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Training North – Weekend begins!

Lunch today: overnight oatmeal with a blob of almond butter, and diced banana. Yum! I had a meeting and then hopped on the 4pm train up to New Haven. It was a long ride, 5.5 hours and I simply didn’t bring enough to do and entertain myself :-/ rookie mistake. As for snacks, I grabbed an iced (DECAF!) coffee and a nut mix at Au Bon Pain. Hit the spot. But, I got hungry a bit later and fortunately had packed a juicy peach, and a toasted English muffin with jam, not pictured. This held me over til Jeff picked me up at the station in New Haven. He had some yummy things ready for my arrival! Corn on the cob, kale chips, WINE, and a chickpea dish.(Eaten corn… ops). I then broke out the 2 darling cupcakes I had managed to bring all the way from DC! They were delicious, and were cookies n cream, and a new special flavor – chocolate with a raspberry cream cheese frosting! Sooo good. We split both. With that, good night!


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Cupcake Truck!

Lunch today was pretty good – it was meant to be a breakfast! I had set up some overnight oats last night thinking they might be a good easy food on my stomach. I brought em for lunch – they were the perfect kind, which means they were made in an almost empty PB jar. YUM. 

– 1/4 c scottish oats
– 1/4 soy milk
– last scrapes of PB jar
(soaked over night in fridge)
– small banana sliced next day

PS note my To-Go Ware silverware pouch. This guy is aweosme- it’s a fork, knife, and spoon made out of bamboo. The pouch is made out of recycled PET plastic. It’s awesome and I use it every day to eat lunch – cuts down on plastic cutlery waste!

This lunch was very tasty and we ate outside with the interns – so nice out today! Bummed I missed what musta been a gorgeous fresh air morning. I had a few afternoon snacks today .. one was a bag of pretzels I picked up at 7-11 next to my apt before heaidng into work. Soothing carbs.

Then, my supervisor and I had been plotting a trip to the cupcake truck again! I was excited. I picked out 3 cupcakes [1 to eat now, and 2 to bring up to New Haven to share with Jeff, aren’t I nice? :) ] You’ll have to wait to see the other two flavors, but I dug right into the Triple European Chocolate, which they describe as:

“We start with a moist and decadently dark chocolate cake made with fine Belgian cocoa. Then we add a generous helping of silky smooth French chocolate frosting. Finally we top it all off with Belgian chocolate shavings!”

What a cutie. Sandra makes awesome cupcakes! And it’s neet hearing some of the ins and outs and challenges of running your own bakery business. It sounds like a lot of hard work! But with some sweet pay offs.

Half-eaten. Now all gone! Mmm it was mighty good. Not soo sure that a chocolate cupcake it exactly what my stomach needed, but I’m hoping it doesn’t upset all my work to keep it calm too much! We will see. Welp, today has not been too productive, we’re off to the capitol for a meeting, then headed back to my place for a big potluck dinner!

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Not your typical PB & J

We couldn’t figure out what to do on our last day here, so as a default we decided to at least go have a nice lunch. My mom had seen Sugar Bakery written up in the paper and something about their fig french toast. That was enough to get us over to Roslindale to check it out. It was a cute little restaurant/bakery (I think the anchor one is down the street in West Roxbury) with open windows to the street. I ordered an interesting PB & J – it has fig jam, melted brie cheese, and slices of pink lady apples, with a side of asparagus. I stole bites of mom’s fig french toast and Matt’s breakfast potatoes.

We couldn’t leave a bakery without trying a baked good! We each had bites of this Grasshopper cupcake! Mint choc chip frosting on a choc cake base. It was pretty tasty, with the presentation being the most impressive part of this cuppy cake. Time to pack things up here!

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Frugal Indulgence Day

It’s an indulgence day on the food front (Cheat Day!) and to make it an even sweeter day I made sure to carefully plan out lots of good deals (groupon, living social, and WTD deals). So far Matt and I have been romping around the city indulging in all sorts of fun. We started with some treats I’d be dreaming about all week

We then headed down to Georgetown to do some errands and for a sight-seeing boat ride! Great WTD deal, we enjoyed the historical narration and sights and snacks, of course

Then we walked past Sprinkles and I looked up the secret word (campfire!) and Matt and I each got a free chocolate marshmallow cupcake – yumm! Such a great deal to get a free one, I think they’re normally $2.50 each. The marshmallow insude was good, but it coulda used more of it. It was like a giant, high quality hostess cupcake with the hardened frosting on top.

‘Twas a beauty!

We finally headed to the Crepeaway because I had bought a deal $5 for $10 worth of crepes. Matt got a chicken caesar one and I got a tomato basil cheese one. They were quite tasty! When I bought the deal I had all sorts of plans for a nutella strawberry banana crepe, but after the cupcake and this morning’s chocolate croissants, I was completely sweeted out. Plus, it was lunch time and all we had eaten was real junk food, so we figured it was time for something more substantial. Although at this point we were very, very full.
The crepe was good, I love the combo of basil and tomato. I wish the cheese had been a better quality mozzarella and that the tomatoes were fresher. Alas, it was still yummy!
With out first half of the day eating and indulging over, we headed home to recover – think we’ll go lay by the pool! It’s a nice day out, not too hot, fairly cloudy, and nice. We’ve got some further adventures planned in a bit, but need some downtime first. Eating and site-seeing is lots of work! ;) Catch ya later!

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