5:15. I was inspired to try my first ever treadmill sprint interval routine, thanks to Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers. I pretty much did the exact workout she lists only I did 30 minutes and alternated between speed 5.2 and 8.0 sprints. For some reason I was worried it would be miserable or that the sprinting would be rough, but I actually really enjoyed this routine! Upping and downing the speed every 60 seconds made the 30 minutes fly by and I worked up almost as good of a sweat as 30 minutes on the stair master, which is quite the sweat!  I’ll definitely be repeating this workout often. After 30 minutes I hopped off and jogged home (5 mins) to cool down.

I prepped and got to our intern potluck just as people were getting the food ready. It was a smorgasbord of everyone’s wonderful cooking and baking! And it was all vegetarian which was awesome!

Some of the lovely gals prepping some delicious deviled eggs! I had one (well, half of one, or is that considered one deviled egg? Confusing)  And I had two glasses of red wine that someone brought. Kate had some beautiful sunflowers on her kitchen table.

I loaded my plate with a bit of everything: mushroom/veggie quiche, green pepper stuffed with lentils, goat cheese and covered in tomato sauce, whole wheat pasta with pesto sauce and walnuts, and some chili and rice made by yours truly. Not pictured are a few spears of aparagus baked in lemon juice and cherry tomatoes, oh, and seconds of everything! Literally. Shouldn’t have, but did.

Dessert was gobbled up before I could photograph it – it was incredible and insanely rich: raspberry jam white chocolate shortbread bars. WOW. One of the interns has tons of raspberries growing in her parents’ garden so she made the jam herself! And brought a bin of raspberries that we munched as an appetizer. So. much. good. food. I was so full when I left that I walked around the block a few times just to digest!  It was a really fun night with new friends and good chit chat. And after all that eating I’m glad I was able to fit in a short but good workout beforehand. Now some odds n ends to do before bed time. One more day of work then a holiday weekend and flying home! :)


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Sweatin to Kanye, Cookin to 30 Rock

I had a great workout today after work. I scooted myself over to the gym by 5:45 and kicked off a total body workout by jumping on the StairMaster. You know what that means – lots of sweat!

– 30 mins StairMaster, level 9 (-300 cal)
– 15 mins Elliptical interval routine (-150 cal)
– full leg weight workout
arm work out  
– 5 girly push ups (gotta start somewhere with these!)
– quick abs – side planks, 20 bicycles, 10 leg lifts

This took about an hour and a half, maybe a little more. A bit too long, but I pushed through with Kanye and Lady Gaga’s help.

Once I got home I took a quick shower and bounced over to Trader Joe’s to pick up some ingredients to make a big pot of garden veggie chili – we have a fun intern potluck planned for tomorrow night so I had to whip it together this evening. Before leaving a had a bowl of broc/cauliflower with nutritional yeast to hold me over til the chili was done.

After lugging the groceries home (try as I may, I can never control all the heavy items I end up buying, too many bubble seltzers!) I got crackin on the chili. It may seem weird to make chili in the summer time, esp when it’s soo hot here right now, but I think it’s such a great dish because it’s healthy with high protein and fiber, veg, and it’s a great recipe that everyone seems to always enjoy. So there, summertime. While cooking, I had my laptop in the kitchen playing a few episodes of 30 Rock – I seem to always have these on in the background these days. I wonder what percentage I’ve actually watched, rather than listened to..

lots of beans! garbanzo, black, and white

It’s cooking right now and should be done any minute. Even though it’s late, I’m going to have a small bowl!

Smells good!

Wrapping some things up here then maybe a little reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle before bed.  Oh and a Skype date with Jeff, like we do every night! G night.


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Mai Thais and Munches

Well, yesterday Matt and I had such a fun rest of the day and evening out! We sat by my buildings’ pool for the afternoon.

We then got ready and headed out to dinner at Sala Thai on U Street. I had bought a Living Social deal so we continued our frugal theme. We started with some AWESOME cocktails. I guess I’ve only had a few mai thais in my life but I have to say that this was the BEST Mai Thai I’ve ever had. So creamy and delicious!

Matt had a Zombi drink that was equally tasty!

The spring rolls were pretty good.

But the vegetarian pad thai and the tofu red curry was absolutely delicious! Some of the best we’ve had, even considering our many meals in Thailand! I’d definitely recommend this restaurant for great thai food. It was also really nice to sit outside.

We then had plans to head up to Columbia Heights to go to Wonderland (just to check it out, and Matt said it was listed in Lonely Planet as the best bar to end your night out). But first we decided to explore U street a bit more. We wandered around and stumbled upon The Standard. I was literally drawn in by a guy making little donuts right there outside the bar, for $1 I could partake in a delicious home-made, warm cinnamon sugary donut – and it was cheat day, so of course I said yes please!

We then wandered through the gates and found ourselves in an adorable beer garden. Picnic tables and people enjoying big beer steins of German beers. It was so great. We went to the back to find the tiny tiny bar with only a handful of beers on tap (all really good beers tho) They had one of my favorite, too! Weihenstephan which is apparently the oldest existing brewery in the world! So delicious, tastes like mint, citrus, banana, yeast, yum.  Matt had a great beer too, maybe he can write the name of it on the comments.

They had this awesome deer/mountain goat? hanging inside. WOW!

After thoroughly enjoying The Standards offereings (I can’t wait to go back! Maybe I just love outdoor eating/drinking too much) we mosied along. We had noticed Ben’s Chili Bowl on our way into U Street and after telling Matt about how historic it is, he decided we had to go. We were full up to the brim at this point, but, never too full to try something really special! I had heard they had vegetarian options of all their traditional menu items.

We lucked out and got a vegetarian hot dog topped with vegetarian chili. It was pretty light and with a few bites each it was gone. Yum!

We then headed up to Wonderland and I ordered a blueberry pancake beer! It wasn’t quite what I expected – it was verrrrry sweet and syrupy, I guess just like eating blueberry pancakes with syrup. It took me forever to drink, which was probably fine since it was 8% alcohol.

We had a fun time at the bar and danced to the DJ’s 90s throwbacks. We eventually were danced out and headed home to hit the hay by 3am. Good times!

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Special lunch, part 1

When my alarm went off at 6:20 this morning I surprisingly didn’t groan in misery – I woke up feeling quite rested and ready to get up! I think it might have been the strictly enforced 10:45pm bedtime last night. Maybe I’ll try to stick to that. Breakfast was the usual:

I’ve been trying to not put salt on my egg/peppers in the morning to decrease my salt intake a bit – it’s been through the roof lately! And in my travel mug, a big cup of hot coffee with cinnamon. Today I had meetings almost straight from 10-3 with lunch with my boss in between. He treated me to Qdoba which proved to be very easy to eat at on this diet and quite tasty. Although I would certainly choose Chipotle any day for quick mexican. I got the vegetarian taco salad, naked without the big fried tortilla bowl thing. It looked something like this (minus the squash, and plus a big mound of guacamole):

Source: http://foodfitnessfashionista.blogspot.com/

My boss is taking me out to lunch, again! tomorrow. :) It’s a week full of special lunches. I had some afternoon Tazo tea and plugged away at some research. It’s getting exciting, as one of today’s meetings revealed how important my work will be and could potentially be part of a paper EPA is putting out. I came home and revelled in the beauty of the flowers that I bought over the weekend – they’re in their peak!

I’m having a few spoonfuls of cottage cheese (would prefer a few sips of a protein shake but not having a blender if proving to be quite a barrier)and gearing up for a ~5 mile run with Melissa, my first outdoor DC run! I’m a bit nervous so packing my camelback, we’ll see how that works out. Looking forward to the run, but wish it wasn’t still 86 degrees out! Ah well, off we go!

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