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Sunday Super Funday

After last night’s adventures we slept in til nearly 11am! It felt great and was much-needed. We got up and made some scrambled eggs with peppers (forgot to photo) and had coffee with cinnamon. After all the over-indulgence yesterday though I felt pretty ready to eat healthily again all week (except for tonight, but we’ll get to that). I decided to hit the gym first thing after my light breakfast to get back on track and to make sure I could fit in 3 arm strength training workouts this week. Matt hung out while I hop, skipped, and jumped over the gym. Today’s speedy workout consisted of:

– 30 minutes on the StairMaster at Fat Burner level 10 (I usually do level 7 or 8, so this was intense!) (-300 cal)
arm workout I upped it to 20 reps for almost all of them
– quick abs (90 seconds plank, 30 seconds side planks each side)
– stretch and I was outta there!

Matt and I got ready quickly, packed up some fresh veggies for snacks, and hit the metro to get over to a 2:40 showing of The Hangover 2. It was funny! And neat that it was set in Thailand – it made Matt and I want to go back for sure. It was also cool that the bar in the movie was one we had been to, a roof top one which was so so cool.

After the movie Matt and I walked over to the Air and Space Museum and perused the exhibits.
I think the highlight was the astronaut ice cream!

As Matt ate the dehydrated ice cream he mentioned eating real ice cream. Suddenly a thought occured to me. We were very close to FroZenYo, a self-serve froyo place I had heard much about. While cheat day was way, way, over and I was back on track with my veggies n egg routine, what if, just what if, we had FROYO for DINNER! That would be okay, right? We thought so. Giddy with excitement we wove our way over to FroZenYo. I filled my big tub with a dollop of peanut butter froyo, a dollop of cookies n cream, and a bigggg dollop of mint. As for the toppings … crumbled oreo cookies, reeses peanut butter cups, heath bar, almonds, and just a tiny tiny drizzle of hot fudge. OH MAN!! SO DELICIOUS!! Oh and one yogurt covered pretzel hiding in there too.

And it was only $3.64, not bad! Feeling a bit hungry right now at 10pm but, this froyo was totally worth a dinner replacement. Matt and I decided to walk home (about 2 miles) to work off the treats. We got home around 8 and Matt packed up and headed out by 9 to catch the 10pm Amtrak train. We had such a FUN visit!! It was great having Matt here and to explore parts of the city with him. Can’t wait to see him and the rest of the fam when I head home on Friday for the holiday weekend.

But before that, there’s a 4 day work week to plug through. Which means I should get things in order around here to prepare. G night!


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