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Independence Celebrations

Yesterday started off with a wonderful surprise breakfast cooked my momma! She got up early to make us choc chip pancakes and veggie sausage – delicious! With some sliced banana and coffee. Jeff and I then packed up and trekked into the city to meet up with his cousins on the esplanade. it was a day of lounging under the tent, playing games, eating and drinking.

We took a little break back at BJ and Meghan’s to have a Pina colada and another cocktail – very refreshing! Around 7pm I headed over to meet up with mom, dad, and Matt and to jump in the canoe they were in! My dad had always wanted to take us out on the canoe to watch the fireworks over the esplanade so finally the year had come! I met them through the crowds and tip toed onto the canoe. 

We ate, drank, enjoyed the views and music from the basin right near the esplanade, and then had the absolutely best seats in the house for the fireworks! They were AMAZING! Such fun. We then had a long motor ride back to Newton to unload the canoe. We got home around 1:30 after a long, very fun day!!! Such a wonderful 4th of July, perhaps the best in the books!

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