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Heavenly running in the Haven

It’s funny being back in New Haven! I woke up with Jeff as he headed off to work. I started my day with a big bowl of CEREAL! Something I don’t usually eat. This stuff was delicious! Vanilla almond flakes of some sort? I topped it off with some fresh strawberries and almond milk. Gotta say 2g of protein per serving is really weak, compared to my usual eggs or oatmeal breakfast. But, it’s a good pre-run breakfast, full o’ carbs. Cereal is one of those things I have trouble stopping eating – I def took two extra handfuls after I finished my bowl. Maybe that’s why I don’t keep the stuff around ;) Natural lighting in Jeff’s room leaves something to be desired…I then bopped around his apartment for a while, caught up on NPR and blogs, digested, ironed a skirt, and then got ready for a run. I was super excited to know I’d be running in 73 degree weather (just checked the DC weather, and right now it’s 96 degrees!! bahh!! so glad I’m not there for that) Here’s me being excited:I took off on a 5ish mile route I had mapped out. I chose a scenic route, meaning I would run by some of my favorite new haven spots to check up on things! It’s been a few months and I was excited to see what had changed. Ran by: my house, my favorite street, all the markets, downtown, the Green, etc. Everything seems to be in order, just the way I left it, minus some new pavement, horray, and looks like a sweet bakery is going in downtown, right next to my office — SCORE!! It was a muggy rain with misty rain occasionally, but cool as a cucumber! I stopped at 5 miles, finished in about 47 minutes, not bad! A quick clip for me at least. I then treated myself to a big iced coffee at Willoughbys and they even had SOY MILK, wow! Some sights of New Haven:Pretty gardensLovely old Victorian homes painted fun colors Bikes bikes everywhere!

Now time to shower up and meet a friend for lunch and help her move some stuff to her new apt. Then some errands and then fun time! C ya


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Tummy gurgles

Upon leaving work I remembered how awesome the weather is here! It really feels like a different place after the past 2 weeks of 100 degree weather. Right now it’s 80 and not humid – miraculous. I tried to remind myself that I’m not quite feeling 100% due to this stomach upset and feeling really achey and tired last night. So, instead of an intense workout I opted for a walk over to the gym and:

-10 minute warm up on the elliptical
– arm strength training & 30 push ups on my knees
– 15 minute stroll around my apt (this was relaxing and lovely)

I also upped the weight on my bicep lifts and my shoulder raises. Biceps are up to 10 pds each. woo.

I came home to find a package had arrived. I GIANT zappos box! Seriously, could it be bigger? You’ll have to wait til this weekend to find out what’s inside!I then showered, put laundry in the machine, and worked up a hunger. It’s hard to figure out what to eat when I can’t have veggies! I’ve been eating so.  many.  veggies. lately, it’s what I fill up on! Argh. So, I pulled an english muffin out of the freezer and made an egg white sandwich, with a banana and almond butter on the side. Not sure this will fill me up, it should, but we’ll see. Hoping my stomach stops gurgling and calms down. Maybe some peppermint tea will help…

The rest of the night: relaxation, laundry, and packing for the upcoming CT/RI trip [ :-D ] cuz I won’t have time to later. Happy Tuesday evening!


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Christmas in July

5 months from today is CHRISTMAS!! Just a reminder :) In celebration of Christmas in July and Santa, I ate a cookie this morning. It seemed completely appropriate.

It was pretty tasty. One of the admin assistants made them – oatmeal choc chip, pretty light and chewy, very thin. Mmm went well with my morning coffee around 10:30 this morning.

Breakfast was much earlier this morning around 7:30 and was 2 egg whites with nutritional yeast, and a jar of juice! Juice made from yesterday’s batch.

The juice was very refreshing, esp after I did a quick set of abs this morning. I then packed up and WALKED to work! Hooray. It was only 83-85 degrees out on my walk so it wasn’t too, too terrible. I was prepared and wore running shorts and t-shirt and just sweated it out and changed upon arrival. I just like starting off the day/week, Christmas with a good walk, sunshine, and morning observation time. Clears the brain!

This week is a big week – my BIG presentation is tomorrow. I’ve got the ppt done, now just need to practice practice practice! The rest of the week is peppered with crunching out some more projects at work, meetings, an intern potluck night, exercise, and then heading north on Thursday, hooray!

Happy Monday, and Merry July Christmas!


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Summer Dinners

Have I mentioned how much I love this water “bottle”? It’s a platypus and it’s so great because it folds/rolls up when you’ve drank all the water so you’re not left carrying around a big metal klean kanteen or sig (I have and love those too, but this is great for on-the-go!) And great for these suuuper hot days. It’s 7:34pm and 92 degrees, whatttttt.So, I attempted to lay by the pool to get just a little color around 4:15 pm. Man, it was just tooo hot. I just laid there and sweat, and then somehow got attacked by a mosquito, I’ve got 3 huge bites. What is up with me and mosquitos lately?!

I gave up after 20 minutes and headed back upstairs. I decided to get over to the gym before they closed early. I did 15 minutes on the stair master and 15 minutes on a different kind of elliptical. I then did my arm strength training. In and out in an hour. I always think I’ll do extra hard workouts on the weekends when I have sooo much time, but somehow my weekend days end up being busy busy with only short times for workouts. Or maybe I just prioritize relaxation over exercise on my days off :) I caught up with a friend on the phone on the walk back which was nice. I showered up and cooked up round 2 of my yummy summer time dinner.  

GINORMOUS salad (spinach, lettuce, snap peas, tomato, green pepper, green beans, broccoli, topped with balsamic vin.) And some more tasty COTC (corn on the cob) and a boca burger with lots o’ ketchup. This corn was good, but I must say not as buttery as last week’s.  But still good! 

Now it’s time to do some work, oyve. Since I ate pretty early I’m foreseeing some sort of dessert or snack later on…


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Walk to work Monday

After all the wonderful eating and drinking this weekend I was really feeling the need to get my body moving and get back on track with healthy eating. So, I decided what better way than to kick off the week with OIAJ and a walk to work.

This guy was 1/4 c scottish oats, 1/4 c soy milk, sliced apple, and a little bit of PB. Hit the spot. Coffee in my travel mug of course. It’s supposed to be over 90 every day this week with over 100 towards the end, so outdoor exercise may not be an option – except for in the early mornings. I was really tired getting ready this morning and feeling pretty discombobulated. But I managed to get myself out the door in my sneakers and trucking through the city to work.

It’s a 1.7 mile walk and I can do it in just about 30 minutes. Not bad. It was already a little over 80 so I sweated the way over and then changed. Good way to start the day. Eases the glumness of it being Monday and Jeff being gone just a little bit.  Onward we go!


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6.3 mile therapy

My day in photos:

Breakfast: The usual. Plus coffee & cinnamon.

I walked to work this morning! 1.7 miles, 30 minutes. Easiest route happens to be by the White House. G’morning Barry! (apparently Michelle calls him that?) New goal: walk to or from work at least once per week.

Lunch:kale, cauliflower, carrot w/nutritional yeast 1/2 eaten here, plus a spoonful of rice pudding. Mm.

We ate at the FolkLife Festival on the Mall – fun event!

Afternoon bubbles.

Check out those bubbs.

Pre-run snack: (recycled photo), this was a bad choice – schluggled around in the my stomach during the run.

Gearing up for a 5 mile (turned 6.3 mile) run!

Recovery Dinner: broc and 1.5c veggie bean chili. Mm.

And now.. packing, organizing, and getting excited to fly to Boston tomorrow!

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Sunday Super Funday

After last night’s adventures we slept in til nearly 11am! It felt great and was much-needed. We got up and made some scrambled eggs with peppers (forgot to photo) and had coffee with cinnamon. After all the over-indulgence yesterday though I felt pretty ready to eat healthily again all week (except for tonight, but we’ll get to that). I decided to hit the gym first thing after my light breakfast to get back on track and to make sure I could fit in 3 arm strength training workouts this week. Matt hung out while I hop, skipped, and jumped over the gym. Today’s speedy workout consisted of:

– 30 minutes on the StairMaster at Fat Burner level 10 (I usually do level 7 or 8, so this was intense!) (-300 cal)
arm workout I upped it to 20 reps for almost all of them
– quick abs (90 seconds plank, 30 seconds side planks each side)
– stretch and I was outta there!

Matt and I got ready quickly, packed up some fresh veggies for snacks, and hit the metro to get over to a 2:40 showing of The Hangover 2. It was funny! And neat that it was set in Thailand – it made Matt and I want to go back for sure. It was also cool that the bar in the movie was one we had been to, a roof top one which was so so cool.

After the movie Matt and I walked over to the Air and Space Museum and perused the exhibits.
I think the highlight was the astronaut ice cream!

As Matt ate the dehydrated ice cream he mentioned eating real ice cream. Suddenly a thought occured to me. We were very close to FroZenYo, a self-serve froyo place I had heard much about. While cheat day was way, way, over and I was back on track with my veggies n egg routine, what if, just what if, we had FROYO for DINNER! That would be okay, right? We thought so. Giddy with excitement we wove our way over to FroZenYo. I filled my big tub with a dollop of peanut butter froyo, a dollop of cookies n cream, and a bigggg dollop of mint. As for the toppings … crumbled oreo cookies, reeses peanut butter cups, heath bar, almonds, and just a tiny tiny drizzle of hot fudge. OH MAN!! SO DELICIOUS!! Oh and one yogurt covered pretzel hiding in there too.

And it was only $3.64, not bad! Feeling a bit hungry right now at 10pm but, this froyo was totally worth a dinner replacement. Matt and I decided to walk home (about 2 miles) to work off the treats. We got home around 8 and Matt packed up and headed out by 9 to catch the 10pm Amtrak train. We had such a FUN visit!! It was great having Matt here and to explore parts of the city with him. Can’t wait to see him and the rest of the fam when I head home on Friday for the holiday weekend.

But before that, there’s a 4 day work week to plug through. Which means I should get things in order around here to prepare. G night!


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