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Celebratory Friday Night

To celebrate the completion of my internship mom and I tried out a new Thai place in DC (who am I kidding, almost every restaraunt in DC is “new” cuz I’ve only lived here for 10 weeks!) Mai Thai was delicious! Presentation was great and it was really good, pretty authentic Thai food, at least by my standards. We started with some fresh spring rolls. Watch out, I think that peanut sauce has fish sauce in it. Lesson learned. We also enjoyed a glass of white wine each. We ordered tofu green curry and a mixed veg/tofu dish in garlic sauce, both with white rice. They were awesome! Since it was a fairly light meal with lots of veg, mom dragged me into FroZenYo, only my favorite froyo place of all time (so far). Knowing I had already had gelato today I know I shouldn’t, but, I got a tiny bowl! Just couldn’t help it. Mom went for peanut butter and banana cream, and topped it with walnuts and lots of hot fudge sauce. I went for cookies n cream (cuz it’s so creamy!) and a dollop of banana cream too. My fav combo in life is pb and banana, so I topped the banana with reese’s pb cups, and the cookies n cream got a few slivered almonds on top. Kinda like the other night … (holy froyo overdose this week!!!)  Gosh, having visitors just makes my healthy eating fly out the window! I gotta get a grip here!

Now we’re relaxing the rest of the night. I might make some Amazon purchases with a gift card my intern folks give me… and oh, should probably start packing since I’m moving out and hitting the road up north bright and early Monday morning!  C ya.



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Busy Busy Friday

Whew, it’s been a really busy day! Meetings all day, from 9-4! But really good ones, with interesting sustainability managers from corporations! I find this very exciting, and want to work for one of them, some day! Food wise, the day went as follows:

Bfast: one egg white with nutritional yeast, side of raspberries and apple slices with almond butter. Coffee to go, of course. Lunch was out with the corporate folks, so not photo’d. I had a big mediterranean salad with lettuce, kalamata olives, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and big hunks of yummy feta. On the side was an herby bread chunk, which I ate half of. Good salad, but not sure if it was enough protein.  Afternoon snack: peachy peach. Followed by pre-workout snack:Hunk of (dwindling) Dakota bread with smear of PB.

Now, off to the gym! Happy Friday!

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Ginormous Salad

We went out to lunch today to a place with a giiannt hot and cold salad bar. It was awesome! My salad looked a bit like this, but was composed of: lettuce mix, black beans and corn, asparagus sprigs, broccoli florets, water chestnuts, a few baby corn, 1 hard boiled egg, and forgot to put on dressing but all the toppings made up for it.


On the side I had a big bowl of fruit – pineapple slices, strawberries, and orange and kiwi slices.


It was a giant plate of veggies and fruits, with hopefully just enough protein from the beans and egg. Yumm! Plus a diet coke for the afternoon – trying to limit my DCs to 2x a week, cuz I know they’re just not good for you! Cranking out work now.

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Let the fun begin!

Happy Vacation! I’m so excited I have the next 5 days off from my internship and get to take a trip home to visit! Haven’t been home since I started here at the end of May, and I’m looking forward to hanging out with my parents, brother, boyfriend, and friends! I was sooo tired last night after that 6 mi run that I konked out and slept til 10am. It was glorious.  I woke up to some eggs, peppers, turmeric, and coffee with cinnamon.Checked a few things off my to-do list:

clean bathroom
clean kitchen
take out trash and recyclables
put laundry away
finish packing
I then hopped over to the gym for a quick workout:
–15 mins on the Stairmaster
–15 mins on the elliptical
–arm workout (glad I got my 3 sessions in, like I had planned on Sunday!)

I scooted home and made some JUICE! Haven’t used the juicer since I moved to DC and it was about time! It’s a beautiful day here too so seemed appropriate to have some super fresh juice after a good workout and go sit in the sun.

Juice was made of:It’s also good timing cuz I wanted to clear out the fridge of any fresh items that might go bad while I’m away til Tuesday night. (cucumber, celery stalks, carrots, apple, lemon)

It turned out delicious! 

I was all excited to go lay by my building’s pool (I’ve only used it twice, ah!) and headed down with juice and book in hand, but found the pool didn’t open til 3 today! Boooo. I was determined to get some sunshine and juice time, so I went and sat just outside my building on a patch of grass. It was a bit awkward since I was also determined to wear a bikini. Whatevs, ppl can deal, right? ;) I was literally laying next to cars.outdoor juice :) Not quite the serene atmosphere I was imagining by the pool .. oh well. I came back after 45 mins (don’t want too much sun, it is awful for you, I know). I had a cottage cheese snack
And now it’s time to shower, finish packing, and get on the metro to the airport! Catch you later.


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Jazzy Friday

Today’s conference went by much quicker than yesterday. I think it was that the sessions were much more on-topic for me personally, the fact that I knew it was Friday (homestretch!) and also that it actually did end earlier! 3:30 rather than 5:30 like yesterday. Lunch involved this:Spinach salad mix, black beans, carrots, green beams, persian cucumbers, nutritional yeast, and a bunch of roasted veggies I added on at the conference from their lunch spread. Yumm.
Ok, the conference didn’t really “end” at 3:30… but a bunch of us interns realized that our note-taking and interviewing work was done, so, we took it upon ourselves to head home for the weekend! I was feeling a bit pooped after not sleeping great last night, but got energized on my walk home.

I rounded up Matt from his day-long museum excursions and we put together a fabulous, slow-carb diet-friendly picnic dinner to bring to Jazz in the Garden. It was my second time going and it was really fun the first time, basically a nice excuse to sit outside, sip wine, munch, and enjoy some live performances. It was really nice out today too, and thanks to getting out early we got a great spot on the lawn.

We ate … 

mmmm beans/salsa/avo combo mush :)


sat under the awesome tree scuplture..

and fell asleep! A perfect Friday evening :)

This is right after I woke up from a 40 minute pass-out in the middle of the giant crowd. Just making sure I didn’t look too cracked out … Matt was still asleep! Too much sun… too much work.. okay maybe too much wine ;)

We came back to my apt thinking we’d venture out again for drinks somewhere with some folks but once we chilled out we realized it would be just fabulous to stay put and have a relaxing night. I munched on some raw almonds and decided we needed a more fun snack for this Friday night – perfect night for kale chips!  

Time for some good sleep now. SO EXCITED for cheat day tomorrow!! I’ve got lots of goodies I’m looking forward to eating. Lots of ’em! Ones like this:


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