That’s Thank God I’m a Forester!! Well, I’m glad the week is just about over – a little break for all the class time. Yesterday was filled with classes, an energy club meeting, and finally … a fabulous dinner at Caseus. We were a group of 6 and split two amazing cheese boards, a few bottles of wine, and I had a small mac n cheese and a side of rainbow chard. This restaurant is so fantastic! Mmm Cheese!!

Lunch today was a biggg salad (tempe, spinach, lettuce, carrots, green pepper, mushrooms, corn, walnuts, cranberries – wow!) with a side of climate change reading.

Today – 2 classes, TGIF lawn games, and then a 5.8 mile run with Melissa! It got dark, but it was a great run. Came back and cooked up a spagehtii dinner with Jeff, complate with veggie meatballs and a side of broccoli. We split the last cupcake (shared many with housemates!). Now, on to some relaxing (still denying I have work to do…) with Jeff – maybe we’ll watch a movie.


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