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Climate Changin’

Today was the first day of classes! I only attended one, but it was a solid one – 3 hours long! Run down of the day:

– wake up
– few bites of banana
– gear up for the gym
– bike to the gym (1.7 mi)
– sweaty workout on the elliptical
– bike home (1.7 mi)
– shower, change, eat oats in a jar, on the porch, while still sweaty (starving!) and coffee

In the mix: 1/4c scottish oats, 1/4c soy milk, banana slices, scoop of PB, Kashi Go Lean cereal

bike downtown to farmer’s market (1 mi) – picked up some local produce! 
bike to school, go to class!

Climate Change and Mitigation – pretty neat class, we get 2 weeks to shop all of our courses until we decide which ones to take, so I have time to decide, but it seemed like a neat class. I need to brush up on my climate change policy, science, adaptation, etc so this sounds like the perfect class for this!

– ate greek yogurt mixed with fresh wild blueberries and kashi go lean cereal for lunch in class
biked home (1.2 mi)
– walked to friend’s house to lend her my juicer and hang out
– walked home
– picked up Jeff and drove to Chipotle!! Mmmm veggie burrito!! And chips and guac, sooo good!
– a quick stop at Trader Joe’s on the way back for some essentials
– at home, figuring out more class stuff, emailing, etc etc!

Do you see a theme here? Lots of BIKING! Approximately 5 or so miles. Biking is my main mode of transportation here, because 1. school, my work office, small markets, and friends’ houses are all within about 1.5 miles of me 2. it’s best for the environment! 3. it’s great exercise 4. parking is tough near school and in the city in general 5. fairly safe with bike lanes on some streets 6.awesome in the good weather and gives me time to enjoy the gorgeous new england weather and scenery on my pedals around town, 7. and all of my friends and classmates bike everywhere too, so we have lots of group bike brigades! :)

Oh, and dessert: Last time I had this chocolate was in the car driving up from DC!   It’s so good, dark choc with chunks of toffee, walnuts, and pecans.

Tomorrow I’m shopping four classes:

  • Management and the Environment
  • Statistics
  • U.S. Climate policy
  • Life Cycle Assessment Practicum

ahh, it’s going to be  LONG day. But, it’s the only way to figure out if I actually want to take a class, so gotta do it. And, the reading and homework will start to set in tomorrow, eeee. Last night did not end up as an early bedtime night – alas, I will try again tonight. Shooting for 11! G night.

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Return of Kale Chips!

I had a bit of a late lunch of Fage yogurt and a banana with peanut butter. The yogurt was topped with sliced strawberries and a sprinkle of cheerios. I guess this looks more like a breakfast plate, but, it was a great lunch! 

The rest of my day was filled with a wonderful date with my best friend from home. We pretty much spent 5 hours on my porch just chatting away about life. She recently returned from a trip to China and she brought me back all sorts of neat things! I’m particularly excited to use the chop sticks.

As we chatted I munched on the bag of “Chinese” peanut M & Ms. By 7pm I was hunngrrryy and whipped up aquick dinner, including KALE CHIPS! It’s been quite a while since the last time I’d made ’em!  I used the Kale we got at the farmer’s market, it was the flat leaf kind, came out delicious!  I made two trays-full and devoured them both … 

The rest of dinner was composed of gyoza dumplings and a big beet! While cooking dinner I ate a few hunks of french baguette. 
A great filling dinner. Love how easy the gyozas are to steam up in a flash! Topped these with soy sauce. After dinner I was excited to see that my Amazon package had arrived – its contents are very exciting! After a few months of deliberating I finally took the plunge and bought a French Press coffee maker. I’m a huge coffee drinker and always use an automatic drip coffee. But after having Jeff’s french press coffee there’s just no denying how much better pressed coffee tastes. So, I’m excited to use this guy this year! I may test it out tomorrow morning – mom is eager to try it out.
I was then inspired by Tina of Carrots n Cake and her recent post on Kodiak Cakes. They sounded great and having to only add water to the mix sounded like a great camping trip item! I found a 3 pack on Amazon for just $11 so gave it a shot. 3 boxes though… that’s a lot of flapjacks .. better get eatin’!

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Summer Vegetables

Today we did some errands and went to the farmers market! So many beautiful veggies and fruits. We loaded up on fresh veggies and peaches! I brought a yogurt with me because I knew I’d get hungry throughout our errands. I topped it with blueberries we bought at the market, and I ate it at the market itself. I also had a few bites of banana and a spoonful of almond butter before heading out the door. I stopped by dad’s house to pick up some camping gear and to visit, and I munched on a whole bunch of trail mix. I also noticed that these peanuts (that I did not eat) had gelatin in them — why?? and so not vegetarian. just pointin it out… After some errands with dad (more on that tomorrow) I came home to find mom munching away on some tasty bread and oil dip. I had a few small hunks as we got dinner ready. I had a salad with some beet hunks and yellow bell pepper, raspberry vinag. dressing And two awesome ears of corn from the market – they were perfection!! and very sweet. Also, a boca burger topped with ketchup and bread and butter pickles.We also had a caprese salad which I had a few pieces of. Basil from the porch and tomato from the market. Mmm local!
We’re contemplating going to a movie .. it’s a rainy evening here in Massachusetts..

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Art & Pizza

For me good bye lunch today my supervisors took me to Rasika! It’s the highest rated (4.5 stars by 700 reviewers in Yelp) Indian restaurant in DC so I was pretty excited.  It was a fancy pants place, and was neatly decorated. I didn’t photograph anything, but had a few bites of two different appetizers, the Ragda Patties and Palak Chaat (this was SO good, like fried crispy spinach) and for the main course I had Ghobi Matar (cauliflower) with rice and naan. It was all very good! Our bill was also very large so it was really nice of them to all take me out to such a fancy lunch!

The rest of the day was jam packed with meetings. One of them was with a fellow intern who was interested in hearing more about my grad program. I think I rattled on for over 40 minutes! It was fun giving advice to someone still finishing undergrad in the same field. I guess I have a lot to say about my life path so far! Hopefully I gave her some good advice. Before leaving for work I ate a juicy peach, and a Fage yogurt. I knew we weere hitting up a museum event after work and that I’d be hungry if I didn’t eat til 8pm. Before leaving work I said good byes to two interns and my supervisor who won’t be there tomorrow. :-( I then headed off to meet mom at the Philips collection, a neat little museum. Cool flower sculpture outside! They had a cool little event going on so we got to hear a talk about the Kandinksy exhibit as we walked around and looked at his work. They had some tea samples, a guy playing the sitar, and other neat things.

My museum threshold is pretty low, so we were only there for about an hour and a half or so. It was good though! We then headed around the corner to Pizzeria Paradiso which I had heard was really good, and there’s always a line, so must be good! We had to wait about 30 minutes so we each had a beer. I had the weissbier and mom had a lager, both were good.

They served yummy olives at the table. We sat outside which was great – it’s (amazingly) quite pleasant and almost cool here today so it was a perfect night to sit out. We had a salad to start – goat cheese, pine nuts, mmmm. And then split a pizza. We must say it was a bit disappointing. I added salt and parm cheese to it, and I never add things to pizza! It just was missing something, and didn’t blow us away. Oh well! Despite not being blown away, we ate the whole thing!! 4 pieces each. Mmmm. 

Fun night!! Double dining out is never a great idea, but today I didn’t super stuff myself at either meal so that is good! Now organizing things for my last day of interning tomorrow! Good night!

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Granola and Running Socks

Today flew by! Probably because I was pretty busy the whole day and because I’m working hard to pull together my project. Lunch was outside with the interns and consisted of broccoli, veg mix, and tempeh (look similar to last night’s dinner? ;) ) On the side was a peach and a snack bag of Cville Cluster Granola-(this stuff is AMAZING! hard to stop eating :)After lunch we had an intern talk with the EPA administrator Lisa Jackson!This was pretty cool and a pretty big deal. She’s a very relaxed speaker and appears at least to be down to earth, and she knows her stuff. She handled some of our questions on hydrofracking pretty well. In the afternoon I met a fellow Yale Forestry student for a coffee. She’s an incoming student that I will be mentoring and happens to be here in DC. It was great chatting with her and she’s very excited to be starting school (I am too! Well, to return for year 2). I got a big decaf. On my walk over I noticed that my sunglasses somehow got cracked and are broken :( Good thing they were only $7 from H & M. But I’ll need to replace these ASAP! Bummer cuz we saw lots of nifty sunglasses in Cville for cheap! Oh well. After doing more work I headed home and had a pre-gym snack.Big hunk of Dakota bread with PB, I was pretty hungry. Upon getting home I found that my running socks had arrived in the mail! Hooray!!! Note to self – do not put these guys in the dryer! They get hard in the back of the heel and then rub my feet – ouch! Anyone else have this happen with Balega socks?? I got two pairs so I hope these guys last, they’re expensivo! At the gym I did:

– Ran 4 miles on the treadmill, 40 minutes, switching between 6.4, 6.6, and 6.8 with incline of 0, .5, 1.0
– 10 minutes on the stair master to sweat some more
– 15 minutes on the elliptical to round out my 65 mins of cardio
– lower body strength training with machines and lunges, and butt work out 

Last time I did this lower body routine I was ridiculously sore for 4 days, I’m hoping this doesn’t happen again! I tried to stretch really well after and I decreased some of the reps.

I came home and refuled with some Fage yogurt, a sliced banana, and a few more crumbles of the Cville granola.
Natural light vs lamp light .. plus not-so-great camera.. boo.. I envy all you bloggers with fantastic cameras and food photography skills! I’ll get there.. maybe… Ok off on a late-night Trader Joe’s trip real quick – must restock salad fixins’. C ya!


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Fage 0% is Back

Lunch time today was enjoyed outside with my fellow interns. It was lovely, except for getting attacked by a mosquito! He seriously got me 3x on my leg and twice on my arm. Sheesh. I guess it was lunch time for him too. Due to lack of a full fridge, today I had a bowl of fresh veggies – the pepper and cucumber are from the cville farmer’s market, yum! Fresh and crisp. I dipped these guys in some double roasted salsa from trader joe’s – love this stuff. On the side I had a peach.

Afternoon snack: Love this stuff! I stocked up on these guys last week, they’re just such a great protein source, and versatile! (smoothies, bfast, snacks, etc.) It’s even good totally plain (forgot to grab some cville cluster granola to top it with, darn).

Low-lighting is due to our drak office – we literally turned off the lights because they’ve been flickering all morning and we’re going nuts! Back to it. C ya later.


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Excited for a fun day

Hooray for another day vacationing and exploring Cville! We had a lovely breakfast at the inn this morning out on the veranda. Freshly made OJ, yogurt, granola, breads, fruit, mm! Coffee of course. 

One of my top criteria for choosing hotels and inns in an included breakfast! This was is for sure a good one. Now we’re off – farmer’s market, wineries, breweries, oh my! Another beautiful day out too, aren’t we lucky! C ya

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Crawling Thursday

Today has been crawling by, I think mostly because I’m tired and because I’m super excited for the weekend to begin, I just can’t wait! I wonder if exercising in the morning had made me tired. Ehh it’s probably more likely the 12am bedtime and 6:30 wake time … argh, must improve this!

Lunch was a bigg salad.

Topped with black beans, an egg white, peas, carrots, and cucumber. Despite the beans and being so big, this guy didn’t quite fill me up.

After our little field trip today (we met with a really inspirational staff member, it was wonderful hearing her path in life!) I came back to the office feeling totally fatigued. I really just needed a nap. But since that’s not an option (boo 9-5 job structure, for real, I don’t want this structure in the future) I opted for an energizing sbux yogurt parfait and decaf coffee (didn’t want to get all caffeineited and feel strung out later on, esp since I know wine and beer are in my future, and mixing that with a caffeine buzz is no good). Parfait was good, but, def no greek yogurt, and the corn syrup-y ingredients listed in the fruit part weren’t encouraging. Oh well. I had no time to get to TJs and stock up on greek yo!

Ok, almost through the work day.. we can do it!


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Hungry Tuesday

Today I have been HUNGRY! Not sure why? I am suuuuper sore from yesterday’s workout, maybe my body is still recovering and wanting more food. I also woke up really tired, so I think overall my body needs a break and some nutrition. I had to be up early on the Capitol for a senate committee hearing on the safe water drinking act (yeah, ended up being about as exciting as it sounds). Kicked off the early morning with 2 egg whites with turmeric and a sliced nectarine on the side from the farmer’s market.

And coffee w/ cinnamon, of course. After the hearing there was something going on and they were giving out free Hagaan Das ice cream bars! It’s been 102 degrees out today so it was the perfect time for ice cream. It felt too early for a big sweet for me though at 11am, so I ate just the chocolate coating off the bar and a bite of ice cream and tossed the rest. Hah, sorry ice cream bar.


Big salad with carrots, cucumbers, tomato. And for protein:

More of that awesome yogurt topped with blubes. I think I’ll skip working out today and give my sore legs a rest. C ya later, hope it cools down soon!

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Night at the Gym

What a workout! This might be one of the most challenging workouts I’ve done in a lonngg time. Dad had treated me to not only a fitness magazine, but also a new book – Life of Pi. I was inspired by the workouts in the magazine to mix mine up and do some more serious strength training! I had a slice of apple with PB as a pre-workout energizer. My workout looked like this: (I was originally supposed to go for a big 8 mile run with Melissa tonight, but due to EXCESSIVE heat today, we cancelled, fearing death. fo real tho, it’s 9pm and still 91 degrees)

– 30 minutes Stair Master (seeeerious sweating)
– arm strength training with some new ones tossed in, I liked this new tricep one
 30 minutes on the elliptical, cross train mode, level 9 then level 12 second half
– leg strength training, did parts of ultimate butt workout!  I already sport quite the ultimate booty, but some toning won’t hurt
– leg weight training machines
– 30 push ups
– 60 crunches
– 20 of these, thanks Audrina
– serious stretching!

This was a looong workout, but felt good. I’m not a huge fan of fitness magazines or cosmo or any of those magazines as I think they add to a lot of young women’s negative views of their bodies, but, I must say that having something light to read while on the stair master and elliptical made the time move faster. I brought my book too, Animal Vegetable Miracle, but reading about growing your own veggies while pushing hard to lady gaga just didn’t seem right…

I left the gym and stepped outside in the hot hot evening and it was crazy windy out and cloudy – a storm was about to hit. I yogged home literally just in time before thunder lightning and pouring rain began. Phew! Good timing. The gym was handing out free packets of naked granola so I munched that on the way home – I was pretty famished. I then whipped up a delicious yogurt bowl – as a lactose intolerant person I steer clear of yogurt, though it doesn’t typically make me really sick, I decided not to eat it since my body seems to reject dairy. But, I couldn’t help but be ASTONISHED when I saw this yogurt in trader joes – shock and awe due to the 18g of protein in packs in just 100 calories, and 0 fat. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! I had to try it. That’s SO much protein!

And it was pretty awesome. Mixed with the rest of the granola and some blubes.

Then I had this. A tomato from the the farmer’s market (soo good), and basil from my plant. Yum! and Sea Salt.Good night!


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