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Fage 0% is Back

Lunch time today was enjoyed outside with my fellow interns. It was lovely, except for getting attacked by a mosquito! He seriously got me 3x on my leg and twice on my arm. Sheesh. I guess it was lunch time for him too. Due to lack of a full fridge, today I had a bowl of fresh veggies – the pepper and cucumber are from the cville farmer’s market, yum! Fresh and crisp. I dipped these guys in some double roasted salsa from trader joe’s – love this stuff. On the side I had a peach.

Afternoon snack: Love this stuff! I stocked up on these guys last week, they’re just such a great protein source, and versatile! (smoothies, bfast, snacks, etc.) It’s even good totally plain (forgot to grab some cville cluster granola to top it with, darn).

Low-lighting is due to our drak office – we literally turned off the lights because they’ve been flickering all morning and we’re going nuts! Back to it. C ya later.


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