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Corn on the Cob, Salt, No Jeff

So this morning we got to tour the White House! It was awesome! We waited outside for a long time in the heat (by long I mean like 15 minutes, but in 100 degrees + humidity, it felt long). We had already emailed someone all of our security info so we were able to get id’d and roll on in. Apparently Barry (that’s why Michelle calls him, did you know that?) was just beyond some screens meeting with some ambassador and being filmed. So we were breathing the same air, no big deal.No pictures are allowed in there. But, they did have us leave the tour through the front door – so cool! Me outside the front door. Inside we saw the East Wing.. red room, blue room where the Christmas Tree goes, green room, and the state room. Might be forgetting/misnaming something. It was cool to see all of the period items and objects that previous presidents owned, way back in the day. Very cool.

Back at the office it was lunch time, during a meeting. Mondo-huge salad time. Lettuce/spinach, sugar snap peas, green pepper, tomato, tempeh hunks, cucumber, one hard boiled egg white. Most of it from the farmer’s market in Cville. Yum!

The rest of the day was suuuper busy with meetings, and lots of work on my part, trying to get my research done and presentation ready. I got a little stressed about getting everything done in the next 2.5 weeks. I had big urges to eat and snack – a reminder of my eating habits in school and how stress affects me. I’m still trying to figure out how I’ll approach this going back to school and trying to maintain a healthy balance of healthy food, exercise, and stress management. Worrrrkin on it … I satiated my afternoon hunger/possibly a bit of stress craving with a nice banana. Came home, had a pre-workout snack: 2 of these guys, apple and PB And I hit the gym. I really didn’t want to. Just one of those days where I felt unmotivated to workout. But, I pushed through and did it, and glad I did.

– 35 minutes on the elliptical – oober sweat city
– 10 minutes on the stair master
arm strength training

Then I did something that was awesome, and maybe what’s been missing from my gym workouts – I FOAM ROLLED!! It felt sooo good, I have some serious tight spots on my legs. Gotta remember to do this from now on!  It’s good for you, right? I don’t know much about it, but had a trainer show me how to do it one time, and I remember all the reasons it was super important especially for runners, so, get on that Margo!

Home, dinner time. Also exciting – I stopped at the farmer’s market on the way home today and picked up CORN, and a bunch of peaches.  I’ve been craving corn on the cob so much now that it’s summer time! I hadn’t had any straight up corn on the cob, so the time had come. Eating corn on the cob reminds me of the many dinners Jeff and I ate together on my porch in New Haven last August and September. Those are such wonderful memories for me! Pre-stress of grad school, enjoying the outdoors, eating great food, and being with Jeff in our early days in New Haven.While the corn cooked, I ate a whole bunch of these:They’re so good and crunchy!

One difference about DC corn cooking vs New Haven corn cookin — no good pots here :( This lil guy barely fit in this pot, kept having to push him around to get ’em cooked! BUT, this corn tasted AMAZING!!! Seriously, really good corn, buttery, sweet, pops in your mouth. Yum, summertime! But sans Jeff :( Good news is, we’ll have those corn-eating dinners on my porch again very soon! August… Combined with a lottt of broc, and hiding under the lettuce is a boca burger slathered in ketchup.Jeff would not approve of this corn-eating style – he goes across, I go around. Either way delicious. I did try out one of Jeff’s corn-eating techniques: I skipped the butter! Just salted it, and it was just perfect! No need for butter, lesson learned. Great summer time dinner! All gone. G’night!



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